(Was it a) Good Deal or Not? “Architecturally stunning” edition

This condo is located at 1740 New Hampshire Avenue, NW:

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The listing says:

“Architecturally stunning! Extraordinary top floor in Dove House Mansion w/ Private Elevator features dramatic exposed wood beams & skylights. Multiple seating areas, fireplace, separate Dining area, Kitchen w/ SS appliances & granite. Marble Bath w/ double sinks, Loft Master Bed overlooks lower level. Private balcony. Walk to Dupont Metro, restaurants & shops.”

You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/1.5 bath is already under contract (listed price at $729,900) but I’ve always wanted to see the inside. Do you like all the exposed wood beams?

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  • I have no idea if this was good deal or not, but I like it! I’m short so the low portion of the ceiling in the kitchen would not be an issue.

  • The wood beams in the ceiling give me vertigo… I think after a while the concave ceilings would get on my nerves. I would have opted to enclose them behind drywall. $729k seems like a lot of money to me, but the location is prime and there’s some sort of elevator? Not really my bag though. Is that a stuffed dead horse in the bathroom? OMG!

  • I think it’s really interesting and rustic, but I’m concerned that it does not have enough windows. The photos are well lit, but that sitting area where the TV is would probably be awfully dark. Also, where do you hang your art?

    • I was thinking the same, I think there was one window in the entire place.

      Unique to be sure, but too unique to command that kind of price.

      Then again I am still aghast that 2 bedroom 2 bath condos in Columbia Heights sell for 700K +

  • it feels claustrophobic, even with the high ceilings. the wood beams are too much – they make me feel dizzy.

  • talula

    The wood beams and ceiling angles would drive me nuts, I get dizzy just looking at the pictures. I think it would look nicer if only one part of the house had exposed beams like this, like a living room or foyer.

    Also, that horse statue overlooking the bathroom is a bit creepy.

  • I like exposed beams when they are in the ceiling overhead. But the ceiling is actually the side walls of the condo and it doesn’t work for me. I too would feel claustrophobic.

  • This is too much to pay for an apartment/Condo. You can buy a 5 bedroom house in a nice neighborhood for less than $700,000. D.C. is overpriced. In the sixties as a child, I never heard of paying this kind of money for a 2 bedroom apartment. A Condo is nothing but an apartment.

    • You’re just as out of touch as a CEO with Swiss bank accounts is seems.

      The 60’s were a long time ago.

      700k 5br rowhomes do not exist in this area of DC. Maybe in the outskirts of upper 14th NW or eastern NE, but not in an area similar to this.

      I know it’s shocking for some, but in cities, some people prefer condos/apartments over “houses”. Not that DC is significantly similar to Manhattan, but that market is an example of just that.

      Bottom line, the place is worth what someone will pay for it. It’s how real estate works. It’s how sweaters at J. Crew work even. One persons ugly beams are another persons favorite horizontal striped brown, purple, yellow and red cardigan.

  • My wife and I took a look at one of the open houses. The living areas really are gorgeous, and it has one or two little patios. It felt very light and airy. The bedrooms were less interesting. The private elevator is cool, and it has its own lobby, so you can leave wet coats and boots at the bottom level.

    It’s a great apartment for a person/couple without kids that wants a very interesting space to entertain in.

  • I like it a lot. Not a fan of a lot of sun streaming in so that part wouldn’t bother me. Love the beams. Great location. Personally even if I had that kind of money, I wouldn’t spend that much on a condo, but I like it.

  • I personally do not care at all for the funky ceilings. Too many odd angles, too many lines – it looks very busy and chaotic. And I think the weird ceilings make the place feel cramped and small. Not a fan at all.

    Prob priced at fair market value given the location.

  • strange angles as this is crammed into what once was a loft, guaranteed to be sweltering in the summer, limited roof insulation (hence the beams), didn’t even see any a/c. fail!

  • It’s definitely a fantastical and unique space that would get everyone talking… obviously not for everyone but some people put quite a premium on getting as far from McMansion aesthetics as possible so I’m not surprised at the price.

  • It comes with a lifetime supply of aspirin for when you bump your head against the beams/odd angles.

    I bet the cooling bills are astronomical too given it is carved out of space that was most likely attic.

  • $525/sqft isn’t out of line with the area, but with the sloped ceilings, a lot of that square footage isn’t as usable as a traditional space would be.

    I think the elevator is a big draw and the architectural uniqueness of the space would outweigh the loss of usable space for some people.

    Overall, doesn’t seem out of line to me.

  • How hot does it get in the summer? This is, afterall, a really expensive attic.

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