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  • Here’s to hoping they fare better than any of the other businesses that have come & gone in that building over the past couple years!

  • That has always been a weird place for a business. It’s a row house on a residential block. The various incarnations of coffee shop/Ethiopian/Italian food have been sad little establishments that felt like some immigrant serving me out of their house. That model is charming, but not much of a platform for a sustainable business. I’m not sure why this one will be different. Why not just convert it back to a residence and sell it for $700K?

  • This block is zoned commercial.

  • The Chilango truck in VA is so good! I am so excited about these tacos coming to DC

  • I think the others have failed mostly because they brought nothing new to the table. Yes, the location is very slightly tucked away, but if a place opens where the food is good and not otherwise easy to come by in the neighborhood, I think it could be very successful. And it sounds like this place might fit that bill.

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