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  • The word is “hot.” We went opening night and it was like a sauna in there. Felt bad for the staff, who must have been dying. Hopefully it’s just a kink they’ve worked out.

    Food, drink, and service-wise, it was fairly solid, and a great addition to 11th Street. The $5 margarita was serviceable–and $5. The Especial de la Casa was noticeably better and only $7. Food was good. Fried Oaxaca cheese was a pleasant surprise, and flautas de pollo con huitlacoche were awesome, as one would expect of anything featuring huitlacoche.

    One disappointment was the huaraches. Whoever heard of huaraches not being smeared with delicious beans? It was just a sort of puffed up pastry sprinkled with queso and mole on the side.

    Also, don’t know if they plan on doing a happy hour, but they should. They have several items that likely have low enough food cost that they could be marked down, and if they got a few discounted margaritas and bocaditos into people, they could probably bait them into staying for dinner.

    All in all, a welcome new place. Promising.

  • Fantastic addition to 11th Street. First of all, they did just a spectacular job transforming a tiny, previously-decrepid space into something really fun, lively and different from the norm — kudos for not doing a cookie-cutter sort of renovation. Ever square inch of space is deftly employed. The roof deck, in particular, is gorgeous, love the garden at the front.

    The food was very good, I thought, and well-priced. The al pastor and pollo tacos were excellent. The guac appetizer was also very good and not your traditional guac, although about half the portion seemed to be the avocado pit and it could have used a BIT more guac (my only minor complaint). The corn on the cob is also outstanding. And of course, the maragaritas are stellar (and they have a ridiculously comprehensive tequila list to boot).

    Overall, outstanding, I’m sure I’ll be there regularly.

  • Decent frozen margarita, but underwhelming overall. Overpriced with small portion sizes. Don’t come here to fill up unless you bring the $$$.

    I had the Sonoran Dog there on Saturday I guess it was. It’s a hotdog sandwich. Not bad, but not worth the $10 they charge. Their chips aren’t what I’d call restaurant quality. I hate Lauriol Plaza, but they definitely serve good chips. This place, not so much.

    The space is small, upstairs and down. Nice decor. I’d call it a drinks destination, assuming they come up with a good happy hour.

    • Mmm, yes, everything is overpriced. But is it douchey?

    • Considering this place costs barely more than, say, a meal at Panda Express or Subway, I can’t fathom how you could claim with a straight face that it is “overpriced.” Two orders of tacos (a total of ten bucks) filled me up fine … and the ingredients seemed pretty high quality. Do you expect them to just give food away? I can’t even imagine how much money was invested in turning this place into what it has become, but it certainly wasn’t cheap. You can’t recoup an investment like that by serving food at cost.

      • My Tex-Mex roots demand cheap food and lots of it if you have Spanish on the menu. That’s my prejudice. This place has other ideas, clearly.

        Ingredients might be good on other parts of the menu, but I had the hotdog sandwich at $10. It was a hotdog with some grilled onions and refried beans. That’s not $10 worth of food at a fancy restaurant much less a taqueria type joint.

        But the tacos, please. Two teeny 5″ corn tortilla tacos for $5? I saw what they served my companion and it would easily be $20 before I could fill up on those.

        I’m not interested in telling them how to run their business or recoup their remodeling costs. They’ll charge what the market will bear. I will tell you this segment of the market won’t be going back there for food.

        • This ain’t Tex-Mexico

        • So $2.50/taco? That’s actually somewhat reasonable, especially by DC standards. Granted, in CA you can find cheap tacos for $1.50-$2, but that’s usually at a place that’s a little more questionable in cleanliness.

        • Why would your tex-mex roots order a $10 hot dog at a mexican restaurant?

          But that is dissapointing about the portion sizes. I usually think mexican food when I’m really hungry.

          Though not mexican, the little latin Rinconcito place across the street and down a block will get you 2-3 short ribs, a heaping pile of delicious beans and rice, salad with grated cheese, and 3-4 grilled tortillas, all cooked right in front of you, for the same $10 hot dog.

      • there’s a long distance in between at cost and $5 a taco. Thee man who most personifies expensive DC small foods, Jose Andres, charges, on average, $4.05 a taco… I am afraid to inform you…. THIS PLACE COSTS LOOT!!!!

  • We stopped in on Monday evening for drinks then came back later in the night for more drinks and food. Love the frozen margaritas, prices are not too bad, food is pretty good. I liked the vibe of the whole place. 11th street is starting to become a great little strip!

  • Went with a fairly large group (5) on Saturday. The staff was very friendly and accomodating. They’re were working on the AC issues, were still between different drafts of the menu, and working around ingredient shortages (which I’m sure will be ironed out once they figure out which dishes are most popular).

    Definite hits: the grilled corn, the flautas (so good we ordered more), the tacos pulpo (grilled octopus, I don’t believe it’s officially on the menu yet), and the tacos tripas.

    Mediocre: Pork belly appetizer and tacos asada were underwhelming.

    Note: the guac is pretty good, fresh and low on salt but the size and amount of chips they provided did not make it seem like a good deal. We replenished at least twice with the plain salsa option.

    Will definitely be back.

  • As far as the food goes…unpretentious, good quaility, tasty.

    As for their drinks, they are served with a chaser of douch. I asked if I could substitute Mezcal for Tequila in my “Original Margarita?” (yes, there is a question mark after the drink name) and sadly it was a no-go. Apparently the mixed drinks are sacrosanct.

    • I really hate to break this to you, but asking to substitute Mezcal into your margaritas is the douche move. “Um, waiter, could you please make my margarita with Mezcal instead of tequila. I just prefer the smokiness of the agave in the Mezcal to the sharper blue agave of a tequila.”

      The restaurant *refused* to serve their drinks with a chaser of douche.

  • Went on Saturday night not realizing it was only day 2 of operation. They did a comendable job handling the overflow crowd.

    The prices were pretty darn cheap. We tried all three tacos, pretty good but none completely blew us away. Corn on the cob rocked and the quac was pretty tasty (but could be a little more substantial though). Great atmosphere and decor; ate on the rooftop which was sweet despite the warm evening (their tarp blew off in the storm the night before).

    The margs were good as well; I’ll definitely go back and try out more. For me this will be more of a mid-week hangout as I think the weekend crowds will continue. Would love a HH but honestly can’t see them lowering prices much more than they are now.

    Welcome to 11th Street Chuchos!

  • Corn on the cob was amazing, pasilla rellena was even more amazing, guac was WAY too small and Palomas were delicious. Overall a good addition to the neighborhood.

  • Ate there last weekend. Food was quite good and reasonable. We’re glad to have it in the neighborhood and will be back.

  • vz

    I will be a regular. People who are complaining about the prices are ridiculous. This place is going for the middle ground between hole-in-the-wall and typical new-11th St. fare. $5 is for TWO tacos, so do your math — that’s just $2.50 a taco – the same price as Taqueria Distrito Federal. You can’t compare DC prices to Texas and California when the operation costs of suburbia are a small pittance compared to the district’s.

    Most importantly, when I went for the soft opening, it was as unpretentious as a gringo-owned Mexican restaurant can conceivably get, the cocktails were awesome (can’t speak for the margarita), and the al pastor was possibly the best I’ve had in DC. I do wish they had hot sauces available at the table, but whatever they got for me from the kitchen was true fire. Loved it.

  • I don’t know what people are talking about portion sizes. I had the Torta Ahogada and it was massive! Delicious, and it came with gloves 🙂

  • Delicious! Corn on the cob was awesome, tried 3/4 of the tacos (all but the chitterlings one) and loved them all, tried the flautas and they were crispy and mouthwatering! Also tried the pom/apple soda and it was refreshing! Bartender and staff were super nice. Only downside is it is small and the tables seat 4 max downstairs. Can’t wait to see the rooftop area though!

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