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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or rejoice about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: They keep forecasting rain and…nothing.

    Revel: Should be great weather for jazz in the park tonight!

  • Rant: Only one rant/revel on here.

    Rave: Daughters visiting – fun times!

  • orderedchaos

    Rave: Great photo.
    Rant: Our central A/C just can’t keep up with this heat. 85 degrees on the top floor of our townhouse (where the bedrooms are, natch). Gotta get our black roof painted with that reflective stuff to reduce the heat it absorbs. And get the ducts cleaned. And, I dunno, invest in Ice futures.
    Rave: I’m such an Olympics nerd. I forget how much I enjoy it until they come around again… then I’m hooked. Again. Good fun.

  • RAVE, RAVE, RAVE: I highly recommend the Fringe Festival show, “Inanimate Thoughts, a Multi-Media Dance Concert,” which is having its last showing Sunday at 2:15 at the Tivoli. It was really excellent. Go see it if you can.

  • Rant: Someone stole my nice running socks out of my condo’s laundry room. Dryer was on the fritz and they were drying on the drying rack with a bunch of other stuff that wasn’t taken. Seriously, who does that?

    • Not justifying thievery here, but why didn’t you just take them back to your room and hang them on a towel rack or something?

  • My roommate and I are having so much trouble finding an apartment…what do we do?! we need to be out on Tuesday and still havent found anything

    • This is from my experience being a renter for 15 years…maybe you’re not being realistic with location and price? Are you presenting yourself professionally and following up with completed applications? Are you ready to put down a deposit? The rental market is brutal here, highly tipped in favor of the landlords. The early bird catches the worm in DC rentals, and it’s blink and you missed a great (or even not so great) apartment.

  • Rant: Finding an apartment on Craigslist is the worst… So many scam ads, high prices, and dodgy pictures with little info. I’m so tired of posters not putting the location into their ads. Location is the most important thing for me about an apartment listing… Worst part is that I still have to pay my mortgage while renting… Poor me.

    Rave: At least construction on my house is going well.

  • This past Saturday at about 2:30 pm I was sunning on my back deck on the 600 block of Kenyon St, when my computer was stolen from me. I was working on my computer and listening to music (headphones, which of course I really regret). A few minutes after flipping onto my back I felt my deck shake a bit, when I turn to look I see arms grabbing my computer and it disappearing over the side of the deck. I was feet from the railing and my computer was under a table to shade it. There was even an adirondak chair between my computer and the railing. Previously, I saw a group of guys looking up at me, but I didn’t think too much of it. I am 100% confident it was them. They saw me as an easy target went and got a chair and a towel to cover his face and grabbed my computer by leaning over the railing, grabbing the monitor, and then bailing down the alley. Looking back at it, I am so mad at myself for so many reasons, but as having never been robbed before I didn’t really have my guards up. I had my roommates call 911 and I chased after him in my car, but obviously lost him. My deck backs up to the alley between Kenyon and Luray/Lamont st and I wanted to send this out to warn people that thieves are extremely desperate and ballsy. My computer was inches from my head and connected to the headphones I was wearing and he just grabbed it. I am extremely happy that he didn’t do anything to me, but I wish I didn’t have to lose all of my music and photos either. I filed a police report but as computer thefts are so common, I do not expect much to come of it.

    I also had a friend recently robbed and the guy took all of their computers from their house. I want to remind everyone to download a program to be able to track your valuable devices after a theft and to back up your files onto an external hard drive frequently. Before its too late!

    And if you find a 2011 white Macbook for resale let me know!

    • Whoa, that’s bold. I would not have expected someone to walk right up to your property and steal it out of your hands!

      My coworker who lives out in Annapolis had his laptop stolen from his car, which was parked in his driveway, while he was getting out and his back was turned was a minute. I feel like there’s no guarantee your laptop won’t get stolen unless you have it chained to your arm, so always be prepared for that possibility.

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