7-11 at 4000 Georgia Ave, NW Gets a Red Box

4000 Georgia Ave, NW

I know it’s kinda like admitting I enjoy Ruby Tuesday but I also use Red Box. What can I say? I don’t have streaming netflix or cable and sometimes I just wanna watch a movie. I also still pay my bills by mail… I mourned the closure of Blockbuster. So I was pretty psyched to see the 7-11 at Georgia and Shepherd St, NW has a Red Box out front.

The Red Box at the Columbia Heights Giant seems to always be busy. Anyone else use Red Box to rent movies?

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  • Now if they can only make the Slurpee machine work… 🙁

    • Better yet.. make the gas pump accept credit cards.. or just pump gas! Since 7-11 took over – this station hardly works at all.

  • I wonder which tagger will spraypaint it first?

  • Redbox is cool. I remember I used to use it like 7-8 years ago in MN (I think it may have been a test market). The only thing is that if you rent a number of dvds at one time and don’t return them on time, it can get very expensive, very quickly. I remember one time I had like 5 at the same time and forgot to return them one day so that is $5 right there and the next day I had to take an early flight out which I was running late for the day after. Let’s just say that by the time I did return what should have been a $5 rental, I owed like $40 or something like that and I don’t even think I watched half of the movies. Be careful. LOL!

    But as long as you return them on time, you are all set. Oh I will also add this make sure you don’t wait until the last second to return them (right before 9p or whatever the return time is) because one of two things is likely to happen – 1. The machine won’t be working and you will have to find another 10 mintues aways thus making you late and pay the next day fee. 2. There will be a line of people returning or even worse, just one person who is slow as hell, just browsing the selections for 5 minutes and doesn’t even buy anything and you end up missing the return time. Happens all the time. Good luck!

  • I used to use the Redbox at Harris Teeter when we lived in Adams-Morgan. It was convenient, but there selection is for scheisse.

  • What happened to the Red Box/Blockbuster option in Shaw. First the Giant was torn down and now the Blockbuster box at the 7-11 disappeared. I want the option to rent new releases!

  • I once had to return a Redbox dvd and I stopped at a McDonald’s that I thought had one. I asked one of the employees, a good looking redhead if she had a Redbox. She replied, “No, I shave.”

  • There’s a Redbox inside the NoMa Harris Teeter that always does a good business and I use it now b/c its so convenient. If you know you’re can and will return it the next day, it’s cheaper than on-demand. Depending on how popular the location is, I recommend reserving movies in advance online or through its phone app.

  • POP, I loved you before, now I love you even more knowing you have neither streaming or cable. I’m sure the blog keeps you way to busy. No shame in Redbox, but I hope you also stroll over to Mt. Pleasant on occasion to get your dvd fix at Lamont Video. It’s the greatest! My favorites and the HBO and Showtimes series you can get there. Great selection, great prices and wonderful staff. So glad to see a small business making good.

  • this is literally the worst 711 ever. but its in my hood, so heres some love.

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