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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or rejoice about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: My brother and sister in law’s dog ran away from my house last night. They’re on vacation, and I could not imagine what it would be like to have to tell them she was missing.

    Rave: Someone found her and called me a couple of hours later. She’s safe, happy and home now.

    Rant: Have to do my performance review (which I’ve been putting off) today. Luckily my boss also hates these things and it’s always a very informal process with her.

  • Rant: Horrible, tragic news from Colorado this morning.

    • The worst part was there were child and infant victims. Who brings a baby to a loud, violent movie like that? Who brings a baby to any midnight movie?

      • anon. gardener

        people who can’t afford a baby-sitter, because they are paying 12 bucks apiece for movie tickets.

        the whole situation is very very sad.

        • If they can’t afford a babysitter they should stay home. If I owned a theater, I would have rules against babies being brought to movies for adults. And anyone using a cell phone or talking would be kicked out and banished!

          • Yeah, that was my first thought when I heard this story. The real villain is definitely the person who brought their infant to a midnight movie . . . as opposed to the maniac that brought an assault rifle and shot up the joint.

          • +1.

            And even if one thinks it’s OK to bring babies or little kids to a movie… a MIDNIGHT movie?? Totally inappropriate; kids should be asleep at that hour!

          • I’d rather banish crazed shooters with guns than babies.

          • +1 was to Anonymous 10:08 and 10:21.

            Marcus Aurelius — Point taken, but just because one is much less bad than the other doesn’t mean that it’s OK.

          • anon. gardener

            +1 to Jack5. to say this is the parents’ fault is absurd. And cruel.

            The parents with the 3 month old baby were probably thrilled to finally get out of the house. and also thinking that they would be up in the middle of the night anyway. do i think it’s a good idea? would i do it? no and no. but have a little sympathy. we are so hard on each other…

          • textdoc – Sorry but there’s no universe in which I’m blaming these parents for their child’s death. I know parents who would drive around in their cars at nights to get their babies to fall asleep. I guess if a drunk driver had plowed into them one night and killed their child, it would have been the parents’ fault for having the child in the car. Read the news and see all of the different places that maniac gunmen have opened fire on innocent people. Would the parents have escaped blame if the guy shot up the McDonald’s they were in at noon – an acceptable hour to have a 3-month old out of the house?

          • Marcus Aurelius, I think you misunderstood me.

            I don’t in any way think the moviegoing parents are to blame for their children’s deaths.

            Taking a child who would/should normally be asleep at that hour to a midnight movie strikes me as somewhat irresponsible parenting. Obviously that pales in comparison to the awfulness of someone killing a bunch of people in cold blood.

          • A midnight movie is the perfect place for a three month old baby. They sleep anywhere, the noise doesn’t particularly bother them, and if they fuss, you put them on the boob. When Irving, Jr. was born, we took him to many a flick — he was much more polite than many patrons are these days. And it’s just about the last chance, for a dozen years or so, for the parents to get out without springing for a babysitter.

          • em

            +1 to Irving Streete. I initially thought “who would bring their baby to a midnight movie?” but then my wife reminded me that (1) babysitters are expensive (especially one that you’d want to babysit during a midnight movie showing) and (2) the baby will probably be asleep anyway.

          • Yes, babysitters are expensive. Having a kid is expensive. Babies in theaters is just plain rude. Just because you think your kid isn’t annoying doesn’t make it so. There is no reason for newborns to be there. If you can’t afford/find a babysitter, stay at home and enjoy the responsibilities of having a child.

        • Clearly a sad situation, the parents are going to have to live with their decision for the rest of their lives..I’m sure they feel pretty awful right now.

        • Marcus Aurelius, I don’t think he used an assault rifle. And most anti-gun people have no idea what an assault rifle really is. It’s a scary sounding term for a weapon that is less dangerous than most hunting rifles.

          • Actually, the CNN article I just read said he had an assault rifle. It’s early. The story can and probably will change. I didn’t post the info to start a debate about assault rifles or gun control. Whatever he used to kill and wound a large number of people, it’s a tragedy.

          • Yeah, he probably didn’t use an assault rifle. By definition, an assault rifle is fully automatic, and while they are legal (though not in DC), they’re not easy to get legally, and are pretty expensive. It was probably a semi-auto copy of a military assault rifle, those are cheap and easy to get. As far as hunting rifles being more dangerous than assault rifles, yeah, whatever.

          • This is kind of silly – Assault rifles are most certainly often as powerful as hunting rifles – it depends entirely on what kind of round the rifle is chambered for. While it’s true there are military assault (fully automatic) rifles with comparitively weak rounds (say, NATO 5.56) versus a 30-06 hunting rifle (say, Remington 700), the amount of damage at close range which can be accomplished by either is enormous and is much more dependent on the fully-automatic nature of the gun.

            So, yeah, in short: the ‘assualt’ bit is relevant and important. It’s not just a function of stupid gun bling.

      • 3 months old is still very young. Sometimes they have strange schedules where they are up at different times and sleep at different times. Also, when they do sleep they can sleep through anything. I’m not saying that I would have taken my kid when he was 3 months old but I don’t think it’s the worst thing in the world. It’s not like the 3 month old could have comprehended what was on the screen.

        • Right, my 3 month old could have slept through damn near anything – a loud theater wouldn’t have even stirred him.

        • Yes, at that age you can often take the kid anywhere: restaurant, movie, it doesn’t matter. They just sleep, and if they stir you just feed them. I wouldn’t have taken my 3-month old to a midnight movie mostly because I couldn’t have stayed up that late, not because I would have thought it inappropriate for the baby.

        • No problem with taking a baby to the movie because the baby probably would sleep through it anyway. Big problem with others telling me how I should manage my kid’s sleep schedule when they know nothing about my life or when my child sleeps, which may be all the time. Sheesh.

    • Incredibly sad. I don’t even know what to wish other than hoping that those who experienced tragedy find comfort somewhere and good health (mental and physical) to those injured.
      Thank you for reminding me to be thankful that my life, while hectic, is definitely peaceful for the moment.

  • Rave: Yummy fresh fruit

    Rant: I usually make my own fruit salad at home or have fresh fruit at the house and bring it into work with me. But on the days I don’t and I desperately need/want fresh fruit, there are no good options I have found! Lunch places charge 5 bucks for a dinky cup of fruit salad… I miss Philly – they had a fruit truck they gave you a massive pile of fruit salad and a banana for $2.50!!

    Rave: Off to see the fam for the weekend. And I made vegan chocolate cupcakes (using avocado!!) for them.

    Rant: Bus ride to Philly in Friday traffic – ugh.

  • WTF is wrong with people? That asshat POS in Colorado deserves a slow, painful, torturous death. Who goes on a rampage like that – and shoots not only innocent people – but a 3 month old child? WTF.

    Any personal rant I may have had today is completely irrelevant, petty, and stupid.

    Thoughts are with the victims and their families. 🙁

    • I feel the same way– it’s tough to be pissy about my unfinished basement getting flooded two and likely three days in a row in light of this. I just will hug my wife and son tighter today.

    • I think the bus bombing in Bulgaria was just as bad. But the media doesn’t care that much about a bunch of dead Israelis.

      • What? I have seen that all aver the news. Plus domestic massacres usually trump overseas news in Bulgaria.

      • Really?? Come on, you gotta be kidding me here. If there is one nationality that gets plenty of coverage here in America (other than us ‘mericans), it is Israelis. As the other anonymous person said, the bus story has been all over the news.

        And yes, as s/he also said, domestic news always trumps international events. (Thankfully) not every day here in the USA are there massacres at movie theaters.

      • If the news doesnt care about dead Israelis, what do you think they do when there are dead Palestinians?

    • This would happen a lot less if the punishment was death by firing squad. We need to institute ironic punishment. It’s not pretty, but it gets a point across.

      • Allison

        I’m not really sure that would work. Most people who engage in this kind of behavior are bat shit crazy– i.e. consequences mean nothing. He didn’t even put up a fight to being arrested. The only thing on their mind is completing the mission, not whatever happens afterward.

      • When someone goes off the edge, the last thing they think about is their punishment.

        • …and if I remember correctly, almost in every case they end up killing themselves after shooting people…

          • I think you’re right – but oddly enough this guy didn’t off himself, neither did the guy who shot Gabby Giffords, or the guy who went apeshit in Norway. These people (all rampage shooters) obviously have serious psychological problems, but I think those that don’t kill themselves are beyond sociopathic – almost like they are completely reveling in what they did and want to witness the fallout/aftermath. Who knows. Regardless, the whole situation (and others similar to this) is horribly sad.

        • Not for the person the example is made of, but for other potential offenders obviously… most of these people would be deterred if they knew they wouldn’t get to see their fame, and if they would have a brutal punishment for harming innocent people. I’m pretty sure that among the loved ones of the victims, there would be someone who would even want to carry out the punishment themselves. It’s not easy to say this, but a different approach has to be taken to stop these kinds of incidents.

          • I guess I will repeat it again for you, there is no deterrent for someone who is going off the deep end. You are assuming they are thinking rationally. You really believe they are thinking about their punishment for committing horrific acts?

  • Rant: Being given nearly impossible projects at work without any kind of support. I love solving problems, but I’m constantly given projects that take weeks to resolve, they’re stressful and complicated. Almost think I’m assigned because someone wants me to fail. It’s much harder to earn a bigger check because people make you work for every extra penny.

    Rave: One day I’ll retire and move somewhere that makes all my wasted younger years mean something. O_o

  • Rant: flooding in my basement apartment. So far two days in a row…today’s flash flood warnings will probably push us to an all-time winning streak of three days in a row!

    Rave: Closing on a house next week! It can’t flood if you live above ground, right?

  • RANT: Really feeling down today. I’m having money issues and health problems. I’m tired of being single…my phone never rings. I’m so sick of being happy on the outside and unhappy inside knowing things are going on with my life.

    • I’ve been there, Anonymous. In fact, I’m halfway there right now. Aside from being relatively healthy and not single (although I may as well be)…life is frustrating and feels pretty pathetic. But I will hang out with you! 🙂

  • Rave: Utopia Nails and Spa opening at 14th and Quincy! I am so excited! Been waiting for a nail salon to move into the neighborhood.

  • Rave: PoP’s Calendar Pick from yesterday was for a Hardcore Show. Said Hardcore show was absolutely fantastic. Thanks for supporting Hardcore PoP!
    Rant: Colorado. That state can’t catch a break these days.

  • anon. gardener

    Annoying: people who let their kids eat stuff while they shop in the grocery store. If you haven’t paid for that granola bar/ package of cookies , it’s not yours. this is called stealing. i’m pretty sure your little darling can wait half an hour. you will be teaching them discipline and respect, and we won’t have to walk through the crumbs.

    also annoying: when i stand up on the bus to let the person next to me exit, and another person pushes past me to grab the empty seat. I am obviously not exiting the bus – can you give me two seconds? there are two seats, they are not going to disappear.

    The lack of manners in this world, I tell you.

    Rave: lights are going up in Sherman Circle. My Whole Foods bunch of flowers still look beautiful 4 days later. It is Friday. I am alive.

    • “Annoying: people who let their kids eat stuff while they shop in the grocery store. If you haven’t paid for that granola bar/ package of cookies , it’s not yours. this is called stealing. i’m pretty sure your little darling can wait half an hour. you will be teaching them discipline and respect, and we won’t have to walk through the crumbs.”

      This is kind of a ridiculous thing to get upset about. If it’s packaged and you’re paying for the whole lot, then I think it’s fine. It’s not great, but you do have to understand that kids will have a meltdown if they’re hungry and don’t get something right away. The problem is when people eat from the bulk section or hot/salad bar. That’s STEALING. I don’t understand how people can do that.

      • thebear

        I never took my kids to the supermarket without feeding them a full meal first. Other parents would ask me why mine weren’t have meltdowns over wanting everything they saw. More than a few of them told me I was a nutcase or that I was somehow abusing them by depriving them of a childhood pleasure. WTF? And, that was the late 1970s/early 1980s. Nowadays, I want to slap the parents when I see kids eating not-yet-purchased food, or whose brats are out of control.

      • anon. gardener

        I didn’t say I was angry or pissed. I was annoyed. There is a difference. And to Criminal Defense Attorney below, I don’t really mean stealing in a legal way, I mean stealing in a moral way. I have respect for the store that is selling a product. It is not mine until I have paid for it. The underlying attitude, which i realize people may not give much thought to, is what bothers me.

        People grazing in the produce section are much worse – in addition to stealing, they raise prices for all of us.

        • “I don’t really mean stealing in a legal way, I mean stealing in a moral way.” Whatever the heck that’s supposed to mean. As for the store, they want to make money, and I really don’t think they care when the food is consumed, as long as it’s paid for.

          • anon. gardener

            It may or may not be legal to eat your snack in the grocery store before you pay for it – if you intend to pay, then you can argue it isn’t shoplifting, but no one knows your intentions but you. So legally we are in a gray area. Morally, however, we all know we should pay for something before we consume it – it is the right thing to do. That is what I mean by morally wrong.

            I could list a bunch of reasons why it is not desirable to eat before you pay in a grocery store, but what’s the point: there seem to be two camps here, for and against, and I doubt they can be reconciled. By which I mean, of course, I doubt I can convince you that I am right. Secure in my moral rectitude, I really don’t care if other people graze like cattle as they shop. But I do find it annoying.

      • My dad used to make me and my sister go grocery shoping with him, first thing on Saturday mornings. We hated it, but I can’t say we ever had a desire to eat anything while we were in the store.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I have fond memories of eating bananas as a kid while my parent’s shopped. Way back then, you could get your produced weighed and a price sticker slapped on it in the produce section. The ‘rents would do that, give me a banana and I was entertained by the food, then the peel (my pet octopus) for the rest of the shopping trip.

      • This is exactly what my mom did. I can’t believe I ever liked eating those unripe green bananas!

    • Um, it’s only stealing if you don’t pay for it. I give my kid food in the grocery store. I eat food in the grocery store. I always pay, and the store never seems to have a problem with it. Apparently, the only people who care are the random pissy customers who need to find things to get upset about that are really none of their business.

      • You eat stuff in the grocery store? Thats bizarre.

        And its not yours till you pay for it. It doesnt matter if its stealing. Its just not yours.

        • em

          I’ve drank or eaten something in the store then paid when I got to the checkout line. The cashier has never even given me so much as an eyeroll (although they do offer to throw away the wrapper or empty bottle). I don’t make a habit of it, but sometimes you really do need something right away (hungry, thirsty, or about to pass out from low blood sugar). Not everyone can eat a full meal before going grocery shopping – it may be more convenient to go on the way home from work or the gym. It’s better to eat a little something to tame the hungry beast (you or your child) and spend an extra $1 than to shop hungry and spend an extra $10-$20 on impulse buy food.

      • you can’t pay for items that are priced by weight if you’ve already eaten them. that’s stealing/shoplifting/whatever.

        • I never said anything about consuming products that are sold by weight. I don’t do that. In fact, I plainly said that I pay for what I and my kid consume, which is only possible if it is not sold by weight.

      • +100 to KenyonDweller

        But oh, that’s right, it’s so gross, eww so gross, to watch my toddler and I eat a cookie each out of a pack of cookies in our shopping cart while we shop. Eww, people eating, eww. Immoral, indecent, rude, maybe even illegal. Right. I didn’t know you felt this strongly about it. Maybe give me a good glare next time you see me do that, and my toddler might offer you a cookie to cheer you up. It’ll make the cashier giggle.

        I know from experience that Giant, Safeway, Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s do not give a crap if you open a package of snacks while you shop and pay it on your way out.

    • It not stealing. What you are describing would be covered under shoplifting DC Code 22-3213. Its only shoplifting if the person didn’t intend to pay for it. See Id.

    • I agree – I see this often. First, if you must eat in the store you should pay for what you are eating, then do you shopping and pay again. It teaches children “you pay and then you enjoy” – aside from that, eating in the store is RUDE – as well as being on your cell phone ESPECIALLY when you checking out – basic manners and common(sense) curtosity seem no longer to exist. Keep in mind, no matter where you are, what you are wearing, driving, etc…some of us still see “trash” for who they are and there is no hiding those of us who were raised with manners.

      • anon. gardener

        a little harsh, but amen. self-control, restraint, and good manners – things we all could use a little more of.

      • +100

        If you can’t wait 20 minutes to get out of the grocery store to gorge yourself, you need to eat before you go. No one wants to see you eating in the store, it is gross.

  • Rant: Why does American tolerate so many guns and bullets? It’s really awful here.

    • The Second Amendment gives us the right to bear arms.

      • Yes. However I don’t think that explains the hard-on for living like Yosemite Sam that is pretty prevalent in American culture.

      • thebear

        I have absolutely no issue with owning arms to protect yourself and your property. I have serious issue with enabling/allowing people who have no such intentions to obtain them.

      • If everyone in that theater were bearing arms, it never would have happened, right?

        • pablo .raw

          Apparently that guy hurt like 70 people I guess because he was using semi-automatic weapons. I think the size of the guns people should be allowed to carry must be revised.

      • The second amendment was adopted in 1791. Are the needs of the people now really the same of the needs of the people then?? Probably not. I really don’t think we all need to have the right to have guns to protect ourselves, when really they are doing more harm than good.

        • I’ve always found the placement of the Third Amendment interesting. It’s no wonder these people wanted the right to bear arms when the British government was forcing the military into their homes and doing god knows what to their wives and daughters. So, I guess my point is, yes, things are a lot different now than in the 18th century, and our Constitution can and should reflect that.

    • such a helpful, thoughtful comment.

    • For the same reason we tolerate freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of the press, etc.

      • Yes, guns are exactly the same as speech and religion. You just articulated exactly what’s wrong with this country.

        • Do a little research on gun control. Some major gun control laws are heavily rooted in racism.

        • Read the Constitution!

          • Unlike the laws of physics which cannot be changed, the constitution can and has been amended multiple times. I swear I have never been to another country that hold on to their constitution so feverishly – if it doesn’t apply to modern times (slavery, women voting, bearing arms, etc) – change it, it is yours to change.

          • +1 to maria. yup – if the constitution wasn’t intended to be a living document, slavery would exist and women couldn’t vote. so there’s definitely precedent (as if we need it) to address the 2nd amendment.

          • I love how all the foreigners come out of the woodwork when something like this happens to patronize to all us stupid americans what’s wrong with our country. glad you all have an excuse to feel superior today. you’re obnoxious.

          • Anonymous, no one is patronizing anyone, we – foreigners and american citizens alike – are just pointing out that perhaps if the gun control laws were different, some of these horrible tragedies could be prevented.

          • Didn’t something similar happen in Norway last year? Or Finland and Germany a couple of years back?

          • maria, I’m letting you know how it feels, as an american. I’ve noticed that you have had a tone in some of your past comments where you like to compare where you’re from or other countries you’ve visited to make an argument that the way we do things here is inferior. I’m just telling you that it comes off as obnoxious. if you’re living here, you should try to change things instead of sitting back and criticizing. but who knows, maybe you do. obviously america is f***ed up, (how utterly tedious to point it out), but I’ve travelled the world and it’s not as f***ed up as many other countries. I’m american and I don’t think citizens should be able to own guns, but this is a large and complex issue that none of the comments here have really acknowledged.

          • additionally, this issue is so much larger than gun control. sane people don’t massacre people in a movie theater because they’re not nuts. not because they don’t have access to guns. society ignores people who are suffering from mental illness and show signs of violence. there are always many warning signs of something like this happening, and the first step here should be to quell the talk of “nobody saw it coming” and “he was just a quiet, polite guy”. it NEVER comes out of nowhere.

  • Allison

    Rave: Friday. Husband cooked dinners *all week* and they were delicious! Saved me much stress the past few evenings.

    Rant: Scary thunderstorm made sleeping difficult last night. >_<

  • Rant: Now that I know I’m leaving my grumpiness about my current job (one more week) is escalating. I don’t want to do anything for anyone, and it’s hard to temper that, given how I’ve been treated here.

    Rave: Security clearance paperwork is done. So annoying, especially having a foreign SO.

    Rave: That thunderstorm last night was really soothing to watch, and reminded me of growing up in Tampa, lightning capital of North America.

    • You don’t have the, “Who cares? I’m outta here in ___ days!!” fever going on? And one more week? That should be a breeze. My last employer held me 30 days before I could leave (one downside to being a fed employee).

      • Oh I absolutely do, especially after finding out the infinitely better deal they are giving to the person replacing me after telling me they couldn’t hire me full time for NINE months. I truly could not care less, and although I’m not usually one to cry sexism, this place is bordering on that. Every office I’ve ever been into, whether working there, visiting, doing business, etc. has had both male and female assistants, but here it is seriously considered “woman’s work” and that infuriates me to no end. I wish I had the balls to just quit on the spot next week, but I did the courteous thing and gave notice.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: No hot water in my apartment this morning, so my day is not off to a great start.

    Rave: I didn’t get shot at while trying to enjoy a movie last night, so really no hot water is not a big deal.

  • Revel: Friendly tourists on the metro platform asking the locals for information, and the locals being friendly and helpful right back at them. That’s how it’s supposed to work.

  • thebear

    Rant: The tragedy in Colorado. I put much of the blame on anyone who suspected this guy was a danger but did nothing to intervene when they could.

    Rant: My impatiens fell victim to the outrageous heat.

    Rant: I just haven’t had much to rave about lately.

  • Rant: Finally came up with the courage to call back HR to asking about the ‘status’ of one of my job interviews (after interviewing over 4 weeks ago). Her reply was: ‘Oh, it has been filled by an internal candidate. Didn’t you get the email?’ OBVIOUSLY I did not.

    Rave: Batman IMAX

    Rant: Why can’t I seem to find any happiness or job satisfaction? Of the two interviews I’ve had recently, they BOTH went with internal candidates. Why can’t someone take a chance on me?

    • Hang in there! I was unemployed for 18 months. I got a job when someone “took a chance” on me. I never thought it would happen but it did. Keep the faith!

  • claire

    Rave: Friday! So looking forward to this weekend.

    Rave/Rant: Two birthday parties to attend tomorrow, but neither are for a close friend (one for the girlfriend of a friend of my boyfriend, and one for a roommate’s friend who lives nearby). They’ll both be fun, and usually I feel good after these sort of events, provided that I can find a couple people to chat with, but rawwwr social anxiety at the thought of going.

    Rave: New laptop arrives today!

    • Yeah I know that feeling of having social anxiety in that kind of social situation. Liquid courage, my friend 😉

  • alxindc

    RAVE: Found this amazing future beats/post-dubstep/UK Bass mixtape on soundcloud. Making the rush project fly by at 130bpm. Free. Like socialism for the music-loving masses.

  • pablo .raw

    Rave (because I don’t know if it is or will be a rant): I’m literally on steroids.

  • rant: there was an ABC7 truck parked in front of Boundry Stone last night, before it rained, hoping to get a good shot in case of more flooding. ITS LIKE THEY WANT IT BLOOMINGDALE TO FLOOD

    rave: bloomingdale did not flood

    double rave: i was at boundry stone because I was having a bad week and friends came over to take me out. Just what I needed. Ended up being one of those fantastic random nights where you realize how lucky you are to have a good life.

  • RANT: If eliminating guns for law abiding citizens is the answer to taking care of the murder problem, then I guess it will be logical that eliminating cars for people that do not drink will take care of the drunk driving problem.

    • Of course that’s not the answer! But your comparison is not quite the same. We have speed limits, car registrations, insurance, renewal of licenses, and potential to lose a license for breaking rules. The privilege to drive is highly regulated.

      • Maria — I’m sure the first thing a criminal thinks about before he/she steals a car is ” Oh boy!! I sure hope the owners of this car have it registered and have their insurance paid.”

        • My bad – I thought you were talking about drunk driving, and I pointed out that one would lose their license/have their insurance go up/etc if they were a DUI offender.

    • Cars have a purpose other than killing or injuring people.

      • …..but cars with drunk drivers behind the wheel do not.

        • Right, because the drunk person’s intention was to go kill someone, not get home? Nevermind the fact that people do drive drunk all the time without hurting anyone? Not that I’m supporting it, but your statement is just plain silly.

    • If you got rid of cars the economy would immediately collapse because 95% of Americans wouldn’t be able to get to their jobs. If you got rid of guns….. ?

    • Anonymous at 12:58, watching you play logic games with these people is hilarious. Your first statement was clever- so clever that I don’t think the responding commenters get it. I salute you.

  • claire

    New rant for the day: DC DPW changed the site for distributing sandbags for Bloomingdale residents from 2nd & Bryant NW (i.e. in Bloomingdale) to RFK stadium (i.e. miles from Bloomingdale). What are they thinking??

    • They had traffic concerns with the location. Please explain why your life is somehow made worse by going to RFK.

    • They made the change because there were already too many old bags at the first location.

    • The email I got said that RFK is the distribution point for “District residents”. I understand that Bloomingdale residents probably need the sandbags more than most, but the distribution is not just for Bloomingdale residents.

  • Rant: Rain water inundating the sewer system makes me sad.
    Rant: My apartment being covered in raw sewage makes me sad.
    Rant: My apartment being covered in raw sewage two days in a row makes me sad.
    Rant: My apartment being covered in raw sewage three times in 10 days makes me sad.
    Rant: The possibility of my apartment being covered in raw sewage for a third day in a row with the incoming storm makes me want to give up on life.

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