Sweet New Communal Table at Red Rocks – Are Communal Tables a Good Idea?

11th and Park Rd, NW

I’m digging the look of the new communal table at Red Rocks in Columbia Heights:

Besides the look – what do you think about the functionality of communal tables? Any fans? Can you think of other restaurants/bars around town that use communal tables?

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  • Logan Tavern and Circa DuPont both have them. Personally, I’m not a big fan, but I’m a serious introvert. Come to think of it, maybe I should sit at them more just to break out of my shell…

  • Met a couple gals there last week following one of the rain showers. Drank wine and laughed and ended up leaving together. Yeah, I dig the communal tables.

  • Wonderland Ballroom, almost across the street, has them. I wouldn’t want all places to go that way as sometimes you’d like some privacy, but they are a nice option. Thumbs up!

  • The Heights has one – I’ve eaten there and it is fine unless (like last time) a loud couple is seated next to you.

    • Allison

      Yeah, I ended up sitting next to a family with young children at the communal table at the Heights, which resulted in having to censor our conversation to child-appropriate matters.

      • I wouldn’t have censored. If you bring a kid to a bar, be prepared to overhear the kinds of conversations people have in bars.

        • Is The Heights a bar? I always thought it was a restaurant.

          • The Heights is a bar and a restaurant. Great happy hour too 4-7 – with good food specials at the communal tables and the bar.

          • The Hieghts told me that they were NOT a bar – when I grumbled about the happy hour specials being limited to the Communal table (and bar?).

            I said something like yeah, but most of the other bars around have happy hour anywhere inside. And they said they considered themselves an “eatery” – not bar. Whatever – free my bottles!

          • The Heights = Logan’s Tavern’s Less Attractive Suburban-ish Bumpkin Northern Cousin.

        • +1. It’s like bringing a kid into the smoking section of a restaurant and expecting everybody to suddenly quit smoking.

          • Couldn’t be more wrong. The Heights is a restaurant with a bar. If you don’t have your kid sitting at the bar, then he or she is in a restaurant.

        • jeeze. so you dont censor yourself whenever there are kids around unless it is an elementary school? the heights is a neighborhood place for all to eat at. was it 10pm? was it at the bar itself?

          what if you’re at a baseball game and there are kids around, do you swear and say nasty things right next to them?

          get over yourself, you don’t live in a bubble

        • jeeze. so you dont censor yourself whenever there are kids around unless it is an elementary school? the heights is a neighborhood place for all to eat at. was it 10pm? was it at the bar itself?

          what if you’re at a baseball game and there are kids around, do you swear and say nasty things right next to them?

          get over yourself, you don’t live in a bubble

          • Allison

            Yeah, the heights is about 70% restaurant 30% bar, so I didn’t hold it against the family, it just was mildly inconvenient for my friends and I.

      • I don’t have children and I’m not a prude, but I don’t particularly want to have to overhear vulgar conversation in a bar or restaurant either.

  • I don’t like them. I enjoy going out in public but I generally don’t enjoy being with the public.

  • T

    that bbq place downtown has all community tables like this (the huge indoor place… i forget the name).

    • Hill Country. Overpriced, but they do have some great cuts of meat.

      I’m just glad they did away with that center table. I once waited 45min at Red Rocks for an incredibly annoying party with two families and children that decided to sit and drink (and thereby holding up other parties). We tried giving them looks and the staff even politely suggested they wrap up the conversation (the beers had finished awhile ago..), to no avail. Hopefully this communal table will solve that issue in the future.

  • Fine so long as an incomplete party isn’t blocking the seats for people who aren’t there. And +1 on being seated next to loud people.

  • I can take ’em or leave ’em – but I hate when they have long benches instead of chairs (as in the picture).

  • i don’t mind communal tables, but these particular tables are incredibly uncomfortable. there is not much leg room because a wooden beam runs along the bottom of the table AND there is not much care taken by the staff to ensure that, when seated, you don’t have to straddle one of the table’s legs.

  • They should’ve sealed it. This being a place that sells greasy pizza, it’s gonna be a mess before you know it.

  • le pain quotidien

  • I’m definitely not a fan – awkward and not particularly comfortable. I would have preferred to see the smaller tables stay, even if it sometimes felt like an obstacle course.

  • Otto Pizza in Portland, ME and Boston rolls this way as well. It is fine for a couple to sit next to another couple, but maybe annoying for a couple to sit next to a big group.

  • No back support = no thanks.
    Otherwise I’m cool with the communal table idea.

  • I love communal tables! Especially when they are just an option among the other private tables.

  • Hate when they are the only option. In today’s world of “it’s all about me!” people tend to forget about others around them during conversations and dining (volume usually, but sometimes annoying or disgusting topics).

  • I’d like to start a restaurant with nothing but round tables that seat 8 people. If your party has less then 8, you will be seated (all at the same time) with enough random people to fill the table. It’s harder to be antisocial when you’re in a circle and getting your food all at the same time.

    • Isn’t that how Hibachi restaurants do it? If you want to sit at the table where they cook in front of you, you have to wait until there are enough people to fill the table.

      • Yeah, I guess you’re right. The crucial difference, of course, is that a show is being put on in the middle of the table, which makes folks less likely to talk to one another.

        • I went to a thai restaurant in London that was like this, only they were square tables that sat something like 12. It was owned by the same people who own Wagamama. I don’t know what their mythical DC restaurant is going to be like, but the one I would frequent in London had long communal tables.

  • The Standard…booze and cute women…strong argument for communal tables.

  • burritosinstereo

    Surprised no one’s mentioned the outdoor area of American Ice Co. I don’t mind sitting at the communal tables, but the people around me probably do. I cuss like a sailor and don’t censor myself. Not sure how I’d feel about a communal table at a restaurant though — but at a bar, it’s no big deal.

  • I think communal tables are best left to beergartens and cafeteria style bbq joints (having a flashback to some tasty joints in Texas). This seems to replace about 1/3 of the outdoor seating. And it can be a pain inserting or removing oneself into a seat on a long wooden bench like this.

  • It’s way too hot outside for communal tables. Body odor can ruin a dining experience almost immediately.

    And no way would I censor my conversation to accommodate someone else.

    Would definitely opt for a stand alone table, and if none were available, I would move on to a nearby restaurant.

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