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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or rejoice about daily life in DC.

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  • RANT: Last night I saw a MPD officer talking on his cell phone while driving down U Street in the police cruiser.

    • Is that unusual or something?

      I’ll tell you what was unnerving– a couple weeks ago I saw the driver of one of those big commuter buses on her cell while trying to maneuver through a tricky and very busy intersection. I thought for sure there was going to be an accident.

    • Related rant: Saw a police officer talking on his cell phone while on a bike yesterday. He almost mowed down a woman pushing a stroller on the sidewalk because he wasn’t paying attention.

  • Rave: Is it just me or have the peaches been exceptionally good this summer? Not to mention all the other great produce that’s available right now. I can’t remember the last time I bought fruits or vegetables from a grocery store.

    Question to all who have refinanced recently: Any lenders that offer zero or negative closing costs? Besides Amerisave?

    • I agree. I have purchease peaches for the 14th / U Street Farmer’s Market twice this year and they are delicious. I have also purchased some tomatoes at a couple different markets this year. However, I still have not found that “perfect” tomato just yet. Where is the best place to get the best tomatoes?

      • The lady with the beat-up green pick-up truck at Eastern Market – only on Saturdays. Small farm – so they go fast – but best tomatoes ever!!

    • We used Myers Park and it went really fast and relatively painless. We ended up pay 23 bucks for closing because the Title Company screwed up but…. it was only going to be 279 bucks to close in the first place. It wasn’t exactly zero but I thought that was a good deal. I think we had a closing credit of around $2000.

    • Rave: Just got the check in the mail today from the refinancing. Student loans are gon by the end of the week!!!

      To above: Lender credit/closing costs are all relative to your interest rate. My wife and I got 2.875%, and we paid a $950 fee to get that. If we had gone with 3.125%, we would have gotten a 2k closing costs credit, and our costs would have been zero. We ultimately rolled all of the costs into the mortgage, so not a huge deal.

      Keep in mind, in our situation, had we gone with the 3.125%, we would have been paying an extra $650 a year in interest. You pay one way or the other.. Either you pay up front, or you pay in a higher interest rate over the course of the loan. Just need to figure out what works for you.

      • Yes, I know. We’d prefer no closing costs at a higher interest rate because it would still be an improvement over our current mortgage and it would make it more appealing to refinance again later. Our credit history is still not substantial at the moment, but we want to take advantage of the low rates and perhaps refinance again at an even lower rate when we’re stronger candidates. So we’d prefer to not shell out a lot of money on closing now. Amerisave offered a negative closing costs option, but because they require three lines of revolving credit per applicant we did not qualify. I haven’t found any other lenders that provide that option.

      • We did a 2.875% 15 year loan – with a $2000 credit. The notary that closed the loan said that Myers Park had the best rates around.. I would definitely check them out.

  • Bear

    Rave: Getting to eat stuff from my garden plot. I have more basil and various types of peppers than I know what to do with.

    Rant: Something keeps eating my tomatoes, lettuce, and cucumbers before they’re ready. I hear there’s a groundhog or some other large furry creature using the community garden as a buffet. Any suggestions for how to keep them out, besides building a fence around my plot?

  • Rant: Tuesdays. Why does this day even need to exist?

  • Rant: Trent Frank trying to impose his will on the District.
    Rave: Cooler days!!

  • msmaryedith

    Rave: The guy walking down New Jersey Ave this morning holding a squirming Golden Retriever puppy. So cute! Put a smile on my face for the rest of my commute.

  • Rave: Olympics.
    Rant: NBC. I get that the Olympics are a delayed broadcast and that if I want to enjoy the suspense of the race, I need to avoid news websites like the Post. But last night, right before the women’s 100 backstroke, NBC ran an ad for the Today Show announcing that Missy Franklin would show off her first gold medal this morning. WTF WTF WTF!!!! Really?! Right before the race in which she wins the medal, the only race she has remaining that night, that’s the ad you run?! Is your network run by morons, assholes, or both?

    • Rant: Ryan Seacreast? Really? He HAD to be involved?

      Rant II: If I hear another reference to the ridiculous green/yellow/red “system” NBC has “developed” for ratign the gymnastics scores, I may throw something at the TV. It ain’t that complicated – no need to dumb it down.

    • I’ve been hearing this concern all day. I saw that too, but thought it was after she won the Gold for the relay, which was her first Gold. If I remember, NBC said that they were showing it after her first gold, not her first individual Gold.

      RANT: NBC announcing several times that they were going to wait to talk to that poor gymnast that did not make the all around to allow her to compose herself, all while showing the poor gymnst in close up in various states of bawling/crying/sniffling.

      • Emmaleigh504

        That was so awful! And when they were talking to the gymnast that got her spot who was understandably happy and they kept Jordyn in the frame crying. I hate NBC, now she always has that video to remember how she didn’t make it to the all-around. At least she made it to some individual events.

  • Rant: Hard to stay motivated at work when my bosses aren’t motivated.
    Rant: went speed-dating last night and all the men were from the far suburbs (Reston, Gaithersburg). Nothing wrong with that, but not what I expected to find in downtown DC
    Rave: Beautiful weather
    Rave: Wonderful peaches!

    • I’m not surprised by your second rant at all. I work in an office full of men and they all live in the far-out suburbs. They’re always expressing sympathy for me because I walk or ride my bike to work, and they offer me rides which I always refuse. I tell them I have a car that I could drive to work if I wanted to, but they can’t wrap their heads around voluntarily walking or biking to work. They’re just so entrenched in the suburban lifestyle.

      • I live in the suburbs and I bike to Metro (because I like to, and I save money.) We’re not all like that.

        • Good for you! I know from experience that getting around without a car in the suburbs is not easy (unless you’re talking about a place like North Arlington or Bethesda). I tried a few times and it was always a nightmarish journey that I couldn’t do day after day, even though I absolutely hate driving out there.

      • ugh, I hate that. I find it condescending when coworkers want to drive me places that are all of 1/2 mile away. I know they mean well, but I enjoy walking all over this beautiful city and generally find spending even a short amount of time in a car to be miserable. some of them remind me of those human characters from wall-e.

        to the above poster, I *do* actually think it’s a problem if the potential dates live way out, right? I think (unless someone happens to be smart, funny, and handsome on a mind-blowing level) that I’d rule out dating anyone who lived way outside dc. it’d be too hard to see them regularly without it being a pain, and they also live such a different lifestyle from me that I’d find we had little in common. I want a boyfriend’s priority to be quality of life and I don’t think the dc suburbs offer much of that. (speaking as someone who grew up there.)

        • Or even worse is if the person’s quality of life is based on completely different things. I don’t think I could ever be with someone who preferred owning a lot of electronics and a fancy car over paying a little more to live in the city.

        • The distance is definitely an issue, especially since I don’t have a car (I’m one of those biking/walking addicts) and would have a very hard time seeing them. But it’s also that as someone who grew up in a cookie-cutter suburb, I have no intention to go back there, and I don’t really find a lot of common ground with someone who seeks that out. That sounds super-judgy, doesn’t it?

        • All fair points, but from your post it sounds like condescension is a two-way street for you.

        • Yeah. The close-in suburbs are one thing, but I think people who live in the farther-out suburbs have different priorities than people who live in the city or closer-in suburbs. Which is their prerogative… but means they might not be such a good match dating-wise.

          (Plus the logistics would make it harder to meet up frequently.)

          • Thank you, that’s exactly what I wanted to say but couldn’t find the words for. We have different priorities, and where we live is one of the ways those priorities are expressed.

    • binpetworth

      I experienced a similar scenario when doing online dating–men would list their location as DC, but in later communications, you’d find out they live in Leesburg or Woodbridge. This was problematic on my end because I don’t drive. Though I recognize that at my age (looking at 40 next year), this (the far suburbs) is probably where many men in my demographic live.

      • I know a single guy in his early 40’s that lives in city but his social scene is all in the Woodbridge/Reston/Fairfax (are those even near each other) area because he swears that is where all the single women his age live.

      • A good friend of mine in his early 50s was really put off when he was doing online dating and a woman in Cleveland Park (I think roughly his age) wasn’t interested in meeting up with him because he was “too far away.”

        He lives in southern Rockville (and near a Metro station to boot). I thought she sounded inordinately picky.

  • Rant: Feeling like I got hit by a metrobus and no amount of vitamin c will bring me back today
    Rave: Should be getting a promotion I was eligible for in the next couple of weeks *crosses fingers & toes*

  • rave: woke up this morning with plans for my future, peaceful and scared but willing to figure it out, fight, make it happen….
    rant: then we had that conversation…. now I’m depressed, sad and trying to keep my internal mess to myself at the office….

  • Rave: Only a three day work week for me and then I’m off to Ohio for my cousin’s wedding. Very excited!

    Rant: Too much to get done before I leave.

  • Rant: Been waking up with really bad joint pain this week. Is it the weather?

    • MsNesbitt

      I think so. I have arthritis in my knee and I’ve found that the humidity definitely negatively affects my joints.

      Rant: Having arthritis at the age of 28.

      • I’m only 29 and I’m pretty sure I have arthritis too. My knees are ok but the joints in my fingers, wrists, hips, shoulders, and neck have been killing me this week. I wish there was something I could do it make it better.

        • Yes! I have arthritis in my knees (since I was about 23…thank you lymes disease!) I think the humidity can make a difference. Everyone’s body functions in a different way.

        • When I eliminate sugar and white flour the pain in my fingers goes away.

  • Rant: Interviews, interviews, and more interviews.
    Rant: Can’t get a new job without an interview.
    Rave: They are hoping for a fast turnaround and are only doing one round of interviews.
    Rave: CHERRIES.

  • RANT: The never ending attack on women’s rights. Now that I’m pregnant (and want to be), restricting abortion rights seems even more horrific to me. people just DO NOT UNDERSTAND.

  • Rant: Discovered an infestation of fruit flies in my office. Hoping that apple cider vinegar/dish soap will do the trick. (Fingers crossed!)
    Rave: Visiting close friends in Philadelphia this weekend.

  • Rant/rave: Bought $10 worth of tomatoes on Sunday and they’re already gone! It seems like I can never have too many this time of year.

    Rant: Girlfriend can’t even tell the difference between an heirloom and a winter supermarket tomato (although she admitted the heirlooms are very pretty) so maybe I shouldn’t bother with the good ones.

    • Heh, some of us are less gustatorally gifted! I, for one, can’t tell the difference between an expensive shiraz and a Barefoot merlot; never have, never will. Just be glad she’s effectively a cheap date!

      • I’m the same way with wines, but I think it’s hard to overlook the differences between tomatoes!

    • As someone who will eat tomatoes but isn’t the hugest fan (I’d sooner eat a cuke any day), I will fully admit that I cannot tell the difference, either. And I am not ashamed!

  • rant: people offering me up to other people in the office without asking me (or event telling me) first – oh, go talk to anon, she’ll know. and it’s always the most annoying people are sent to talk to me. and to top it off it’s for crap that i have no business doing. i feel like throwing something against the wall – i am seriously reaching my breaking point at this place. i feel like i’m one annoyance away from having a complete meltdown and just walking out of here and not returning.

    • My old boss used to do that to me. Granted, she WAS my BOSS, but it was always for things that were not a part of my job description. You wanted me to get my job done? Then quit sending other crap my way!

  • Allison

    Rave: Headphone jamming to Pandora all day and chair dancing in my office keeps me going through the last couple of days of my internship.

    Rave: I love chicken apple salad and made some for lunch. Rant is I have to wait until lunch to eat it or I’ll be hungry later.

    Rant: PLEASE MOVE TO THE CENTER OF THE CAR! Don’t glare at me when I have to push past yo’ ass hanging out by the doors on the metro during rush hour.

  • talula

    Rant/Rave – will have to start apartment searching again soon, I’m moving into a bigger place with my boyfriend. Originally we planned to stay in my cheap, no frills apartment building and just move to a bigger unit. The building is old and charming, but has no luxuries to speak of. But with our combined income we realized we could afford a much nicer place, in a nicer area, with a full size kitchen and even *gasp* a dishwasher. Now we have to make a decision. Not sure if I want to spend more rent money for a fancy kitchen that isn’t even mine. Although I admit I wouldn’t mind having a dishwasher.

    Rant: I hate moving.

    Rave: I love living with my boyfriend.

    • I’ve been in your position and I will say, don’t do it until you absolutely need to — like if you need an office to work from home or you’re planning on kids in the near future. Don’t underestimate the freedom you’ll gain from saving what you would be paying on rent. If you’re totally miserable in your place, then maybe you should go, but if you’re just dissatisfied, then buy a few new things for the apartment or replace your couch or rearrange your furniture and you might have a renewed sense of satisfaction.

      • I agree with the above. My partner and I were living in a no-frills place in the suburbs, and I was itching to get out of there. Especially on days when our commute into the city would take 3 hours! But in retrospect I’m glad we stayed put. I’d browse apartment listings occasionally but nothing looked like a good deal, and were were trying to save for a house at that time so it seemed reckless to spend extra for the luxury of living in the city. I don’t think there is such a thing as the perfect rental, especially not these days, so you’d just be trading one set of negatives for another.

        • Agreed! I am apartment searching with my BF too…and coming from Archstone which is basically lighting what little income I do have on fire. While faux granite and impossible waxed flooring looks pretty I am counting down the days until I can’t part ways with my broke ass dishwasher and apartment management snobbery.

          • huh, funny. I looked at half a dozen archstone apts earlier this year and thought they’d actually be nice, but every single one was a pile of crap masquerading as a luxury apartment. is yours actually nice? I left each one really mad that they were trying to pretend it was some great deal on “high class” living or some b.s.

          • talula

            I’ve heard such bad things about Archstone properties, I’m staying far away from them!

          • You are completely right! They advertise “luxury” but what you get is anything but, nothing seems to work (which would be fine if the maintenance crew we paid for didn’t fight back and say they fix problems when they have not). I’ve lived in Archstone buildings in DC as well as Pentagon/Crystal city because we didn’t have to pay a security deposit to transfer our lease. I can honestly say that if I had enough saved this time last year for a security deposit I wouldn’t have stayed. I learned my lesson.

    • Check out Rhode Island Row. I live here and have had a few minor experiences but overall I love the unit and the amenities. The price isn’t too shabby either. The problems I have had were not with the management but more the architecture/engineering of the building itself (all 2nd floor balcony units leak when it rains).

  • rant:i’m crankypants today. finding a doctor is hard. any suggestions for a therapist?
    rave: leaving work early

    • Don’t know where you are, but I’d recommend Dr. Krystal Stanley. Her office is around Adams Morgan, and she takes insurance (unlike a lot of other therapists)

  • Small world! I’ve recommended her to several friends, and they’ve all found her very helpful

  • Rave: Plans to spend my lunchtime outside in the grass. Hopefully the damn squirrels don’t steal my cookies this time.

    Rave: Another beautiful night for Screen on the Green! Went with my roommates (2 of us remaining, 2 new ones) and we had a great time! It is sooooooo niiiiiiiiice to have roommates I like instead of the a**hole that just moved out! Sweet relief!

    Rant: Both yesterday and today our department has had people call in sick with what they think is food poisoning. Considering it’s happened to two people, I’m now paranoid that I’m going to get whatever nasty bug it probably is.

    Rant: Is it really ONLY TUESDAY???

  • Rant: Dog peed on the rug last night/this morning.

    Rave: Nature’s Miracle, and the fact that I’ve only needed to use it 2 – 3 times in the last 3 years.

    • Rant: Can’t use Nature’s Miracle on wool Oriental rugs. Anyone know how to get the smell out of those?

      • How about vinegar? Or baking soda?

        I’ve used Nature’s Miracle on wool w/no ill effect.

        • I’ve tried vinegar, as well as mild soap. I think I read somewhere that baking soda does something bad to Oriental rugs so I was afraid to try. Ditto on the Nature’s Miracle, but maybe I’ll do a corner test with it.

  • Rant: Came home from a week away to find that last year’s “leaky water from the upstairs apartment” has turned into this year’s “serious kitchen wall problem.”

    Huge mega-rave: Our building management couldn’t be more helpful with this, and has even offered to pay for the boarding of our two kitties while they tear out the kitchen cabinets/wall.

    (Playing off of the rave, does anyone know of a place in/near DC that does overnight cat boarding? I’ve seen TONS of home pet sitters, but we need them out of the apt. for probably three nights or so. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!)

    • Capital Cat Clinic is so-so. They are pricey and I’ve had one good experience and one horrible experience with them. It’s something worth looking at.

      • Capital Cat Clinic is great. I had my cat boarded there a couple times for weekends when I went out of town because he needed meds nonstop and he was always fine upon my return. (As opposed to when I left him with catsitters and he almost died from not getting meds.) Since he needed pills so frequently, catsitters visiting 3x/day was way more expensive than the daily Capital Cat boarding fee.

        • Thanks for the advice, guys. I’ve found Woodlawn Kennel and Suburban Animal Hospital, as well as one that seems too-idyllic-to-be-true, Misty Ridge. (They have a “Cattery,” which automatically vaults them to the top of my personal list, ha.) I’ll have to do some investigating!

    • Badgerwonk, are you a new name for PoPville’s Honey Badger? Or a different, unrelated badger?

  • Rave: Great weather, we’re having!
    Rant: Pedestrians glued to their phones who expect everyone in their path to roll out the red carpet for them.

  • rant: I was excited to see that the Roti in Union Station was open for lunch today, only to be turned away by a staffer who said you can only eat there today if you are a member of their email club. wtf?

    • They actually open tomorrow, but had a free lunch event today that members could sign up for–I’m assuming so they get practice with a lunch rush before they open their doors to the public. I’ve heard of a few other places doing this when they open new locations, too.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: asshat yesterday who felt the need to argue with me in class over how libraries catalog things, because he couldn’t figure out how to find an article any way except using the article title, even after I told him the correct way to do it.

    Rant: All the completely stupid and rude “educated” people that my work in hiring.

    Rave: Today I get to be the student instead of teacher and learn some stuff about fuzzy logic.

  • Rant: Recently got into a strong disagreement with Friend X about the tug-of-war in our friendship. X has fears of being abadoned so X overly clings , is perpepetually lonely, and unfairly places a burden on me to makeup for the friends that X does not have. I have fears of being controlled..X’s desperate grip pushes me away. My spontaneity, independence, and friendly magnetism to/from others is misunderstood by X as unreliability and lack of loyalty. Frustrating. I am positive and love to be surrounded by positive peeps but X is always down about something. For now, I am happy that I expressed how I felt and did not fall into my old habits of being passive aggressive.

    Rave: Enjoying the marvelous bounty of local harvests & invigorating highs of summer travel.

    • District Royal, your friend might well be needy/clingy… but I have to wonder if what you describe as “spontaneity” and “independence” and what your friend perceives as “unreliability” is in fact unreliability. Are you one of those people who refuses to make plans until the last minute, backs out of existing plans, etc., etc.?

      Apart from that, though… you mention that Friend X gets you down and describe her (him?) as a drag. So why are you still friends?

      • Yes, I have backed out of pre-existing plans before (maybe I have a small degree of unpredictability). I don’t see the problem with having done that because it was necessary. Once my group day trip out-of-town got extended overnight so I couldnt get back in time to meet X. Another time a good friend urgently needed my assistance in a crisis. When I need to change plans I don’t get such a reaction from all my other friends. I don’t understand why X can’t be flexible. Maybe I am wrong but I see this more as a personality clash.

        Honestly, I only continued to be friends with X because I didn’t want to just walk away from X like others have. I can’t fix X, X can only do that. But X expects me to withdraw, in the past I have done that in similar situations, I didn’t want to do it this time around. I thought we could work through it.

    • I feel like I’m a kid back in algebra class!

  • RAVE: Closed on our first house on Friday, moved in Saturday, and completed a TON of unpacking the last few days.

    Rave: in-unit washer, dryer, dishwasher, amazing french door fridge, two CLEAN bathrooms, tons of granite counterspace, balcony, nice neighbors, covered parking, and two happy kittens who are both finally comfortable with the new place!!!

    Rant: still haven’t braved the public-transit commute from this place yet, and it took me 45 minutes to drive from Takoma Park to Arlington this morning. I fear next week when I can’t drive to work!

    Rave: My boss has approved me working remotely on Fridays from here on out 🙂

    • 45 minutes from Takoma Park actually isn’t bad… once the fall comes it will be closer to an hour fifteen to an hour and a half! Sorry to be the bearer of bad news 🙁

  • Hey all, not a rant or rave, but can anybody tell me how to watch the olympics online? I don’t have a TV, but get my internet at home through comcast. Is there any hope for me?

    • 1) Go to nbc.com

      2) Using whipped cream, draw the Olympic rings on your monitor.

      3) Close your eyes, and chant “There’s no place like London” (with a British accent) until the coverage appears.

  • Rant: I see Pepco was given the job of managing India’s power supply!

    • heh. I thought the same thing! Then I thought, I bet the vast majority of those 600 M people in India don’t have AC anyway so they probably wont fuss as much as people in our area!

      • Yep, and it’s probably cooler there than it is here. My girlfriend’s relatives from New Delhi always choose to visit us in the summer, where they refuse to leave our house and complain endlessly about the heat. Apparently it’s always hotter in DC than Northern India this time of year.

        Also, the power in India is so erratic that a lot of people have backup generators or are just used to being without it.

  • Rant: Being inside all day at a computer.

    Double rant: Pretty sure working in poorly lit facilities for 2 years have ruined my vision and I need to go to the eye doctor. Bummer.

    Rave: ROTI and eating outside at Farragut 🙂

  • RAVE! Husband is home today after two and a half weeks out of town for work! SO GLAD to have him back home!

    Not even a rant: Thus ends my time as a bachelorette — means putting clothes away instead of folding them and storing them on his side of the bed 🙂

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