What do you think of the new paint job at Mediterranean, Coming to 15th and U St, NW?

Mediterranean, formerly 24/Seven, looks like it’ll be opening any day now in the former Love Cafe space at the corner of 15th and U St, NW.

What do you think of the new paint job?

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  • What’s up with the institutional green? No love for the color here, sorry.

  • I’m thinking I am hoping that is just the primer color and the “finish” color is coming any day now.

  • Horrible – How can historic preservation approve this?

    • Historic Preservation has no jurisdiction over paint color. There are Fine Arts commissions in Georgetown and Capitol Hill that do, but not on U St. Normally I’m dead-set against government regulation of paint colors, but this case is making me rethink that.

  • Is this Miami?

  • First off, the color is nauseating and unappetizing. Second, they painted brownstone. It’s bad enough painting brick (though DC folks love to do it), but brownstone? That’s just plain stupid.

  • I got dinner at 24/Seven on a saturday night a few months ago. There was no one there and since then every time I walked by it going home from work I have seen few or no people. How is this place in business?

    • Money laundering. Wait for the inevitable court case about non-payment of rent when they go under in this location too.

      • Wow. You have no idea what you’re talking about. I don’t know owners personally, but they’re always in there working hard. Just as they were when I first went to this restaurant in 2001. Think before you post a completely baseless comment. These are real people, good hardworking people, small business owners. I’ll take this place over yet another freaking subway.

      • “too”? There’s no mention of going under; in fact, this is a definite expansion from their previous spot. Their business (assuming they continue to be 24/7 as the old name suggests) was also most frequented by the post 2AM crowd. That said, I think their relocation might result in the loss of the massive 14 and U corner party crowd that spotted the first place that wasn’t subway or mcdonalds.

    • Those are pretty sharp opinions about the owners. I live a block away and will say that I’ve eaten and enjoyed their kabob’s on several occassions. The owners are kind and always seem to know customers names. I’m not fond of the new paint job, but the owners are lovely people.

    • There food and smoothies are awesome and reasonably priced. Try it sometime.

  • looks like a guest house in India

  • It’s….well….unique.

  • Dear Lord, can we have them arrested for crimes against humanity (or at least good taste) for that?

  • Did they get the paint from the “Whoops” shelf at Home Depot?

  • mmm . . . minty . . . .

  • fooking hideous. absolutle eyesore

  • Shideous

  • I live two blocks from here and hate everything about this move. It’s a terrible restaurant that manages to be near the bottom of any listing of either late night U St options or Mediterranean food in DC. The people who run the restaurant don’t care about the community, don’t serve good products, and to make matters worse they’ve painted over a building unnecessarily.

    When they stop paying rent six months from now and the space is vacant within the year, nobody act surprised.

    • “It’s a terrible restaurant that manages to be near the bottom of any listing of either late night U St options or Mediterranean food in DC.”

      You say these things as if they are facts when they are simply your opinions, “Anonymous.” Say what you will about the color — and I’m not crazy about it, either — but many people liked 24/Seven at their old location at 14th and U. With 37 reviews on yelp they average 4 out of 5 stars on Yelp: http://www.yelp.com/biz/24-seven-plus-washington

      • Or they paid yelp to remove their bad reviews. My reviews was wiped clean after I got food poisoning there. You do know that’s Yelp’s business model, right? 24/7 signs up as an “Advertiser” or something and they get their best reviews moved to the top and their worst reviews nuked.

        If this is not common knowledge, it should be: http://www.lawyersgunsmoneyblog.com/2012/01/the-yelp-scam

    • If you’ve been in there, you’d know they care very much about the community.

      • I have. They left the outside of their shop looking atrocious, it was frequently dirty and they made no investment into the physical plant of their old location. They move to a new building and paint in garish colors. They serve sub-par food. This hardly sounds like concern.

        • Know before you mouth off.

          They did a huge renovation in their old space, lived less than a block away and get to know their regular customers. Their food is yum and they are super sweet.

          When you say the area outside the store was always trashed, did you happen to notice it was covered in McDonald’s wrappers from folks at the bus stop?

  • PoP, I hope you pass this thread along to the owners. I think every single person is offended by this color. It’s a disgrace to that building and the neighborhood.

  • Ow, my eyes!

  • gotryit

    Caption contest?

    “Colgate decided to rethink product placement.”

  • Agree with the previous posts. One word – awful! If all they sold was mint chocolate chip ice cream, it might be a cool tie in, but this is a falafel and pizza joint. So NO WAY.

  • OMG, WTF??????

  • Well it grabs your attention, I’ll give em that

  • I’m usually not one to criticize others’ aesthetic preferences (e.g., I hate it when people dismiss a renovated house as a Home Depot flip job), but I gotta say that this color doesn’t work at all.

  • I actually like it a lot, probably because I get sick of boring red, gray and tan, which seem to be everywhere. I think it’s cheery and interesting. So take that, colorphobes!

  • Looks like shaw 1986.

  • Less Mediterranean and more African, I think.

  • ack!

  • There is a lot of intolerance on this board.

  • can’t you respect other’s decisions? the owners are not american, they don’t watch hgtv, and they have a culture different from your own. that’s no reason to make them feel unwelcome. they have a right to their choice, especially when it is culturally grounded.

    • And I have the right to express my opinion their choice, when they express that choice in such a public manner. Doesn’t mean they are unwelcome or any other judgement of them, it’s just an opinion on a color.
      That’s how it works.

  • thebear

    Does *ANYONE* who comes up with these artsy ideas give even the slightest thought to how practical something might be? That is going to look *DREADFUL* in no time at all from normal dirt and grime…not to mention if some jackwagon tagger hits it. And, then comes the inevitable chipping and peeling.

    Surely there are other creative solutions to be had that don’t involve just slapping paint on.

  • That woman who wanted her boyfriend to use darker paint options should show him this place. If this doesn’t convince him that darker colors are better, nothing will.

  • Well, at least when customers call and ask “Where are you located?” the response can be “We are the baby sh*t green place on the corner of 15th and U.”

  • Horrendous. Agree with the notion this will soon look even worse when covered with grime and graffiti. 😛

  • figby

    Tacky!!! There oughta be a law! Blech.

    Love the muzzled G. Washington mural across the street. Is it a legit painting or graffiti, I have always wondered….?

  • Insulting, to both the eye and the intelligence.

  • FYI, Historic Preservation has a mandate over your paint job, too. That some idiots chose to ignore it is a completely different thing. Judging a book by its cover is not that totally wrong: what they will serve here is the same crap they have served before. And there’s a poster that even suggest that because they are not Americans they SHOULD have bad taste and we all SHOULD shut up and say nothing about this. Political correctness all the way, right? Now kind of disliking a paint you MIGHT make you into a racist, too, really?

    • “FYI, Historic Preservation has a mandate over your paint job, too.”

      No they don’t, unless it’s a landmark (not just any old building in a historic district) that is currently unpainted.

      • They actually FORBID to paint stonework in buildings in historic districts. U Street is so bad though, that they close an eye, apparently, after all U Street is home to places like Ben’s Chili Bowl, that is the epitome of tackiness…. Even residential owners are given hell by HPRB in terms of the color palette they use, the front doors they want, and the pop-ups. So…. what makes this particular business owner “special” and puts him above the rules? Also, removing a paint job from brick or stone will damage those materials.
        They have to ask for a permit, and refer to the Historic Preservation department from the Office of Planning for design guidelines

        • That’s simply not true, notwithstanding your use of the caps lock key. First of all, the guidelines you cite are used for work requiring a permit. Painting a structure in a historic district doesn’t require a permit unless it’s an unpainted landmark. From HRPB’s own website under “Work Not Subject to Historic Preservation Review”: “Painting and paint color selection (with the exception of landmarks with unpainted masonry).” As someone else noted, the stone was already painted so there would be no need to go to HPRB to select this (admittedly, godawful) color.

          I doubt very much that you know someone who was “given hell” by HPRB for his or her choice in paint color. Front doors, pop ups? Absolutely. But they simply don’t have jurisdiction over paint color. Maybe your sources live in Georgetown, the Shipstead-Luce Act area or another place where the Commission of Fine Arts has a say, but that’s another story.

          • Try going in front of the Historic Preservation Review Board with such a hideous color that is nothing but an offense to good taste, intelligence, and the sense of vision -not to talk about how damaging to the eye. If you pass the review with unanimous approval , after showing them the color samples, call me and I will buy you food in that hideous place. Of course it will be cheap, as the color is. The person who was given hell by the HPRB lives in Shaw, where they approved the hellish color combo of the Queen of Sheba, by the way.

          • Anon, you have no idea what you’re talking about. And you don’t know anyone who had a color choice denied by HPRB. It’s not within their power. If they told you they did, they’re lying.

  • I have heard great reviews about their old restaurant—the owners are wonderful and the food is awesome. I look forward to the brick oven pizza. However, I’m not too excited about the color. To be honest, I think it is tacky. Hopefully PoP will pass this thread over to the owners and they will reconsider the color.

  • I’ve seen so many improvements in that section of U street and remember when this building was renovated so nicely a few (many) years back. That gawdy color brings the rest of the neighborhood down a notch and can’t be good for the restaurant’s business.

  • Allison

    I can’t even look at this for more than 3 seconds before my retinas begin smoking.

  • I live 3 blocks away from that place, and that color is giving me a headache.

  • austindc

    What? Sorry, I can’t hear you over that storefront.

  • It’s really a matter of questioning the owners’ taste rather than being intolerant of other cultures. This can be applied in many neighborhoods in the city, regardless of the owners’ countries of origin. You don’t have to travel far from this corner to see unpainted brick houses with vibrant trim that clashes with the original brown or red colors.

  • Absolutely horrible.

  • Another example of business owners being out of touch with what the consumer wants!

  • I honestly don’t think it’s that bad. It’s certainly…noticeable, but I didn’t hate it the first time I walked by it. I think it looks better in person.

  • The round front part looks the worst. Maybe the U Street side wouldn’t looks so bad, if it wasn’t for that part? But the whole thing says “tacky” to me. Certainly doesn’t make me want to come in and try the food.

  • Good food. Awful color.

  • Really truly heinous. If I had to pick the nastiest color available in the entire light spectrum, it would be this color. Not into the jack-booted preservationists at every turn either, so I guess we’ll live with it. Paint is after all, temporary.

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