Thurs. Afternoon Rental Option – Shaw

This rental is located at 1536 8th Street, NW:

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The listing says:

“Lovely and Updated, English Basement Apartment,One Bedroom unit, located in the heart of Shaw, Walk to Metro, Convention Center, U Street Corridor, Downtown and everything.”

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $1,350/Mo.

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  • That’s a really cute street, but I would check it out to see how close to all the construction at City Market you’d be, although being underground really limits the noise I would imagine. The pictures also give no sense of how big it is.

    • It says right in the ad that it’s a basement unit. It’s probably tiny – look at how small the house is. I couldn’t deal with the lack of light, but for someone who can, this is an OK deal.

  • 8th st on the RI Ave side. Not the safest block in the world. I’d guess it’s under 1000 ft2. It’s 1/2 block from metro and shaw library. dunno about pricing. I’d also wonder if it’s a basement unit since those houses are 2-3 br houses.

    • Sorry, it’s on the P St side. makes it even less safe. 8th is a really cute, quiet street, but has a large amount of burglaries/robberies. Unless this has changed in last two years.

      • I can assure you, the area has changed in the past 2 years. Not that it’s crime free, but Shaw of now is not Shaw of 2 years ago.

  • It lists a dryer, but no washer? This apartment, at $1350, would need to have it’s own stack-able washer/dryer or access to the laundry facilities upstairs to be a good deal. I lived in a similarly small English basement in Georgetown (a much better neighborhood) for $1000 and it had a W/D.

  • I’m moving out of an equally crappy 1-BR in a much better location for the same price– but my landlord is now listing the place for $100/mo more. It’s pretty hard to find anything centrally located for less than $1400/mo. So it seems an okay deal to me.

  • This might be the first listing for a 1br that I’ve seen in over a year that didn’t give me anxiety about moving. It may not be a great street and the kitchen doesn’t seem to have a counter but it’s close to everything and it’s not a total cardboard box. I’d say it’s priced about right.

  • Small or not, I think you’ll have to look pretty hard to beat this in today’s rental market.

  • I see one window… I would sincerely doubt this is a legal rental.

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