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  • Just what DC needs. Another fast food chain from another city.

  • Burritos can be unhealthy (depending on what you put on them).

  • I tried the Boloco in Bethesda this week and enjoyed it. If you’re looking for Mexican burritos, Boloco will disappoint you – it’d probably make more sense to call their burritos wraps since they have flavors like teriyaki, BBQ, buffalo, satay and curry. What I really liked about Boloco was their touch-screen ordering system (a la Wawa/Sheetz…) which allows you to completely customize your wrap without annoying the cashier. Plus their “burritos” come in difference sizes, so you don’t have to feel overwhelmed by a behemoth burrito like I always feel at Chipotle. Glad to see another one opening in our area!

  • Boloco blows. If only Anna’s Tacqueria would make the Boston to DC leap.

  • Sadly, I have to agree that Boloco is not worth the money or the calories. I’ve tried to give the Bethesda outpost the benefit of the doubt, but it continues to disappoint. I can’t say I’ll ever return. Tasteless food and poorly trained (although really nice) staff.

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