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You can talk about whatever is on your mind โ€“ quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct peopleโ€™s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or rejoice about daily life in DC.

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  • msmaryedith

    Revel: Family in town this weekend (one had never been to DC before)–went to US Capitol, Library of Congress, Mount Vernon, Arlington National Cemetery, Air and Space Museum, American History Museum, walking tours of the White House, the Vietnam, Korean, WWII & Iwo Jima Memorials, the Lincoln, Jefferson and MLK Memorials, and ate at Bagels & Baguettes, Old Ebbitt, Society Fair, Founding Farmers, Tabard Inn, and Bistro Cacao. It’s kind-of fun playing tourist in your own city!

    Rant: I’m exhausted!

    • Holy cow! I’m exhausted just reading your itinerary ๐Ÿ™‚ Sounds like an awesome weekend!

      • My girlfriend’s relatives from India saw 1/10th as much in the two months they were here. They think my parents and I are insane for packing in as much as we do when they’re here, but we don’t do nearly as much as you!

        • msmaryedith

          Well my uncle is 61 so I figured it might be his only trip and needed to see as much as possible. He and my aunt were awesome about being up for anything, and I tried to drive and park kinda close to the monuments (and we went to them at night) to keep them from dying in the heat. But they were total troopers ๐Ÿ™‚ I think when you view it as a “once in a lifetime” thing you feel more inclined to pack it all in.

  • Rant: Totally stressing out about the final approvals needed for our mortgage. Our mortgage lender just asked for our homeowners policy information after a painful round of reviewing my guy’s school loans, so hopefully that means we’re nearing the end! I’ve been a ball of nerves the past week—only one more week of these knots in my stomach!!

    Rant: getting overloaded at work.
    Rave: but that means more billable time!

    • we just refinanced — banks are now seeking a TON of information. our original loan was tough, our 1st refinance was cake, but the 2nd refinance seemed even tougher than the original loan (back in 2006). it’s a good thing (big picture) – but i know how frustrating it can be. hang in there!

      • We’re refinancing right now. Before we applied I pulled up the list of documents we needed for the original loan (early 2011) and got those together so we’d be ahead of the game. But it turned out the lenders require twice as much stuff now. The savings will be well worth the hassle though.

      • Yeah, things have defintely changed. In 3 prior refinancings the appraisal consisted of photos of my house, or the building my co-op was in, along with a list of neighborhood comps. What surprised me about my last refinance was not getting a call from the appraiser, but the appraiser telling me he had to come to my house and actually look inside of it. And that’s what he did – took measurements, pictures; asked questions about work that had been done. I joked with him about it and he said they are not doing any more “drive by” appraisals – which is a good thing actually.

    • Keep your head up for sure. Everything they ask for and provide, is another step in the process. We got approved for loan docs last night (whoop whoop! 15 years at 2.875% and rolling student loans into the mortgage) and are getting ready to schedule closing. Try not to be too nervous, it will all work out (hopefully!)

    • Good luck! I just went through this and it is crazy stressful. I felt like I didn’t know everything was okay until the Friday before we closed on a Monday. I couldn’t believe how much documentation they needed.

      • Thanks for the support, internet-peeps! We just purchased our homeowners policy about 5 minutes ago, so I hope (ihopeihopeihopeihopeihope) we’re done with documentation for now. I think they’ll just pull our credit one more time before we close next Friday, the 27th! And we’re getting a relatively incredible rate 3.375% for 30 years!

  • RANT: Guy on Metro this morning wearing his huge backpack then got an attitude when people bumped into him (his backpack) trying to get on/off the train. Take your backpack off jackass so people can get around you and then people will not bump into you!!

    • haha back packs and white sneakers. C’mon DC have a little self respect.

    • As a young woman who brings a backpack to work everyday with my: work, lunch, & gym clothes, it’s really hard to not bump into people! Trust me, if I could afford a gym locker/eating out every day, I would just to avoid the hostility of people on the commute….

      • have you tried taking the backpack off and putting it between your feet?

        • austindc

          Agreed, I believe proper train and bus etiquette is to take off your backpack and hold it in front of you or put it between your feet. Added bonus: you can keep an eye on it to make sure no one is trying to rifle through your stuff.

          Also, I love my backpack. I don’t care that I look like I am going to school.

        • Oh yes, whenever I can, I do. However, my morning commute in particular is on a very crowded bus, one where there is standing room only until my stop. I can’t take my backpack off then with all the people getting on/off the bus because I’m equally in the way. Hence the dilemma; no matter what I do I’m in the way. Oy. Sorry fellow commuters.

      • Then take your backpack off and put between your feet. To stand there and block others with your backpack is rude and inconsiderate. You aren’t the only one on the train/bus……just plain rude!!!!!

        • i’m not saying you have to stand there like a statue, if you need to move you have arms to pick it up. In fact you probably should pick it up each time the metro stops to be prepared (depending on where you are standing)

          • Right, but when a bus has stops every block or 2 then no matter what you do you’re going to get people mad. If my bag’s on the floor, people say it’s a tripping hazard no matter how quickly I move it so they can get off the bus, and if I wear it, then it’s still in the way. Seriously, no good solution.

        • 1. Since I bring my lunch to work and I only have a gym membership at the YMCA because I qualify for a scholarship, what makes you think I can afford to ride Metro, ever? Ha.

          2. And yes, of course I block the aisle on the bus because only 1 person at a time can stand there anyway, backpack or not! Of course I move around as best I can to not get in the way of those around me getting on/off the bus. Gosh, I’m not a jerk!

  • claire

    Rave: Got to check out Big Bear’s new dinner menu last night, and it was very tasty! A couple small missteps, but I loved that the food was exactly what I like to cook and eat (flavorful and healthy). I also really like the evening atmosphere they have going on. (Disclaimer: two of my roommates work at Big Bear.)

    Rant: Middle of the week slump. Feeling very unmotivated.
    Rave: It’s not even 10:30 so I can still turn the day around!

  • Rant: People in my family sometimes tell little white lies that involve me and then I am supposed to play dumb or go along with it and if I screw up suddenly I am the a**hole. Don’t lie people. Life is too complicated to add deception to the mix of crap we have to deal with.

    • Supplemental rant: While on a plane this weekend this lady gets all salty and gives me attitude because my bag was in the overhead bin over her seat and she, a late arriver, had no space for her bag. These aren’t reserved bins lady. Plus, over my seat was all the flight attendant crap. I am not sure what is wrong with people and why so many feel no obligation not to act like snottly little sh*ts to perfect strangers.

      • Had that woman never flown before? I can’t remember the last time I was able to stow my bag directly overhead. I start keeping my eyes peeled when I get a few rows ahead of my seat because it’s easier to retrieve it if you’re not going against the flow later.

  • Rant: Work is boring this week.

    RAVE: Leaving for my bachelor party in one day!

  • rant: half of my team at work has a crappy work ethic. I can handle a lot of things at work, but once I realize that a few people aren’t even trying while I bust my ass and stay late and actually do my job, I can’t deal. since our director is one of those people, spending her day gossiping and having unnecessary meetings, there is no way I can change it.

    rave: either I’m out in a few months because I’m pregnant, or if god forbid I miscarry again I’m confident I can find a new job.

  • alxindc

    Rave: Assateague is nice, and not too far from DC.
    Rave: Hump Day.

    • pablo .raw

      I love Assateague, I love to take photos of the horses. What I don’t like is that on sunny days, it’s hard to find shelter and with the light colored sand the reflection bothers me a little bit. Next time I’ll go to Chincoteague!.

    • Is there a better place to spend hump day than a place called Assateague? I think not!

    • Just got back from an annual enormous group camping trip at Assateague – the water is perfect temp. and hardly any mosquitoes!

      Actually bailed out of the tent camping part this year (due to a friend getting over radiation) and found a great old motel & cottages just 15 min. drive. On Rt. 50, just before the turnoff to Assateague. Called Long Acres – 2 bedroom cottages with kitchenette and little porch for $150.00. Motel rooms for around $90.00. Sweetest old lady runs the place. It is absolutely a bit old and worn, but clean and peaceful and a great location for Assateague.

  • Rave: Nationals win last night.
    Rave: Skipping out of work early tomorrow to catch the matinee game and then off Friday. Nice long weekend with (hopefully) beautiful weather!

    • That win last night was awesome!!

    • Great ending to the game. However, I really felt bad for Detwiler. he pitched his butt off last night only to have Clippard blow the lead. I know that is part of the game, but it was a shame.

  • Rant: Dealing with a disappointed and frustrating Mom. She planned an inaccessible family vacation for a time that didn’t work for me and my husband (no PTO, rental starts on mid-day Saturday so no weekend potential). And now she’s making me feel like crap for not being there the whole week – I’m leaving the country on Wednesday, I want to be there but she knew in the beginning it was going to be hard. So we’re making a 12 hour round trip trek this weekend to appease her. Ugh.

    Rave: I’m psyched to hang with my bros, who just want to see me and hang. So that’s cool.

    Rant: Work is insane right now, I’d love to take a week off to hang down the shore with the fam.

    Rave: Three weeks in Benin and Ghana starts next Wednesday for work – at least I’ll be busy in an interesting location!

  • Rant: Last night between 10pm on Tuesday, July 18th and this morning, someone snapped a young street tree in half at 22nd and N Street NW. This tree had been regularly watered and maintained by the neighbors of the block for the past two years. So frustrating. What is wrong with people?

    • austindc

      Maybe it was a car accident? Sorry to hear about the tree though. Call DDOT and get a new one! Sounds like you are one of the few people in town who cares for their tree!

  • Rave: I put in my notice today! Last day here is next Friday! The woman I gave notice to said “oh your new job isn’t exactly international affairs now is it?” since she knew that’s what I was looking for. Uhh, lady, did you not just hear me say Afghanistan and international financial transactions???

    Rant: My boyfriend is terrible about cleaning up after himself. But I can’t even be mad about that now.

  • Rant/Rave: Leaving Uganda. Not sure if/when I’ll be back, which is kind of sad because I’ve made a lot of good friends here. That said, today I had one of those days where absolutely nothing works the way it should–phones were down, internet was down, couldn’t get cash out, got stuck in nightmare traffic, missed a meeting, etc etc etc. Which made me appreciate being on my way back to where things work most of the time. That, and I’m missing my man.

  • Did my first spin class a couple days ago. It was a great workout, but I was aching and bleeding “down there” and it’s not time for my period. The pain and bleeding have stopped now but I’m not sure if this is normal and if I should take another class.

    • I have never been to a spin class but I am going to say this is NOT normal and you should maybe go to a doctor.

      • Vigorous exercise can make the period come back, especially if your body isn’t used to it.

      • Well, my doctor’s booked until late September and I’m not sure this qualifies as an emergency.

        • pablo .raw

          I go to Medics USA (there’s one in Dupont and one in Co. Heights) and my understanding is that they take walk in patients. In fact, they looked at me on Monday without an appointment.

          • Do NOT go to Medics USA. That place sucks big time. They will give you bad advice, and they’ll charge you a ton and come after you when your insurance rejects it.

            CALL your doctor and say it is an urgent situation. If they won’t squeeze you in, get a new doctor. An ER visit would be better than Medics USA.

          • I agree – wouldn’t recommend Medics US.

          • pablo .raw

            Wow, I’ve been going there for years and never had a problem….

          • anon. gardener

            Totally agree about Medics USA in Dupont – they are terrible! I went there with what was clearly a sinus infection -office nurse confirmed it – all i wanted was antibiotics. Simple. Instead I got belittled and snarked at by a physician’s assistant, who told me i didn’t need antibiotics, raged about unreasonable people asking her for medication, and told me Don’t come back to me when this doesn’t work and makes you more sick. I complained at the front desk, and they looked at me blankly and did nothing. Bunch of jerks.

            it is a good idea to see your doctor. Pain should never be ignored.

          • They certainly shouldn’t have been nasty about it, but they were actually right about antibiotics and sinus infection.

        • Does your insurance company have a nurse hotline that you can call?

        • What about your OBGYN? If you called them to tell them the problem, surely someone would see you asap. If not, perhaps you need a new obgyn…

        • check out the clinic in noma – they will get you in right away.

          • +1 Very good care, new and modern facilities, great staff. They took good care of my roommate when he was ill.

        • Try Reiter and Hill (one in Dupont, and one in Chevy Chase, both off the metro). I see a nurse practioner (her name is Sharon Frisch) and I never have problems getting appointments. Plus, she’s nicer and more direct than your typical doctor.

    • I agree you should get it checked out right away. It’s probably nothing, but if you don’t normally have bleeding it’s best to see what’s going on. Do you regularly have bleeding around ovulation? Do you typically have normal cycles?

  • Rant: Sherman Avenue has got to be the worst street renovation project I’ve ever seen. Seeing how they’ve lined the street with obstacles and serious ruts it’s no wonder why it’s not done yet. That street has always been horrible. I need to mentally block it out of my mind as a viable route so I never make the mistake of turning onto it again.

    Rave: Completed closing on my 203k! Ready to get to work! It has been a very long and paperwork filled 80 days! Now I have debt for the rest of my life to keep me warm, but at least I’ll have a new house out of the deal!

    • 2nd that rant… try being a bus commuter! One day my stop’s accessible, the next it’s not, and every time the bus driver tells us to stand somewhere else, etc…. oy vey. I need to take the 64 instead of the 63; just wish it cam more frequently! WMATA should have done a better job of informing bus riders what to do when their bus stop is blocked by construction/given a head’s up as to what dates the bus stop is inaccessible…

    • ooh, you’ll have to write back in when your renos are done with before and after pics! My husband and I considered doing a 203k but got discouraged by the process. congrats!

      • I did a 203k for a rowhouse in Bloomingdale last year. Yes, it was a laborious process, but totally worth it considering we wanted the home as a place to live AND an investment. 203 let us build out our basement to a nice 2 bedroom apt that now pays half our mortgage! The key is getting a good 203 contractor. The bank we used (BoA) recommend some that we hated and if we had stayed with them it would have been a much different story. Good luck!

        • Thanks folks, I will put up pictures, we’ve got a pretty extensive plan, that will likely take 6 months. 203k was the only way for me to go at this point in order to get a full reno done. I think I’ve got a pretty good General Contractor and a good HUD Consultant. I’ll keep yall posted!

  • Rant: Waiting 25 mins for the G2 this morning.

    Rave: The bus that finally did come was a big one, and was cool and not crowded.

    Rave: Hump day.

    Rant: Actually not looking forward to Friday (at least the work day part of it). I hate busy stressful Fridays.

    Rant: Negative thinking.

  • Rant: I’m in a very confusing situation right now that is causing me a lot of stress. I want to do the right thing but I’m not really sure what the right thing is.

    Rave: Friday is almost here.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Had to get to work 1 1/2 earlier than usual to teach a training class. Most of the students rolled in 30-45 minutes late.

    Rave: On my way to work had time to appreciate the many lurem gardens full of sunflowers and what I think were orange cosmos flowers on Calvert.

  • Rave – FRINGE FESTIVAL! Saw my first show last night – very funny. “All-Nude College-Girl Revue or Why I can’t Pass the Vetting.” 4 more performances this week. Plus the tent bar is really fun – tons of people in an atmosphere that is really suited to talking and meeting new people. The performers come around and pitch their shows – we got one to sing a little opera from his show for us. “Children in the Mist: A Horror Opera” which is conveniently at Gala Theatre – only 2 more shows for that, tonight & Sat.

    Check out the Fringe! http://capfringe.org/

  • rant: this weather. I know complaining about it is getting old, but this is the pits. I hate summer.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I love summer, but this weather is the pits.

    • VYVYAN: One of the great things about summer is tea on the lawn. Unless you’re an ant, in which case, it’s a real bottomer.

      NEIL: No, Vvyyan, it’s a bummer. Summer is a bummer.

      RICK: Oh, God, Neil, you’re such a killjoy, aren’t you? Hey, everyone, I’ll bet I know what Neil writes in public lavatories. [scribbles in the air] Look out, Killjoy was here!

      NEIL: Yeah, yeah, that’s a really good idea. Let’s all bring Neil down. That’d relieve the boredom.

      VYVYAN: [stands] OK. Shut up Neil, you ugly poo-faced git! [turns] Your turn, Michael.

      MIKE: Oh, thanks, Vyv. Alright, what’s ugly, smelly, boring, and is standing in front of me called Neil?

      NEIL: Me.

      MIKE: Perfectly correct.

      NEIL: You all really hate me, don’t you?

      VYVYAN & MIKE: [together] Yes.

      RICK: [nods] Yes we do, Neil. That is, when we can remember who you are. Ummmmm…..thig-a-ma-jig!

      [laughs at his own joke]

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: I finally brought my scarf to work today.
    Rant: Do I need to say it?

  • Rant: the old trick of going to get your car inspected mid-morning, mid-week, mid-month seems to have lost its flair. Took me an hour and 10 minutes—not awful, but not great.

    Rave: My 15-year-old car passed!

    • Did you make an appointment? I’ve been VERY happy with the appointment system.

      • No, I just think I’m so clever so I don’t think of things like making an appointment. Of course, then I find out that either I am not clever or everyone else is just as clever, so I sit in line and fume and breathe fumes. ; )

  • Rant: People need to keep their dogs on a shorter leash when walking them on a sidewalk. I am a runner, and I frequently need to dodge snapping or curious dogs while on a run, and it can be frightening and/or dangerous. Also annoying: tourists who walk 3-4 people abreast. I shouldn’t have to run into the street to avoid stopping. Usually saying “Excuse Me” is enough, but still annoying!

    • Well, most animals get scared when another animal is running full speed at them. I do the best I can when I walk mine, but they’re going to bark and lunge at you no matter what.

      • Um, no. I can’t believe you’d think it’s acceptable to have a dog who is so ill trained that it lunges at runners.


        • I’ll admit, I get startled and jumpy when someone comes running towards me. Does that mean I’m ill trained?

        • You’re making the mistake of anthropomorphizing dogs. I don’t think it’s acceptable either, but what can you do about it? That’s like kindly asking your dog not to scratch himself in public. From the dog’s perspective I’d be scared of somoene running too. Their brains are not sophisticated enough to understand that a human might do this activity for fun and not because they’re running towards prey or away from a predator.

      • One of my dogs is guilty of this; she’s small and naturally skittish. I’ve been doing desensitivity training but unfortunately it only makes her comfortable with ME running up to her, not strangers. I’m not sure how you train this quality out of them… doggie hypnosis, maybe?

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