Reader Scuttlebutt: Vegetarian Restaurant Coming to Bloomingdale?

100 block of Rhode Island Ave, NW

A reader writes:

“I heard word that a new spot was opening up on Rhode Island near Boundary Stone.”

I know there is a bakery going into 104 Rhode Island Ave, NW but I haven’t heard anything about a vegetarian restaurant. Anyone else hear that rumor?

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  • The rumors I heard was that a Taco joint was a possibility. It would have H Street ties….

    • It better not be a vegetarian taco place. That would be a travesty.

      • A travesty because you don’t think vegetarian tacos could be good, or because there are so many wonderful vegetarian foods besides tacos?

        • Vegetarian tacos could be great. However, I’d hate to see the first (and probably only) mexican place in bloomingdale to limit itself to vegetarianism. I love cheese enchiladas and beans and rice, but steak, lamb, chicken, chorizo, fish – all of these things belong in a tortilla.

          • I’m an 18-year vegetarian, but I don’t begrudge any carnivores their meat…I’d just be thrilled to see an omnivorous taco place with one or two decent veggie taco options, which is to say, *not* a cheese/rice/bean-filled taco where a few dribbles of tomato garnish counts as a “vegetable.”

            (I’m still dreaming about the grilled veggie tacos I stumbled across at SFO a few weeks ago…now, if someone would only franchise Andale at National, Dulles, or BWI, that’d be something worth cheering!)

          • I feel that way about most restaurants’ vegetarian offerings. When I make tacos at home they may be filled with beans, but the filling might instead be mashed butternut squash, or sauteed kale, or grilled zucchini. Sometimes I dream about opening a restaurant that serves the kinds of things I cook up at home, since you can’t get them anywhere.

          • I’d be all over the vegetarian offerings at an omnivore taco place. I just cant imagine a taco place that didnt have meat options. It would be as if they didnt serve margaritas… which, btw, I hope happens, as well.

    • devoe

      I’m pretty sure it’s written in the Bible “let there be tacos.”

  • I haven’t heard anything so this is intriguing. Whatever it is, I hope it goes in quickly cause the other establishments are dragging. I haven’t seen any progress on the Thai place, bakery or Showtime in weeks.

    Bloomingdale is quickly feeling. Smart investors should start scooping out North Capitol.

    • Er… filling

    • Bloomingdude, this is what I meant by your cheerleading in the other post about Big Bear. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    • Speaking of North Capitol, looks like there is finally some more progress on our future wine bar!

      • what wine bar? do tell

      • shipsa01

        What about the old Fire House on North Cap and like Q streets that was supposed to be a restaurant? Any movements there?

        • To answer a few questions….

          The Firehouse (Engine Company 12) is going to be a non-starter for a while it seems. When they attempted to get their permits to start on the 3 restaurant plan, it came out that there were restrictions on what the building can be used for, and I think only one level could have been a restaurant. I don’t recall the exact specifics of the Civics Meeting but seems like the other two areas had to be either retail, and some type of community service or something. That killed their plans and their developers who were going to turn it into three restaurants. i think they are looking for options and investors but it is no longer a good picture for an investor with all of the restrictions that were included in the sale but not previously acknowledged.

          The wine bar in reference I think is the Wine & Cheese bar that has been in the works for some time now from Terri, the Civics Association President (I think that is right). I knew they had a storefront on North Capital but had seen no movement, I noticed yesterday that storefront in the same block as the Firehouse was being built out (was boarded / bricked up). this is the building that recently got a decent pop-up that was listed on POP. I am guessing that will be the location and it should be moving forward. This is not the snitcheye bar that we have heard of, not sure what she will call it.

          We have a lot of things that are coming, but it does not happen over night. Just look at boundary stone we all love it took them way over a year to open. I don’t understand the process or who pays the bills while you wait to open lol but that seems to be the status quo.

          If you live in Bloomingdale you should consider coming to / joining the Civics association. You get to meet your neighbors, have input to your own neighborhood and find out lots of good things.

          • Thanks for the update on the firehouse.

            Anything we can do to get the ball rolling with the firehouse? Perhaps the local civic association should look into taking legal action against the con artist who bought it at discount with no goal other than swindling the neighborhood.

  • I stopped by the Sylvan strip last Sunday. Didn’t look like much was going on besides Boundary Stone.

    Regardless, I’m hoping the Thai restaurant and this supposed taco joint aren’t just rumors.

    I so wish the guys from Whisked (from the Big Bear farmers’ market) would open a store front here. Along those lines, what’s the status of the Grassroots Gourmet shop?

  • claire

    Vegetarian restaurant, taco joint, or bakery (or that Thai + sushi place if they’re cheap or have especially good sushi) all sound amazing to me, just open up sooner rather than later!

  • Does anyone have any pics of the Sylvan from when it was a real movie theatre, or a link? I love these old neighborhood movie houses and remember lots of them in my native New Orleans.

  • Wait a minute…..a taco place?! But there isn’t another taco place within (seemingly) miles of that stretch of RI AVE NW! Isn’t there a provision in the Bloomingdale ‘town’ charter that says that you can’t open a business concept unless there is an identical (or at least very similar) business within viewing distance of your proposed venture? (ok….I’m joking…..sorta).

    Go small business! I hope that it turns out to be true that this or another independent business finds a home on this stretch of property. Good for the neighborhood and good for the city. Now, let’s pray for some retail in the remaining spaces (if there are any left…)!

  • Tweet this morning from Grassroots – Great news! Under our Demo permits we are starting construction on Monday! New kitchen and retail store front here we come!!!!!

    Thai place – there was someone working in there the other day. Patience.

  • Side note as I noticed this recently in person as well, what’s up with the Sylvan sign being half lit? Is that just florescent burning out? I know the Boundary Stone guys had their electrician hook up the sign during construction so they can turn it on and off, but I’m hoping it’ll back to full strength soon?!

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