2 Shot Around 1:45am on the 2900 block of Sherman Ave, NW

Dear PoPville,

Last night around 1:40 AM my roommates heard several gunshots outside of our house on the corner of Columbia and Sherman in Columbia Heights. One of them called the police and 9 police cars, 1 ambulance, and a fire truck were there within a few minutes. They blocked off Sherman to cut off a bunch of people trying to flee the scene. Probably had trouble getting away because of all of the construction.

We haven’t had any shootings on our corner since about a year and a half ago and haven’t heard anything else yet.

Another reader writes that he hears it was a result of “a beef with another crew on Georgia Ave.”

@DCPoliceDept tweeted:

“3D Shooting-2900 Sherman Ave NW.1st Adult male shot in chest, 2nd adult male shot in arm, both conscious & breathing/ No lookout”

From MPD:

“At approximately 1:40 am, Third District units were called to the 2900 block of Sherman Avenue NW for sounds of gunshots. Officers found 2 adult males suffering from non-life threatening gunshot wounds. Anyone with information relating to this event is encouraged to call (202)727-9099.”

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  • Jesus Christ!!! When will they ever finish the street work there? It has been going on for what seems 3 years!!!

  • I kind of wonder if the police had know that something was going to happen and had been trying to prevent this throughout the evening. Earlier in the night we saw at least 7 squad cars surrounded a black SUV on Sherman near Lamont. I looked out the window to see what the lights were about and saw officers approaching the car with weapons drawn, at which point I stepped away from the windows and didn’t see what happened… maybe related?

    Either way, I hate that gun crime seems to be happening more often lately.

    • Emmaleigh504

      You are so much smarter than I am. I would have run to get my binoculars so I could see better. When I get hit by a stray bullet it’s going to be because I’m nosy.

    • I saw the police pull over the SUV earlier in the night and it was clear that they were interested way beyond a simple traffic stop.

  • Police PR speak: “beef with another crew”
    Actually: “war with another gang”

    • +1 Cops don’t want to call them gangs because then they’d actually have to do something about the problem. There is so much gang violence in this neighborhood- oh sorry, I mean crew..

      • don’t worry! the MPD has a handy fact sheet explaining the difference!

        What is a Gang or Crew?
        A Gang is a group of individuals that band together for a common cause and are involved in criminal activity. Many gangs are highly organized and operate across state lines. A crew is a more loosely-knit group, often based on a neighborhood. These are usually individuals who grew up in or who have family roots in that neighborhood. Regardless of Gang or Crew affiliation, both groups are often associated with a variety of crimes, including narcotics trafficking, gun violations, assaults, and even homicides. Female gangs or crews are growing in DC as well. Gang violence is “a community problem.”


        • So gangs are corporations and crews are mom and pop operations?

        • In other words, what everybody commonly thinks of as a gang is, to MPD, a “crew.” What everybody commonly thinks of as the mafia or an international drug cartel is a “gang.” Thanks for clearing that up, MPD.

  • gotryit

    Isn’t there a crime camera in that exact location?

    • yes there’s a crime cam pointed directly at the location. However it wasn’t working when we were burglarized…

  • First day of school! I wonder what they have planned for homecoming?

  • As someone who lives on the block here’s what happened from what I saw and heard:

    At about 1:30/1:40 am there were about seven successive shots fired by an automatic pistol, or other automatic gun, from a car at 2922 Sherman Ave. Two residents of that building, which has become a problem ever since being rebuilt after standing as a burnt-out husk for some time, then proceeded to return fire on the street with a shotgun. The car responded again with another volley of about five shots before driving off.

    The residents of the apartment building ran back inside with shotgun in tow and collapsed on the indoor steps of their entry lobby. One person ran from the building before the police arrived. After the police arrived they took one person into custody and EMTs appeared to be treated others for wounds. They spent some time trying to examine the ground for tire tracks.

    • Since that building reopened there has been trouble. The problem is the majority of folks living there are totally under the radar. it’s a few of the younger people hanging out on the front stoop that have started fights and had run-ins with the cops.

      Is that building run by DCHA? I was under the impression that the building was mixed income/mixed use. Doesn’t that usually mean there is someone supervising the tenants in some capacity, to make sure that there aren’t problems in the newly revitalized building? Would an event like this cost someone their housing?

    • the shots also woke up my household. didn’t catch the number, but by the time i came to, i think i heard about 5, and then another weapon. i fear for retaliation attacks and being caught in the crossfire of these idiots who don’t care about anything or anyone.

  • Which is precisely why I am in throw the bums out mode for local DC politics, from the top, down to our ANC commissioner, who’s either MIA when it comes to speaking out on this violence or anything, or proactive in with the group of folks who feel that its yuppies complaining about our precious youth blowing off a little steam that’s the problem…not these misunderstood young people.

  • Having been numb to this given how many violent gun events occur in DC, I was out of town for a bit, now that I’m back, I am so scared of this city and its out of control gang gun violence.

    • …Not to mention the knife violence in this town as well. we gotta do something to take knives off the street and out of the homes of DC.

  • Jim Graham’s Ward will continue to be a magnet for violence as long as this administration continues to enable criminal behavior by refusing to support the eviction of tenants who are in public housing or use public vouchers when they are found to be engaged in illegal, violent crimes. The rest of us decent folk who live here will continue to be held hostage by these thugs. Eventually, those of us who can will move out, those who can’t will see the situation worsen. To support the thugs and criminals and riffraff, the whole community will deteriorate. I hope it’s worth those votes, Councilman Graham.

  • I heard those gun shots last night. But I was a long ways away. Figured it was gunshots, but was not sure from my yard. I thought I heard them much earlier like around 12:40AM or around then. Heard like 5-6 shots.

  • Well dont you all think you should keep your mouth and nose out of it

  • Ok, I’ll go back to Georgia Avenue, where I’m from… oh wait that’s where I am now!

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