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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or rejoice about daily life in DC.

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  • Allison

    Rave: That picture. Lol, poor little girl. Reminds me of many family vacations to the beach where I would be so exhausted at the end of the day I would fall asleep in my plate at whatever seafood restaurant my parents had dragged me to. MmmmMmmm shrimp.

  • Rave: coffee and croissant for breakfast!

    • Allison

      Srsly best breakfast ever, am I right? I like to put a spoonfull of Nutella on the side of my plate and dip the croissant = instant chocolate croissant!

  • So according to WaPo Marion Barry is numero uno. However, the article is more about how useless and sorry the city council is. Anyone else see this? Curious about your thoughts (I know there will be many).

    Marion “Mayor for Life” Barry is still #1 in DC according to a recent WaPo poll. This article is a little misleading though because it isn’t about Barry being numero uno by a landslide but more about how horrible and utterly useless these clowns on the city council are. Your thoughts?


    Rave: Had H and Pizza last night, not bad, decent prices. It was probably the best idea to hit H St. NE so far. My guess is that it will do the best business pretty much out of all the food joints. Not sure how they can keep offering unlimited toppings though, it makes me wonder about the quality a little. But like I said, all in all, I will take it, kinda reminds me of Z pizza in a way.

    • I agree, thought the pizza was very good for the price. Really liked the crust. Also a great option on weekends as they are open to 3am Fri/Sat.

    • The poll is really not that useful. There is no time frame associated with the favorability question so it’s not clear whether people are voting based on the person’s current activities or what they have done in the past. I get the sense that a lot of Barry’s support – which as the article mentions is almost exclusively in the Black community – is based on history, or at least the good parts of his history. And however “popular” Barry may be, he ties with Gray for the highest “strongly unfavorable” rating.

  • RANT: Crime seems to be getting worse and worse in Dupont / U Street. I’ve been living there for 11 years and I have never heard of so many robberies. Last night at about 6:00 there was some police activity at 16th and U Street. Then I heard this morning there was a robbery at 5:30AM on 7th St. I’m starting to think it is time to sell and get out of DC.

  • Rave: Got another call to set up a job interview. Is this the one? Fingers crossed!

    Rant/Rave: The insane amount crap emails I get. I finally reached my breaking point and unsubscribed from almost all of them. Aaaahhhhh, that’s better!

  • Rant: Aggressive drivers. I used to think it was me (as in, I must be a bad driver if others on the road have to drive so aggressively to get around me) but I don’t think that’s the case since I’ve noticed that aggressive driving happens on the same couple of blocks of my commute.

    I go to work pretty early in the morning and can get almost the whole way there (living and working in DC) without a single car behind me (just due to the early hour). Then then, bam, while waiting at the light at 14th St to cross on S St traveling west three cars will appear behind me and proceed to spaz out as I cautiously cross 14th. There are always construction workers crossing back and forth and construction trucks backing in and out of the alleys next to the new apartment building going up and so I don’t feel the need to speed through the intersection. Next thing I know the cars behind me are weaving back and forth trying to pass me on S St (which is pretty narrow considering it’s two-way with parking on both sides).

    I have actually had cars pass me on S St going over 40-50mph (I know this because I usually go about 30mph on S and once these guys pass me they are GONE). I have even had a car pass me on the left (i.e. going around me the wide way and then merging back in front of me) as we both make right turns to go north on 15th.

    I don’t get it. You can make it through the light at 15th St without speeding down S St. I do it every day. But for some reason S St between 14th & 15th is a chronic aggressive driving stretch.

    Rant: Getting to work feeling anxious and moody because of aggressive drivers.

    Rave: I’m a nice person and will never accidentally run over a construction worker because I speed through their work site.

    • If this is happening to you regularly, with a varied assortment of different drivers, then the common factor is you. You sound like an exceedingly cautious driver, and people who are not so very exceedingly cautious find your slowness to be highly vexing.

      But like you said, you’ll never hit someone accidentally, which is obviously a good thing.

      • It could totally be me. But I only really notice this behavior on S St between 14th and 15th and on U St between 16th and 17th… I think people are so annoyed by U St that by the time they get to 16th they just want to floor it all the way to Florida Ave.

        I wouldn’t consider myself over-cautious… but maybe I am. I actually try to be an assertive-defensive driver – mostly defensive but always ready to swerve (to avoid people flying out of alleys without looking). I also don’t think I drive slowly. I more than keep up with traffic.

        I don’t know. I have come to think that people take more risks with driving in the early morning hours. I routinely see people around 6am on 13th St stop at the red light at New York Ave and then just proceed on right through the red. They figure, no one’s coming, no one’s out here, why wait at the red? It’s nuts.

        • Sweetsound’s post was technically correct but a little misleading, IMO. It may be “you”, but that most certainly doesn’t mean you are in the wrong in any way. Basically if you follow all the rules of the road (how old-fashioned, right?) then you will probably feel like you are driving very cautiously and even meekly; and often you will feel like you’re being overrun by aggressive drivers.

          • +1.

            Other people driving aggressively (passing you on the wrong side of the double orange line??) does not mean that YOU are the problem.

          • I tried to avoid any implication of whose right and whose wrong in stating she was the common factor. The fact is that she may just be cautious and the others aggressive, or she may be scared and slow, and the other drivers exasperated. Who is right or wrong in this case depends on each person’s point of view, and, of course, who is telling the story.

      • It is not just you. It also happens to me on S St between 14th and 15th between 8:30 and 9:00 am

    • You’re doing the right thing by driving cautiously. Don’t worry about what other drivers are doing. It’s been over seven years since I moved here from New Jersey and I’m finally getting used to sharing the road with a bunch of maniacs… but rather than adopt their aggression my driving style has actually become more cautious.

      That reminds me of a rave… this morning I was standing at a crosswalk, waiting for the traffic to pass, when a young guy in a blue car stopped for me! So unexpected. As I darted across he said remarked that the other drivers were idiots for wanting to race up to the light (which was red). He had the right idea.

    • oh, so YOU are that slow poke I get stuck behind every morning? Don’t you have to BE anywhere on time? Ha ha just kidding. I would never pass someone on S Street, that’s crazy. As long as you are not sitting at the green light playing with with your smartphone, like so many others I see in DC. Wish I had an anonymous spray paint James Bond gadget to paint on their windshields, “HANG UP AND DRIVE!”

  • Someone stole my housemate’s bike and broke my lock closed such that my bike is now a permanent fixture of my porch. All I have given this city is love, and all it has done is [tried to] steal my bicycles. This would be #4. Fortunately it’s not, but now I need to find a heavy-duty, U-lock-busting bolt cutter to steal my own bike back. And it’s creepy to think that a thief spent so much time on my front porch. Any ideas, PoPville?

    • I’m sorry 🙁 If you don’t mind me asking, in what neighborhood do you live? It might just be better to put your bike inside. I know it doesn’t look nice to have your bike in the living room but it’s better than getting your bike stolen.

      With that said, this is a very unfortunate issue here in DC.

    • I wish I had some advice on how to remove the lock, but I can empathize. We’ve had an unlocked bike and a package stolen from under our stairs, and it’s creepy to think that someone is routinely walking through our fenced-in patio and up to the house to see what is unsecured.

    • I have heard that a car jack will bust a u-lock. Never tried it myself.

    • I would rent an angle grinder from Home Depot. I think it will be the cheapest, quickest way to get through the lock. Make sure you get a suitable disk to cut with, though.

    • I have heard that Cops sometimes have heavy duty bolt cutters in their trunks…If you happen to see one on your block ask them if they do and if they wouldn’t mind helping you out.

    • thebear

      That sucks. Unfortunately, nothing is safe these days…no matter where you are.

      DPW might be able to help you get the lock off. They have cutters that they use to remove abandoned bikes. Give 311 a ringydingy.

      • RAVE: the word “ringydingy”

      • I’ve been searching for months for a simple 2 bike shed/locker that would fit under the average deck or stairs for more secure outside storage. There are a few companies that sell metal lockers for $1,200.+ but nothing in a pre-fab shed type thing (like you get at Home Depot.)

        If anyone could start building such a thing in the $500-600.00 range I think they would make a killing in DC.

    • Is it not possible for you to stash your bike inside? If this is bike #4, it might be worth it to find a new spot to park it.

  • Rave: Dad’s mid-life crisis motorcycle obsession has brought him down to the general vicinity for a trip!

    Rant/question: He’s staying out in Front Royal before heading down the the Skyline Trail and Blue Ridge Parkway.

    How crazy would I be to voluntarily drive out of the city after work to grab dinner with him? Is 66 a parking lot by 5:30? Google says it should take an hour and fifteen minutes, but I’m seriously doubting that.

    • 66 at 5:30 is still HOV only so if it’s just you, you’re likely to get a ticket. And yes, it can be a parking lot heading west at that time of day.

      • I-66 is HOV inside the beltway, not outside.

        Your best bet is to not even try to go out there until around 7:15-7:30. Then you can have a late dinner out there. It is a bit of a drive, though. At least 75 minutes, if not longer.

    • thebear

      66 westbound is HOV-2 from the TR to the Beltway from 4-6:30. An HOV-2 lane continues west from the Beltway to Manassas. If you’re looking to head out anytime during the rush, try going the Inner Loop on the south side of the the Beltway to 66. GW to Alexandria might be easier than 295. Avoid 395 like the plague.

  • Rant: Boss is out and I ‘get’ to brief our deputy under secretary…OH JOY!

    • Rave: Brief went well!
      Rant: Big sweat stains on shirt
      Rant: Brief went well because Dep Under Secretary has no idea who I am.

  • Rave: Making a commitment to eat healthier, look at ingredients, be more sustainable, etc. I think my body has had enough with eating a decent amount of processed food. Hello, Yes! Organic Market. Goodbye, nasty Safeway.

    Rant: Yes! is expensive, but I’ll deal. Life is too short to worry about discounts on nasty hormone-injected meat.

    Rave: Dance class, yoga and deep breathing exercises to help my overactive anxiety.

    • Great news on the move towards less processed foods. I’ve actually found that Safeway brand organic food (like pasta sauces, pasta, dressings, tofu, etc) are well made, tasty, less processed and not that expensive! So maybe try out a bit of Safeway brand organic stuff too – I think it’s called O.

      • Yeah, I wouldn’t rule out Safeway entirely. There’s no reason to pay Yes! prices for staples like dried beans and rice.

      • How are organic pasta sauces, pasta, dressings, and tofu less processed? Really, there is no excuse not to make your own pasta sauce and dressings.

        • Certainly – they’re still processed but they have simple ingredients in the list instead of all the chemical additives – that’s what I mean by that.
          Also, I always aspire to make my own sauces, my own pasta, etc. but I just do not have the time all the time. So I buy it.

          • Yeah, I wasn’t suggesting everyone make their own tofu and pasta because that actually is time consuming. But whisking together some oil and vinegar isn’t really.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I learned a super easy pasta sauce recipe the other day that tastes so good:

            heat some olive oil
            add cherry tomatoes (I’ve also successfully used cut up big ones)
            simmer over med heat for a while
            add garlic
            simmer over med heat about 10 mins
            remove from heat
            add salt, pepper, basil, whatever
            put in blender until smooth (or fancy food grinder like dude on tv had)

            It takes at most 30 minutes and tastes so good I could eat it straight! I learned this from John Besh who has a cooking show on PBS.

          • Or just simmer a can of crushed tomatoes with salt, pepper, garlic, and oregano while the past is boiling. It’s better than jarred sauce and barely involves any extra effort.

          • Brienne’s Fabulous Salad Dressing:

            – 2 cloves crushed garlic
            – 1 part balsamic vinegar
            – 2 parts extra virgin olive oil
            – Pinch of red pepper flakes, oregano/basil/marjoram, salt, and pepper

            Put all ingredients in jar. Shake. Pour over salad.

            Brush teeth afterwards!

          • Emmaleigh504

            Anon 11:27 this is indeed yummy and faster than my recipe. This is how my sister makes pasta sauce and I always forget to do it myself.

          • Indeed. Or course, your sauce with the fresh tomatoes is so delicious this time of year, but if you’re feeling lazy the simmered canned tomatoes are a good alternative to weirdly sweetened sauce in a jar.

      • Allison

        Warning though, if you buy the organic stuff at Safeway you need to seriously watch the expiration dates– they don’t clean the shelves out as often as needs to occur for foods with no preservatives.

        I got all excited because I bought some organic spinach stuffed ravioli from the refridgerated pasta section at Safeway that I was going to eat for lunch. Got home and realized it was three weeks expired. Had to return it. Ended up eating ramen for lunch. Sad Safeway makes Allison Sad. 🙁

  • Rave – Furnishing an entire living room via craigslist. It’s working out beautifully, and for a fraction of the price I normally would have paid.
    Rant – When said craigslist furniture doesn’t fit in the freight elevator and you get to muscle a 250 pound couch up 6 flights of stairs.

  • Rant: Broken work laptop day before heading out on work trip. Holed up in a computer lab until they figure out what’s wrong.

    Rave: Computer lab is completely isolated so I can crank the tunes and try and crank out some work.

    Rave: Got home late last night ready to head to bed but ended up having a wonderful late night dinner and discussion with my husband. So nice to connect even when we’re both exhausted- going to miss him so much on the trip…

    RAVE: olympics start friday!

  • Rant: My neighbor was assaulted last night just off East Cap across from the Car Barn – only a block away from my house. Looks like he lost the entire contents of his backpack and got a bit banged up but will be OK.
    Rave: Good neighbors who care.

  • Rant: The completion date for the suit I ordered for my wedding keeps getting pushed back…it’s going to be close…

    Rave: My garden looks like it’s on steroids.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Crappy night’s sleep last night. I kept waking up. One time I woke up because of a bad smell in my dream. I was convinced I needed to take the trash out.

    Rave: All the flowers on Calvert St.

    Rant: My Great Aunt went to the hospital for a broken foot and they found a “fast growing” brain tumor.

    Rave: Her husband is a surgeon at the hospital she’s at, so she’s getting the best care possible.

    • Allison

      I had the opposite sleeping problem last night– I had an Inception-style lucid dream, but I was trapped in my dream and couldn’t wake up! I kept doing things like trying to jump off crap to wake myself up, and nothing worked. I was SO glad when my alarm went off because I was getting scared I was going to get stuck asleep forever!

  • Revel: Had a great weekend at the Firefly Festival in Dover. Tinie Tempah’s performance exceeded my expectations. He is now one of my favorite artists. I can’t wait to go back next year.

    Rant: Porta potties–YUCK!

  • claire

    Rave: Successfully recreated my favorite Beau Thai dish (crispy tilapia with spicy basil sauce) over the weekend!

    Rant: So unmotivated at work. Some days I feel like hours go by, and I’ve done nothing of substance.
    Rave-ish: Trying out a new technique – in the morning, write down three specific tasks I’m absolutely determined to do that day. Hoping it’ll work…

  • Rant: saw a woman on the street who was just hit by a trolley while on her way to work this morning. Second bicyclist in two months to get hit on that corner. Incredibly scary and upsetting to see (lots of blood, but she was conscious). I can’t find any information online about if she’s ok or not. Any ideas?
    Note, I didn’t see the accident happen so no idea who was at fault, or if it was just a terrible accident.

    • Trolley is on tracks right? So i’ts not like it can swerve out of the way or anything.

      • Where are there even trolleys?

        • I saw this accident happen as well- it was around 17th and L street, and it was one of those DC Tourist Bus Trolleys (not on tracks). Extremely scary, a lot of screaming and confusion was going on. The girl was covered in a lot of blood- Has anyone else heard any updates as to whether or not she is okay?

          • I heard the impact and saw the woman stuck. I saw no bicycle, and think she may have been a pedestrian. It was at 17th and M St NW. I called 911 3 times and got a high call volume recording each time. The first unit on the scene was a westbound traveling police cruiser – I don’t think he was responding to a call as someone had to flag him down. The woman was pinned beneath the trolley wheels for over a minute. I hope she survives. Stay safe out there people.

          • https://twitter.com/struckdc

            StruckDC has the cyclist as being conscious alert and breathing. Have not seen any updates on this since the initial post.

          • Correction…pedestrian, not a cyclist.

      • My guess would be it was one of those tourist ‘trolleys’ that look like old time trolleys but operate like buses. Either way hope the injured will heal quickly.

        • Thanks to everyone for the updates. That makes a lot more sense that she was a pedestrian, as we didn’t see a bike. Sending her lots of thoughts and prayers. I hope her injuries weren’t too serious and she heals quickly.

  • I’ve lived in DC for juuuust about a year. I work in Dupont, husband is a student at GW. Any recommendations for neighborhoods to look for an apartment in? We’re currently in Logan, but I’d like to find a dog friendly place that isn’t terribly expensive.

    • Allison

      I work in dupont and am a student at GW. Husband works near Tenleytown AU. We just moved to Southwest Waterfront about two months ago– cannot emphasize how much we love it. The commute isn’t as *awesome* as it could be if we lived in the middle of the city (used to live in Columbia Heights) but the neighborhood is quiet, spacious, and a heck of a lot cheaper.

    • Rosslyn maybe?

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: “A change is gonna come”, in different personal levels.
    Rant: it’s not easy…

  • Rave: My grandparents are clearing out their house, and they gave us a bunch of original artwork for the new house. Excited to start putting things on the walls!

    Rant: only four hours of sleep last night. Kept waking up because of a new medication. That is making it extremely hard to focus at this conference I am at.

    Rave: we found out yesterday that our dog’s cancer has not returned. Best news in a long time!

  • Rave – Going to The Pig in Logan Circle with the parents this weekend. Cannot. Wait.

    Rant – Missed the cutoff for an A in my summer class by .02 of a point. No joke. And the prof won’t cut me a break. Sads 🙁

  • rant: feeling super anxious lately. there is a lingering nervous/pukey feeling in my stomach that will not go away. i’ve tried working out, sleeping more, eating better…but nothing is really helping. i am seeing my doctor later this week for a regular checkup – hopefully she can help. feeling this way for over a week is not fun.

  • my crazy neighbors seem to be now keeping a pet guinea pig in their front yard. No its not in cage. Just in the fenced yard roaming around. first of all, its hot as balls out, I can’t imagine any pet needs to be outside all day. I so no food or water either. Second, we have quite a few outdoor cats and feral cats running around parkview so I don’t know if this pig stands a chance. and third, with all the other crap in their yard (trash, weeds, broken appliances) I can only imagine that guinea pig droppings will further entice the rats. I feel for the little guy. My neighbors are nice enough but sometimes they get all jamaican hillbilly sometimes, but I don’t know them well enough to ask why they are doing this to a helpless pet. Seriously, if this keeps up is there someone I should call. I can’t imagine high 90’s is a feeling comfortable to this little guy right now.

    • Try calling the Washington Humane Society to see if the guinea pig’s owners can be warned/cited for animal cruelty (or for any other ideas WHS might have):

      202-BE-HUMANE (202-234-8626)


    • What textdoc said. You’ve identified that the animal isn’t being properly cared for, so please don’t turn a blind eye because you don’t feel comfortable talking to the owners. Call the humane society. Hopefully the owners are educable and will change. It’s illegal, and inhumane, to keep a dog outside without water and a shelter; I’d assume it’s the same for a guinea pig.

      • Sorry, Anonymous – I missed the part where you ask who you can call. You’re clearly not turning a blind eye.

  • Rant: I hope my kitty is misbehaving and not sick. Vet appt today.

    Rant: My interim security clearance may not come in in time to start on Monday as originally planned. Unintended staycation, but I have very little savings to fall back on to pay bills if it’s pushed back more than a week. UH oh.

  • novadancer

    Rave: had an awesome long weekend in San Francisco with hubby
    Rant: beyond exhausted, red eye and straight to work. Sleep can’t happen soon enough!

  • Rave: MIL is visiting, so we can go to a fun wedding next weekend. I feel very lucky to have such a sweet lady for my MIL, and she adores our little punkins.
    Rant: What do you wear to a “casual summer” summer when it’s evening, in brooklyn, and you’re not sure if the bride and groom’s funky/rich friends might show up in tie dye or tails?

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