S Street Dog Park Closing for Three – Four Weeks

Th S Street Dog park is located at S Street at 17th Street, NW and New Hampshire Avenue, NW. Looks like they’ll be back in about three to four weeks.

17th and S St, NW

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  • It would be awesome if they could also do something about the stench of dog poop in the trash cans near 17th Street.

    • Or in any trash can near to where people are or might be eating. Let me put it this way, there was definitely something not too pretty in one of those bins next to the patio where people were sitting outside and eating and it was so gag-awful putrid, it seemed like it took forever before I got that stench out of my nose. The over 100 temps surely didn’t help that gem.

  • Who is doing these updates? The city? A private group?

    Kingsman dog park could use some grass along its borders, but we don’t really have the money for it.

  • Well thank god they’re leveling the turf. Dogs don’t do well on uneven terrain. It’s a known fact, ya’know?

  • Why are many of the trees in this dog park dead?

    • you’ll notice that ALL of the trees that are actually inside the dog park are dead. that’s because the dogs urinate and defecate on them. so for those of you dog owners who get mad that people don’t want your dogs relieving themselves on their trees/plants, you can stop with the “it’s just a little harmless urine!” excuse.

      • The trees died not because of urine, but because the materials used for the park cause such a build-up of heat that it fries the tree’s roots. The astroturf is so hot on warm sunny days that it is impossible for the dogs to stand on.

        I hope the repairs help with this.

        • Planting trees in July is not a good idea.

        • I think both heat build-up and urine may be part of the problem. But I’d also add soil compaction, brought on by heavy human and dog traffic, and root damage, caused by dogs digging deep pits near the trees. Maybe whoever is renovating the park could consider all of the issues.

          I walk by this park on my way to work every day and while I’m not a dog person, and not crazy about the dog stench, I love how it’s a happy gathering place for the community.

          • At the Shaw Dog Park, we have kept the trees alive by putting large stones in the groundlevel treeboxesaround the older trees, and putting the new trees in elevated treeboxes – where dog are discouraged from being. All but one of our trees is thriving. I think it more heat and compacting of roots that are killing the trees.

  • So happy to have moved away from across the street (yes, I lived there before the park). It’s such a loud and stinky mess. It’s terrible. Plus, I feel horrible for the dogs whose owners only ever walk them (or DRIVE THEM) to the park – it gets so hot! And filthy.

    The trees are needed to provide SOME shade on that hot hot turf.

    (and yes, I have a dog)

    • +1. this park sucks. I always make an effort to steer clear of this intersection it smells so bad.

  • The trees died when their roots were cut in order to build the retaining wall and rebuild the sidewalk during the streetscape. They struggled to survive with the remaining roots inside the park, and some are still barely hanging on. Notice, though, that the younger tree at the south end of the park is doing fine. That’s because its roots didn’t reach the sidewalk, and they weren’t cut during that construction.

    • The younger tree does not look healthy either. The top of it appears to have died. The only cherry tree that still looks healthy is the one outside the fence. I like the dog park and I am not a dog owner but I think poor design and overuse have killed the trees. There also appears to be a water leak near the fountain where the weeds are growing and the stench is the strongest.

      • Oops. I meant the younger tree at the northern end of the park. It’s doing well. The one at the southern end of the row of six is – as you say – starting to die at the top.

        Agreed that poor design and overuse are serious problems. Also, cherry trees are quite delicate. Here’s hoping that crepe myrtles can make a go of it.

  • I do not live in DC but I work in several homes adjacent to the park. I had not noticed any bad odors, in fact I think the dog owners take good care of the place; several times, I have even witnessed dog owners picking up their dogs’ poops in between sips of their iced venti skim latte.

  • alxindc

    Oh, the horror, the horror…

  • I go to this dog park a lot. The older trees are dying because of the roots having been cut, as someone else noted. The younger trees are doing OK, at least for now. The problem is compounded by the soil compaction and the fact that the entire dog park seems to drain towards the trees. The soil and mulch get washed away. I actually don’t ever see dogs going to the bathroom on the trees, but I’m sure the rainwater situation doesn’t help. It would also be nice if more people discouraged their dogs from digging around the trees. It would make sense to maybe put gravel around the tree boxes, but that seems unlikely.

    The water fountain is not exactly leaking, but the subsurface by it is sort of caving in and grass is coming through the turf. It’s pretty gross.

    As far as “leveling the turf” – the problem is the subsurface caving in. Of course dogs can run on an uneven surfact, but the problems with the subsurface are not safe.

    My understanding is that the funding is coming from one of the neighborhood associations. Nat Geo also just hung up a ridiculous Dog Whisperer sign so maybe the dog park has corporate sponsorship now, har har.

    It’s not the best dog park in the entire world, but it’s great to have, especially during a heat wave. The people who use it do try to keep it clean and not bother the neighbors.

    • Newark Street Dog Park just got a huge Dog Whisperer poster as well!! It’s so bizarre. And the dogs are either afraid of it or want to eat it.

  • Dear Prince, did you know this was an ARRA project? American Recovery Reinvestment Act? or whatever is is called. Anyway, they just finished it, now they are re-doing it? ARRA = dig a hole, then fill it, repeat.
    What is with all these complaints that it smells? It only smells when you are within 2 feet of trash cans.

  • I like the dog park. I am glad we have a place to walk our four legged friends and not get run over by these huge, obnoxious, SUV sized baby strollers. The city is not a place to raise a child expecially on 17th Street. And to the Nanny laid up on the dark park drinking her 40 from a bag while the child she was watching was in the covered stroller on with a towel over it. I hope you get deported.

  • I remember when this was the homeless park. Nothing but homeless or drunk ppl sleeping here.

  • I remember when that park was THE place to go if you wanted some Angel Dust, back in the early 80’s. It was cooler back then and also it did not smell of dog pop-poo. There was an occasional human poo, but I think it smells better than dog droppings.
    PS. I am not on Angel Dust anymore, but the place DOES bring back fond memories!!! :-))

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