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  • anonymouse_dianne

    Hmm. I go for inspection of the condo I am buying at 14th and V Streets. Quite an interesting neighbor. I chose the complex because it is dog friendly and has no breed restrictions, is set back from the main street. Yes! in front, Trader Joe’s to follow.

  • I am sure she will be hanging at Marvins….

    • apparently after she was sworn in she was drinking at the Irish Channel in Chinatown…she may be a loyal channel-er… unsure

      • …and don’t forget Black Cat. I’m sure we’ll see a lot of her in the Red Room and 80’s dance night.

  • I wonder if she hops on the “54” bus at the corner of 14th and U and takes it to work.

  • I’m sure we’ll see her commuting every day on the Green Line.

  • I love this part: “The address of the condo building is being withheld at the request of the Supreme Court, which cited safety issues in asking that the Washington Business Journal not disclose that information.”

    Uh, anyone else curious where she moved, just search the real property sales records for June 19th. Looks like a nice building.

  • So was it a good deal or not? It looks like a nice building, but unfortunately there are no photos. Based on listings for other 2-bedroom units, the living room is lovely with huge floor-to-ceiling windows, but the kitchen is narrow and the second bedroom is really tiny.

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