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  • God I love Taylor. When will they open one close enough to Petworth to deliver?? Of course, that would be terrible news for my health, but still…

  • This place has really dry, boring sandwiches. What gives?

    • can you provide an example of a non dry, exciting sandwich?

      • austindc

        Yes, there is a sandwich that is both wet and exciting. It’s called the soggy bottom. Shredded rump roast and grilled onions and mayo on rye bread, smothered in gravy so that the bread gets soggy. It is served with a sparkler stuck in it. That’s what makes it exciting.

  • I really don’t understand the facination with these average, twiced price sandwiches. With the amount of advertising this place gets in the blogosphere, you would think Jesus was behind the counter slicing bread. Tried them twice. Incredibly average.

    • The roast pork/broccoli rabe is awesome, as are the risotto balls. Everything else has been just okay. Where do YOU go for your sandwiches?

      • The deli at the wholefoods down the street. Better and cheaper.

        Having said that, I’d go to Subway any day over Taylors. The place just really disappoints.

  • Sorry, gotta disagree with the dry boring sandwich sect on here. I love this place. Been going since they opened the flagship on H St. and go to City Vista now as it is closer to my house.

    Stoked to see this one open now by my work! Woo hoo!

  • As another poster stated, the pork/brocolli rabe is great. Everything else is pretty average. Sundevich is 10x better overall: better quality and much, much more interesting options.

  • Sweet! Another over hyped pricey sandwich shop chain.

  • I was walking by this morning at about ten to 9 in the morning to watch all of their balloons fly away. Whoever tied them to the chair outside did not do a very good job.

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