Ben’s Chili Bowl H Street NE Location to Begin Construction in October/November

10th and H St, NE

In April we learned that Ben’s Chili Bowl would be opening up a 2nd location at 10th and H St, NE. In June we learned this location was gonna feature a roof deck. @HStreetDC_ has an updated status report:

“Construction on new @benschilibowl on #HStDC to begin in October, November at latest. First round of permits from @dcra have been issued.”

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  • Hmmm…Ben’s will be displacing a store that sells products that patronizing Ben’s causes the need for this establishment.

  • Um I have to say that for years I have felt the desire…no better word overwhelming urge to eat Ben’s but alas have found myself in those moments to be anywhere but U Street. Once I was in Orlando, another time in Piedmont ND. I think another time I was on U Street but couldn’t find a place to park or maybe it was Howard’s Homecoming. Anyway for those of us who are Ben’s junkies and just love the food PERIOD I am thrilled they are expanding. Open statement to the owners of Ben’s…the townhouse next to my condo building is for sale. Please buy it and make it into a Ben’s!!! I will sign whatever re-zoning petition you might need to make that happen.

  • Ben’s should stop swagger-jacking H St NE’s unique urban culture and history.

  • It will be good for the tourists and baseball crowd.

    • The baseball crowd will never make it up here. I rarely see them venture further north than Matchbox on Barracks Row.

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