Word on the Massive Emergency Responder Presence Last Night in Adams Morgan

Photo by PoPville flickr user TDLphoto

Tim writes:

“Last night while i was drinking at The Reef, some guy got pissed his girlfriend told him off and thought that he would impress her by showing that he could jump from The Reef to The Mellow Mushroom and didn’t quite make it.

Here is a picture from the vantage point of The Reef of him being lowered to 18th Street via a DC Ladder truck.”

Coincidentally my friend posted the following poem on his facebook page:

โ€œSit, be still, and listen,
because you’re drunk
and we’re at
the edge of the roof.โ€
โ€• Rumi

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  • In other news, the streetscape looks pretty good.

  • Trying to win a Darwin Award won’t impress anyone.

  • So that’s how he got there? Figured he fell off the Reef, didn’t know it was for such a stupid reason. He was giving thumbs up and making the ok sign with his hands when he was being taken to the stretcher. I have a hunch he’s in a little more pain now that the alcohol has worn off…

  • Some people are really, really stupid. Maybe this is the guy who woke up on my porch yesterday morning.

  • That’ll show her.

  • The write-up here is a little splotchy or unclear. Did the guy actually jump and didn’t make it and he was being lowered to the street via DC ladder truck or were they able to talk him down from trying to jump and thus he was lowered to the street via ladder? Even though, as a human being, I hope this dude is okay physically because he doesn’t appear to be all that right emotionally to try a stunt like this. It would seem he would need some help and I hope he is able to get some. I know, naysayers will tell me love will make you do strange things. I suppose that could be true to some degree but if love makes you do something like this, I’m not sure I’d call it love. But obviously that’s another post or another topic or another day.

    It does seems a shame that all these city resources were used for this episode. I’m not saying the situation didn’t call for help but a bit of an overkill in terms of the number of responders. I sure hope it was a quiet night for other emergencies or someone else didn’t get the emergency help they needed because everyone was tied up here.

    • Jumped, didn’t make it, was taken down on the stretcher from the roof of the place next to the Reef.

      • Okay, thanks for helping to clarify. Mind helping to clarify one more thing for me. I am not well versed, okay fine, not versed at all in terms of what the roof tops look like, if the dude didn’t make it, wouldn’t he have fallen to the street, hence, the ladder would be unnecessary to take him to the street. I know it’s a little early for this visual but that’s why I was having trouble following the logic in the write-up.

        • ____________________
          | The Reef |
          _______________ | |
          | Jumping Target | | |
          | |_________________| |
          | | Millie & Al’s | |
          | | | |

          • That looked like a diagram of the roof line when i wrote it. Anyway, there is a lower building between where he jumped from and where i’m guessing he tried to jump to.

          • I love that someone attempted to draw a diagram to help the rest of us understand the speicifics of the jump/fall.

        • Yeah, this pic isn’t from the best angle, be easier to understand from the street view. He tried to jump from the roof of the reef to the roof of the Mellow Mushroom (they’re about the same in height). In between them is a 3rd business that is much shorter. He fell onto THAT roof (a few stories down). Make any more sense now?

        • I wonder if it would have been free jello shots if he went through the roof of Millie & Al’s…


        • Thanks all for illustrating and clarifying the roof lines for me. As I said, I’m not versed at all in those roof lines, so everyone’s explanation was really helpful. By the way, Anon, you get extra points for your illustration – super kudos to you for that.

      • ah

        So when he “didn’t make it” the next stop wasn’t the ground?

    • If there was another emergency, they would dispatch a crew from another firehouse to respond to it. That’s how it works. When I was a volunteer EMT, we were constantly called to areas outside our first due when the local crew wasn’t available.

      I wonder if the jumper or his family will sue the makers of the new Spiderman movie. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I hope his family doesn’t focus on the meager attempt to sue but instead get this dude the mental help that he so clearly needs.

      • Okay, fair enough. Except if a crew from another house has to come that is farther away, and it takes longer to get to an emergency, those few seconds or minutes could cost lives. Sometimes it’s only a mere matter of seconds that make a difference. Just sayin’

  • Sadly, this person will probably procreate.

  • had dinner in admo last night (great meal at mintwood, incidentally). witnessed the rescue operation. this guy was giving the crowd the finger as the firefigthers lowered him down the ladder. super guy, super.

    • Ha, yeah, I forgot that part.

    • I was starting to think that everyone was being insenstive for not being concerned that the guy might have been seriously injured. Or for not understanding that the combination of love and alcohol can make someone do crazy things… but he sounds like a jerk. And obviously he wasn’t too badly hurt.

      • Really, why don’t you read my original post where I acknowledge both that I hope he is alright and perhaps love makes you do strange things. Don’t lump me in with everybody, thanks.

    • Yeah that makes me feel a lot less bad for him. I was going to say I hope this prompts him to take care of whatever alcohol/emotional issues he seems to have, but this makes me a bit doubtful. Unless he hit his head REALLY hard?

  • Man, it’s not even the first weekend back for AU students. Time your boneheaded stunts to coincide with the seasonal drunken crowds for maximum effect.

  • I hope there’s no backlash to Mellow Mushroom or the Reef for this moron’s choices. I’d hate for anything bad to happen to the establishments, or for their roofdecks to be off limits ๐Ÿ™

    I hope now this is his ex-girlfriend, if she has any sense about her.

    • I think that 99.999% of people aren’t stupid enough to attempt that kind of stunt. The only backlash I can picture would be liability on the Reef’s part, for serving someone who might have been way beyond intoxicated.

  • Typical AdMo d-baggery.

  • was the deal that the girlfriend would keep dating him if he made the jump? if so, looks like he’s waking up hungover, injured, and single…

  • They problem had just seen the new Spiderman movie.

  • I wonder if “Jump (for My Love)” by the Pointer Sisters was playing on the jukebox before this happened.

  • springroadintoaction

    BREAKING: Drunk guy in Adams Morgan does stupid thing.

    Meanwhile, I’m single.

  • Remember when The Reef was a respectable place to get good beers on the roof and avoid the idiocy of Adams Morgan? I guess weekends always were full of douchery, but at least that was before they put in the dance floor on the main level to really attract the buffoons….

    Sigh. And to all those who write off Adams Morgan as Fratboy Stupidtown, come hang out with the neighborhood folks Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. It’s nice here on those days, and we know how to behave and can hold our liquor….

    • Yep, I haven’t been to The Reef in about five years but I always remembered it being a chill place with an older crowd. I was surprised to hear about shenanigans like this happening there.

      And I agree about the Mon-Wed Adams Morgan. I convinced my girlfriend to walk through and get a falafel sandwich with me the last time we were nearby. She normally refuses to go to Adams Morgan because of the weekend reputation, but she had to admit it’s a charming place when it’s calmer.

      • The Reef rooftop is still pretty tolerable Sunday-Wednesday.

        Agree with the poster who hoped this wouldn’t have a negative impact on either of the businesses involved. The Reef and Mellow Mushroom are two of the small handful of places that I (nearby resident) actually frequent.

    • +500 to the AdMo comment. I used to live in the neighborhood and still live in the area and always try to convince people to come really anytime other than after 8pm Fridays and Saturdays. Some very solid restaurants and some really amazing places to grab a couple drinks on an off night. I hate that the entire neighborhood gets such a bad name b/c of the awfulness that decends on Fri/Sat nights

    • Thank you for pointing this out. It’s a great place to hang out except for late night Fridays and Saturday. And some bars attract a much more mature crowd such as Columbia Station. I hate the d-bag reputation because it doesn’t reflect the neighborhood most of the time and definitely not the local residents

  • This makes absolutely NO sense!

  • I’m not going to sit here and say “I’ve never thought about doing that,” because we all know it would be a lie.

    In conclusion, I will not be trying this any time soon.

    • I never stand too close to the edge of a roof because I’m worried I’ll get a strange impulse to jump. I’m not sucidal or crazy or anything, but all it takes is a freak synapse firing, and I know there’s a remote part of my brain that is intrigued by the thought of leaping off a building.

  • Perhaps they should install a bridge between the roofs of The Reef and Mellow Mushroom to make bar “hopping” a bit easier…

  • As amusing as the idea is, there was no attempt to jump from Reef to Mellow. Our Darwin Award winner (who witnesses say had only had one drink – there goes that excuse) had a pair of sunglasses that either fell or were thrown onto the adjacent roof, but he felt that with his Parkour skills he could retrieve them. This is what his girlfriend told the police.

    He did not jump, but lowered himself and then slipped.

    Whether they were expensive sunglasses or not, they are now.

  • wow…did you all know that google street maps now allows you to walk inside certain buildings like Millie and Als and the dumpy place next to it? or am I just behind the times here?

    • I had no idea! I knew you could walk into a few famous sites but not random bars. I just tried it in my neighborhood and it doesn’t have that capability, but then again the Street View of Barracks Row is woefully out of date.

      • The store itself actually has to have it done. You pay a Google certified photographer to come out and take the pictures. At least, that is how they do it in smaller locals not sure about DC.

  • i guarantee this dude caught the Bourne trilogy marathon that was on tv over the weekend. this is all Matt Damon’s fault.

    and Treadstone’s, of course.

  • so isn’t mellow mushroom two buildings down? where did he land?
    On the DC ARTs center roof? Millie’s?

    did he at least get a running start? although then he would have had to jump twice right? Once over the reaf railing and again over space b/w the reef bldg and the other roof?

    Olympic triple jump contestants would be proud.

  • the truth is boring. i am going with the drunken leap for love story

  • Social Darwinism is foiled…at least temporarily.

  • NO ONE could have made that jump! He couldn’t have gotten a running start and not enough launch to clear it.

  • Wait, we call it AdMo? No thanks.

  • Folks, folks please…there are sooooo many untrue stories about what happened…
    1) He was not drunk! The receipts show he and his girlfriend each had an appetizer, an entree and 1 drink at the Reef – not drunk!
    2) His girlfriend threw his sunglasses over the side of the railing onto the roof of Millie and Al’s and yes because of his Extreme Sports interest with Pakour he thought he could jump down and retrieve the glasses.
    3) When the FEMS was bringing him down and the crowd could see that he was basically ok except for a broken ankle and sprained wrist – they all clapped and cheered and he gave everyone the finger. Nice – really nice.

    • Allison

      Wow, this makes me even less sympathetic. At least if he was smashed he could say “gee that was so stupid– I was sooo drunk!” Now, he’s just stupid enough to make that decision sober.

    • Just because he had 1 drink at The Reef doesn’t mean he hadn’t been drinking elsewhere before.

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