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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or rejoice about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave House parties!
    Rant House parties that go on until 4:00AM Sunday morning in the front yard. Honestly Irving Street between 17th and 18th WTF? I can tolerate it till 1AM, isn’t that reasonable? – maybe even stretch it to 2AM with some gnashing of teeth – but 4AM! I’m shocked that your closer neighbors didn’t call the cops! If you participate on PoP, you should sack up and publically apologize. I got 3 hours of sleep and had a full day of work yesterday. Inconsiderate putzes why didn’t you just move it inside?

    • I would love to get into the thought processes of people who conduct themselves like this. Either you are completely oblivious or completely apathetic about other people, but I can’t understand how anyone thinks it is ok to have raucous parties like this when we live so close to one another. It’s not like you’re living in the middle of a cornfield where you can do anything you want and not disturb a soul. BTW, I also don’t understand why people don’t call the police. Hoping the OP did. If the partiers can’t be convinced to show good manners and respect for others, perhaps a visit from the police will help persuade them.

      • Wondering how long before annoying twentysomething ironic hipsters show up, claim that party noise until 4 a.m. is part of “city life,” and say that if you don’t like it you should move to Reston.

        • Bitter much?

        • Reston? Them’s fightin words.

        • So…..when are you moving?

        • That might be a fair point to make if the OP lived next to a bar or in the middle of an entertainment district. (Though since bars in DC close at 2am, complaints about noise at 4am would be justified.) But it’s not a fair point to make if the OP lives in a residential area. Party noise until 4 am in a residential area is not part of city life, but having inconsiderate neighbors is part of city life (and suburban life for that matter). If you can’t or won’t confront your neighbors about their lack of consideration, either you suck it up and suffer or call the police and have them take care of the problem.

      • if it ended at 4:30 AM it was definitely not a “rave” house party. Just saying.

    • Allison

      Hah, totally walked past that party at midnight on my way home from a different (much more contained) party. It was raging!

      • The most amazing thing, to me, was that it was as loud at midnight as it was @ 3AM, barely less noisy at 4AM and started to slow down at 4:30. The least could do is share whatever they were on so I could stay awake on Sunday!

    • Did you ask them to move inside and please quiet down? Most people are actually pretty receptive to that.

      • Should anyone have to do that? When did thoughtlessness become the norm? What thinking person doesn’t know that you don’t hold a loud outdoor party at night (into the morning hours)?

      • 1- I was naked in bed
        2-I’m not getting out of bed at 2:00AM and walking down the street unless there’s a fire in my house
        3- Judging by the noise level there were at least 20 people (that’s very conservative) probablyat least 40 people in attendence and I would never have found the owner/rentor.
        btw – the party did not occur within 3 houses on either side of my house I know all those neighbors or within at least 4 houses on the other side of the street.
        I did suck it up and suffer but I feel the need to rant nevertheless.

  • Dear DC USA Target,

    Your store is filthy. Why are there skidmarks on your floors? Why do your shelves have litter (soda bottles, pizza crusts) next to the goods for sale? And what’s with the piles of goods in the middle of aisles? I know some of this may be attributed to the (ahem) clientele, but ultimately you need to make sure the store stays in presentable condition.


    • I drive out to the boonies of Silver Spring just to avoid going to that Target. It makes me stabby. Cannot be in it.

    • I don’t think the Columbia Heights Target is that terrible… but it’s not great, either. Anything at Guest Services always takes forever, and overall shopping there is slightly stressful. If you drive, you have to pay to park and there’s no validation option.

      I usually drive to the one in Potomac Yard (Alexandria) because it’s a less stressful experience.

      • Case in point–you go to another store! LOL

      • You don’t “think it is that terrible?” Yet, you had nothing but bad things to say. I hate that store. Actually, I hate that entire part of town. The Giant in CH is more ghetto that the one was at 8th and O St. I do my shopping in Virginia.

        • I personally haven’t found it to be dirty, just less efficient than other Target stores.

        • thebear

          Yeah, the O Street Giant was surprisingly nice to shop at. If we weren’t otherwise out and about in the car, could just hop on the G2 from the corner here and be dropped off directly across from my building entrance. Usually could make the trip there and back within the free transfer window! I hope they don’t screw it up with the rebuild. CH is frightfully ghetto. I don’t give a crap about “cultural sensitivity” when it comes to not being goddamned slobs and downright morons about things like dropping litter on the floor, or not opening packages, taking stuff out and leaving it on the shelf, or blocking aisles to have family reunions, gossip fests, and giving people who are trying to get by the stink eye (or even cussing them out) for interrupting them.

        • disagree. i’ve never seen trash alongside merchandise at the target, don’t think the giant on park is particularly “ghetto.” the outside of the giant is kind of a mess (litter, cigarette butts, black gum marks), but the inside is fine by me. the target return line has always been pretty quick and easy for me. reading these kinds of complaints i always wonder what folks are expecting from their grocery store. piped in classical music? it’s a place that sells food. go to the national gallery of art for your sophistication and serene interiors kick.

          • This is a particularly subtle and nuanced riff on the “get out if you can’t take the grittyness of the city” riff. Nicely done.

      • Potomac Yards is less stressful? I hate that place–just getting in and out of the parking lot is a night mare and they never, ever have my underwear size. Target, is just going downhill in general.

        • Compared to other suburban shopping areas Potomac Yards is relatively low-stress. I can’t stand insane parking lots but the ones there are not terrible. Then again, I haven’t been there in a few years because I’ve found it’s easier to shop locally or buy everything online.

      • thebear

        We go to Target down on 301 in Brandywine. It’s right next to Costco, and there’s a decent Safeway there, too. A real breeze to shop. And, just about everything is cheaper there, too. I needed some new underbed storage bins a few weeks ago…wound up getting them for $2 less each than CH (which didn’t have the lids that come with them in stock for some inexplicable reason). I only shop at CH if I can’t wait until I can get down to Brandywine.

        • The Costco down there is wonderful too! Nothing like the madhouses in Pentagon City and Springfield. I just discovered this area and it’s so much more convenient and less stressful than shopping in the VA suburbs.

          • thebear

            Yup. I haven’t set foot in Costco across the river since Brandywine opened. Even at Christmas it is never a mob scene; unlike Pentagon Row which is a fustercluck for absolutely no reason at all. And, before the folks who start in about “but they don’t sell liquor in Brandywine” just zip across the road (or down a ways to Korner Liquor in Waldorf) and the booze is easily $3-$10 cheaper the bottle than Virginia or DC.

          • Unfortunately that Coscto doesn’t carry the almond butter I like. I still have to go to VA for that. 🙁

          • thebear

            I would forego the almond butter from them and just pay the local retail for it just to avoid setting foot in Pentagon Row. Another option is seeing if BJ’s carries it.

          • Ha, I know. The thing is, it’s an exceptionally good deal. At Costco a 20 oz jar is $5.99. Everywhere else I’ve seen it an 8 oz jar is $11.99.

        • We go to the one out on Cherry Hill Rd in far Silver Spring–there’s also a PetSmart, Kohls, and decent grocery store there. Access in/out of the monstrous parking lot is really easy too. Trader Joe’s on the way back.

    • I have been to that target probably 100 times and never found it to be very different from any other Target. Maybe they were just having a bad day. Now Marshall’s on the other hand can be a total shit show.

    • I’m not sure if the big black marks on the floors are really as big of a deal as everything else you mentioned. Do people actually care about these floor marks?

    • Seconded! Seems like peaches are more delicious this year than EVER EVER before. Really loving them.

    • em

      Canned ~15 pounds of white peaches yesterday – mostly as peach sauce/puree (handy for yogurt add-in, ice cream topping, coffee cake filling, and eating right out of the jar), some as peach juice, and some as chunks for use in peach cobbler or other tastiness.

      • alxindc

        Awesome! I thought nobody does canned fruit anymore. Grew up on such stuff – peaches, cherries, strawberries, pears. Canned peaches are the best!

  • Rant: 1300 block of Quincy, is there like a pop-up restaurant on your north side, or just a very large, very loud group house with a dozen tables in your backyard?

    Rave: Um, sort of awesome if my neighborhood has spawned a pop up restaurant….but keep it down!

  • Rant: Monday

    Rave: Closed on my refinance on Saturday at noon! Finished with the process, consolidated all my student loans, and am now paying 2.875% for the next 15 years!

    Rave: My notary who came up from Columbia Heights. She was awesome, and made the 104 page package we had to sign quick and efficient.

  • Rant: Metro on the weekends. Forgetting about track work. Buses replacing trains.

    Rant: Will be alone on my birthday.

  • Moved to the fringe’s of PopVille and discovered that the Pete’s Pizza on Wisconsin and Fessenden requires you to wait to be called before you can order, then you will be directed where to sit. It sucked. Seriously. There is less space at the Columbia Heights one and somehow we don’t kill each other with these innane rules. Welcome to the suburbs, I guess.

    • I’ve been to that Pete’s countless times & never had that happen, so hopefully you were just there on a weird night. Give it another try & I’m sure you’ll have a better experience. Enjoy the “suburbs” (rolls eyes).

      • Same – I have never had that experience there.

      • Perhaps it is just a Friday night thing.

        • I haven’t had that experience on Fridays either, so I think it was unique. Hopefully whoever set that system up that night was re-trained. Sometimes I’ve seen the manager seat people, but I’ce never had to wait to be called to order. You just wait in line like any other place.

  • Rave: finally managed to carve out time to have guests over.

    Semi-rant: now that Radius is closed, where does PoPville get their pizza delivery from? I love Pete’s, but i can’t afford to order 3 pizzas from there…

  • Rant: Got stuck in the middle of the Nice Bridge crossing over the Potomac last night; there an accident a few cars ahead and we were trapped there for an hour. I have a slight fear of heights and felt like I was on the verge of a panic attack the entire time. Eventually we were told to turn around because it would take another hour to get everything cleared. So I had to backtrack to Fredericksburg and get on 95 from there. Between that and the horrible traffic on 95 my 4-hour trip took almost 7 hours… but I was just relieved to be off that damn bridge!

  • I know! I cannot understand why this store is so disgusting (and I’m used to the Bklyn Target, so it isn’t an urbane thing. Carts are always filthy, and the soda machine is awful too (yes, I like to shop with a fountain soda).

  • Rant: Co-travelers messing up travel plans for this weekend

    Rant: Being nagged to finish a project I REALLY don’t want to do during my last week

    Rave: Not caring about the completion of the project at all…probably will make a half-hearted attempt at starting

  • Rant: It’s monday again.

    Rave: Quitting my job.

    Rant: Quitting my job.

    Rave: The superbly lazy, laid back weekend I just had.

    Rave: My parents are officially moved back this week.

  • Rave: Went to H & Pizza on Saturday and it was awesome!
    Rave: H Street has a new restaurant opening every week!
    Rave: Got an amazing new job!
    Rant: (gotta have one) boyfriend is on vacation for the week, without me 🙁

  • Rant: boyfriend’s family. They seem superficially like nice people. But his father can’t give up control of a conversation long enough for me to speak 2 sentences in a row, his mother keeps calling me by the wrong name, his siblings never speak to me directly. The surly and monosyllabic teenage nephew is the easiest one to have a conversation with.

    Rave: They don’t have offensive political or social views.

    Rant: His parents are visiting in a couple of weeks. Any suggestions for really loud restaurants where you don’t have to pretend to be talking with each other?

  • Rant: In the past 6 months we’ve had a bike, a package, and our front gate stolen from our yard. Roommate thinks we’re being targeted by someone who knows it’s just us two girls in the house. But I think this happens to everyone in the city, and is especially common in areas that get a lot of foot traffic like ours. Is she being a bit paranoid, or am I just too desensitized? Regardless, it’s been annoying having to replace around $1200 worth of stuff.

    • Is there anything special about the front gate? This is a pretty specific and random item for someone to steal.

      • It’s one of those low cast iron ones… pretty standard in historic districts like ours. I’m guessing someone sold it for scrap.

        • Those gates are actually worth a lot, more than most other things people keep in their front yards, and some are really easy to remove. I’m surprised more of them don’t get stolen.

    • Given that it’s just stuff being stolen from your front yard (rather than by breaking in), I doubt you’re being targeted on account of its being “just us two girls in the house.”

      There seem to be a lot of stories on PoP about bikes and packages being stolen from front porches or yards .

  • Rave: Saw and had a fantastic time with the boy yesterday!
    Rant: Said boy has to travel for the next several weeks so I won’t get to see him for a while.
    Rave: Skype, Gchat and unlimited texting/phone plans.

    • Late night baking and trips to the farmers market always seem to lift my spirits when my boy is away. You can also gather up some friends and hit Screen on the Green or Miniature Golf at the Building Museum!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Fresh tomatoes! I bought extra so I can have some tonight & tomorrow.

    Rant: Waking up this morning. Even my cat yelled at the alarm clock when it went off.

    Rave: Experimenting with a different pesto recipe tonight.

    Hurray for summer produce!

  • Rave: Found Pomona’s Universal Pectin while visiting an out-of-town health food store. Now I can make jams without all that added sugar. I wonder what a cantaloupe jam would taste like?

  • Allison

    Rave: stressful family health issue resolved. Can now breathe again.

    Rant: Guy on the green line who spits sunflower seeds on the ground like he’s at an f’ing baseball game. I had to sit next to your pile of sunflower seeds two nights ago, and came across you in the middle of the act just the other day. I’ve said and done nothing because you are giant and scare the shit out of me; apparently everyone else too because you were doing it openly on a full metro car and practically daring anyone to challenge you.

  • Rave: Just got back from a bachelor party weekend of mountain biking, fishing, rock jumping, drinking beer, and playing with fire. Feeling very lucky to have such good friends.

  • Rant: Leaving the country again on Wednesday – I feel like I just got home!

    Rave: Awesome weekend with my husband plus got to see some family.

    Rant: DC Library changed it’s rental policy on DVDs – now it’s only 7 days! It used to be 21 days – perfect for taking them on a long work trip to fill in long nights at the hotel…

    Rave: DC Library in general – they have so many good books and a great hold policy. I really need to learn how to get my e-book reader connected so I can borrow e-books too!

  • Rant: All the storms we’ve had and cable/internet didn’t go out once. Yesterday we had beautiful weather and cable/internet were out from 6PM until this morning. Naturally it had to be on the weekend I sprained my ankle so badly I couldn’t go anywhere. Thanks Comcast.

  • Weird vegetable garden year. The cucumbers are full sized, but always limp. I have a good 20 tomatoes on 3 plants that have looked about to ripen for over a week, but are still green. Eggplants are lame and seedy. Zucchinis however, are doing well. Is it the heat?

  • Rant: It is FREEZING in my office! As muggy and gross as it is outside, I can’t wait to get out there!

    Rave: Saw TWO great movies this weekend (I know, I’m lame): Beasts of the Southern Wild and The Dark Knight Rises. Holy awesome Batman movie, Batman!

    Rave: Finally got to the drum circle in Malcolm X last night! There’s a definite change in the crowd, and the circle itself, since I moved here in ’05. But at least all the newbies are participating in their neighborhood. The best part, of course, was the guy playing the spoons!

    Rant/Rave: My a**hole of a roommate moves out this weekend. Sometimes he’s a lot of fun but overall…sayonara. We would never be friends had we met randomly and I’m surprised we lived somewhat harmoniously for the past 2 years.

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