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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or rejoice about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Breaking Bad returns Sunday night.

  • msmaryedith

    Rant: My newish neighbors have been letting their nanny park in the space we share in our (private) alley. Each house has a designated space (we have half yard/half paved space that is fenced in), but the openings in the fence allow for a single car to park in between every two houses. So now the nanny is ALWAYS parked there when we get home, meaning my roommate and I never have access to it. The neighbors have been in the house several months and still have their Virginia plates, and the nanny has Maryland ones. I’m tempted to call parking enforcement but I’d have to sign off on a ticket since it’s a private alley and it seems majorly bitchy to do so. Doesn’t help that the neighbors are completely rude (they looked at me like I had four heads when I went over to say “hello” when they moved in, and just ignore me if I smile or wave to them now).

    Rave: Leaving early today to play tour guide to visiting relatives for the weekend!

    • Couldn’t you try to talk to them? Is the nanny’s car always there and it never moves, for example on the weekend?

      • msmaryedith

        No, they do a nanny-share and she actually works across the street at another neighbor’s house (where she watches both kids). She arrives just after I leave in the morning, but she doesn’t leave until after both my roommate and I get home. It is just annoying to deal with–when you have groceries or lots to carry in, it’s frustrating to see that the space is taken up by a car with out-of-state tags.

        Honestly, given how rude they have been when I have talked to them and how they tend to just look away when I’m being friendly and wave or say “hi,” I don’t really want to confront them. And they could get her a visitor’s parking pass, but not unless they get their OWN car properly registered in DC.

        • But calling the cops on their nanny will somehow improve your relationship with them?

          • Sounds like the goal here is to not have the shared space used by an always-present out-of-state vehicle rather than improving the bad or non-existent relationship with the neighbor.

          • I think gdopplerxt hit the nail on the head.

          • msmaryedith

            Exactly, gdopplerxt. I think that they have already shown they have no interest in being neighborly (even their parents are rude when they’re in town!). I don’t think there is any way I can approach it with them directly without furthering a pretty bad relationship. I welcomed them to the neighborhood, introduced myself, and smile and wave when driving past them and say hi when I happen to see them outside. They just tend to pretend I’m not there.

            I just wish we had access to the space at least some of the time. We pay to live here; the nanny does not. If the neighbors had two cars and were also sharing that space, it would not bother me as much. It’s a girl who drives in from Maryland, parks in our space, then walks a half block to another house to work. And the neighbors have been there about 5 months and still haven’t registered their own car in DC, so I can’t help but feel a little frustrated that we are the ones who end up parked far away.

        • They don’t need to have their car registered to get her a visitor’s parking permit, just proof of residency.

        • They can get her a visitor pass for 2 weeks only, unless you live in one of the few areas of the city with their own parking regs. Those passes are intended for actual visitors (the kind who leave eventually), not household employees or contractors. Babysitters should be parking on the street or in their employers’ off-street spaces.

      • Why does a nanny need a car anyway? Can’t she just open up her umbrella and fly?

    • Add an opening to your fence? That’s not very expensive, and you know what they say about good fences and neighbors.

    • thebear

      Send them a letter. In it, advise them that that second space is *yours* and may not be used by them or anyone else. Tell them that since they have refused to honor your requests to keep their nanny from parking there, they have left you no alternative but to have illegally parked vehicles ticketed and towed. Get one of those signs that says “Private Parking – Violators will be ticketed and towed at their own expense and risk.” (Available at many hardware and home improvement stores.) Post it where it is plainly visible, then enforce it. Once a vehicle has been ticketed, you are free to call any towing operator licensed by the District to remove the offender at no cost to you. There is NO reason for you to feel you’re being bitchy since they are the ones breaking the law and affecting your rights.

      Not registering their car in the District within 30 days of moving in is illegal. Call 311 and report it.

      • msmaryedith

        But it really isn’t “mine”–we had parked there for two years, but all residents on the block share those spaces (there is one shared between every 2 houses). So I am not sure I can really claim it as mine, but I do not think it’s right for someone who does not live there (and technically isn’t even working there) to park there daily. So I don’t think I can really put up a sign or anything. And I did call 311 to ask whether the car could be ticketed, and they said I would have to be there and sign off on the ticket. And I mentioned that they had been there much longer than 30 days, but the woman on the phone told me that because it was on private property, it could not be ticketed.

        • Any chance you could come to some kind of shared-use agreement with the neighbors that would spell out who gets to park there when?

          Also… while I totally understand your resentment over the neighbors not bothering to register their car in D.C., I think the police can’t ticket for out-of-state plates when a car is parked on private property. So I suppose they’re taking advantage of that.

          • msmaryedith

            Maybe a shared-use agreement with the neighbors would be good–but it seems like the whole block would have to be involved. I guess I could just park in front of a different neighbor’s fence, but that seems rude/unfair. It just had never been a problem before–there was another car there every once in a while, but this has gotten to be a nuisance.

            And yes, it’s mostly just feeling like they are being inconsiderate and taking advantage, in general (by taking up multiple spaces AND avoiding paying for higher taxes/higher insurance in the District). As long as they park off the street, they aren’t going to get ticketed. But that’s why their actual designated spot isn’t available for the nanny to use, so they hog the shared one. I just got spoiled by having neighbors who rarely used it, and having people move in, be rude, take over a perk of living in this place AND get away with not registering their car irks me.

          • I wonder if your old neighbors resented that you always used that space (at least that’s the impression I have from your posts)?

            In either case, you’ve identified that you don’t have a “right” to use the space, but your irked by a non-resident ALWAYS

          • using it, particularly someone who is associated with such unneighborly neighbors. So it’s understandable that you’re pissed, but you acknowledge that there’s no valid reason for you to genuinely feel ill-used.

            All of this is to say that a passive (aggressive?) response may be in order. Is there any vehicle you could park in that space (motorcycle, bike, lawnmower) while you’re gone? It would force the nanny to find an alternate area to park, and then become accustomed to having that space not constantly available.

            Or, actually try to talk to them. They might not be friendly, but that doesn’t mean they would want to be outright rude about it.

        • I think you should let go of worrying about harming your relationship with the neighbors – that ship has sailed. First, try and talk to the nieghbors one last time -if they will let you, make it clear that you expect priority use of the parking space – the nanny is secondary. I would also leave polite but firm note on the nanny’s car explaining that although she is welcome to park between (whatever hours you choose) you otherwise expect the space to be available for your use. You can threaten to have her ticketed and towed; although you know that is not likely to happen, it might be enough to get her to comply. You might also give a copy to your neighbors.
          If the nanny doesn’t comply, then:
          (a) In the morning, devise something that will allow you to block the open spot while you’re gone – it doesn’t have to be elaborate like a gate – you can get your point across with something simple like a kitchen chair (a la Boston) or a garbage can or whatever, with a “Reserved Parking” sign on it. If it gets moved, keep using it – it may be a war of wills.
          (b) In the evening, if she is still in the space, park her in, and let her or the neighbors come to you. It will be time to have another very direct conversation about the realities of ‘shared’ parking. You can be nice and sympathetic to the nanny – she does need to park in order to work, and you can allow her some access (as above), but it’s not your neighbor’s right to give her primary access to it over your needs, and it certianly isn’t your responsibility to provide parking for their nanny. Again, I wouldn’t worry about the neighbor’s feelings – be firm, polite, and direct, and make it clear you will not allow them to bully you any longer. And stop waving at them. Good luck.

        • thebear

          Who did the designating? Are the spaces legally deeded to specific properties, or merely claimed? If the former, then there is the enforcement justification. If the latter, then someone has to obtain some kind of proof of the arrangement and make sure that it is legal, with proper easements for spaces straddling multiple properties. There have been quite a few cases where it turned out what people thought for decades were private spaces for their house were in fact part of a public alleyway, for which they had no legal right to use for parking.

          And, contrary to what everyone says, just because a vehicle without DC tags is parking on private property does not mean they can’t get busted for it. If you can determine who the actual owner of the spaces are and they aren’t said owner, that’s something like $250 for parking without owner’s consent and then “failure to secure DC tags” and “failure to obtain DC driver license” follow. Even better if it’s public space to begin with, but that screws the parking arrangement.

          • msmaryedith

            I rent, so I am not sure. I guess I would have to ask my landlord. It is a private alley, not a city-owned one. If anything, I’d guess we are entitled to half of the space between the fence (it straddles our properties evenly). And I would think you were right, but the person at 311 was pretty dismissive when I mentioned their failure to register their vehicle!

    • After reading all of the comments, I don’t really feel that the neighbors are in the wrong.

      I mean you don’t own the spot, but you want to use it as if you owned it. But, you don’t have the right to exclude others from using the spot.

      • Exactly. There’s more to this story. Anyway, it sounds like these are public spots anyway – get home first and park in the spot. If not, tough s—, get over it.

        • This. If convenient access for grocery dropoffs is that important for you, you probably should have gotten a place with private parking.

          • Yeah, if I were buying/renting a house with this parking arrangement I’d go into it with the mindset that it was street parking. Unless your neighbor works a graveyard shift you’ll always be fighting to use the space at the same times.

          • My take is that she has private parking already, in the form of one designated space. The issue is the use of this second “shared” space. I think C3P0 got it right. The OP was used to hogging the space when she had different neighbors because they rarely used it. Now she has neighbors who hog the space and it’s an issue. But if it doesn’t belong to anyone, it’s fair game for everyone.

          • I got the impression (could be wrong, though — I was going on the assumption that each house had the same parking scenario) that Msmaryedith’s house _does_ have its own parking space behind the house, plus half of the shared space.

            So I was assuming that the problem is that because Msmaryedith has a roommate, only one of them can park in the non-shared space at a time, leaving the other one to find a parking spot on the street.

            Msmaryedith, is this accurate, or does your house have no parking of its own other than this one shared space?

            I still think your best bet is to try to work out a shared-use agreement with your neighbors. If that’s not possible, I think you’ll just have to consider the shared space as you would street parking… first come, first served.

            If you’re in a retaliatory mood, you could try to get the neighbors busted for not registering their car in D.C. and (presumably) not being licensed in D.C. But that won’t help you regain exclusive access to the shared parking space that you’ve become accustomed to thinking of as your own. And unless you’re renting and are planning to leave soon, it doesn’t seem like a good idea to escalate tensions with the neighbors.

            (Anyone else wondering how long before the neighbors and/or the nanny pop up on this blog to say, “Hey, that’s us!”)

          • msmaryedith

            We have a designated parking space. This is an additional space along the fence outside my yard/space. It is private property, so it is not as if anyone can park there. We didn’t “hog” it before–it was just always available, and we often used it. The previous tenants were elderly and did not drive (they had a car in their designated space, but it never moved). Then the landlord decided to kick them out, flip the place, and rent it for a whole lot more. The new tenants have only one car, so it continued to be a nonissue and my roommate often used the space. But then they decided it was “theirs” and took over. We took a long time to ever use it, but had gotten used to having it available most of the time. I’m not saying I am “entitled” to it, but I do think we have more of a claim to it than the nanny does. And she is such a bad driver that I have witnessed her backing up and hitting the other neighbors’ fence and breaking the boards. It’s jut not a clear cut situation, thus it’s a rant. It annoys me, but because it isn’t really “mine,” I am not sure how to handle it. I do know that it does NOT belong to the nanny, however.

    • I’ve heard the term “nanny state” before, but this is ridiculous!

  • Rave: I can ALWAYS count on Let It Go by Zac Brown Band to brighten my day 🙂

    “You keep your heart above your head and you eyes wide open
    So this world can’t find a way to leave you cold
    And know you’re not the only ship out on the ocean
    Save your strength for things that you can change
    Forgive the ones you can’t
    You gotta let ’em go”

  • Rave: Coworker brought me a bag full of fresh rosemary. This weekend’s agenda now includes focaccia and rosemary shortbread.

  • Rant – Just finished The Passage, which was an amazing book, and the sequel doesn’t come out until October but I want to read it NOW. now now now!

    Rave – Just tried Roti the other day. oh man, that place is good. The falafel is to die for! That’s my new lunch joint.

  • Rave: Wearing a new pencil skirt that I absolutely love.

    Rant: Girl in a Coma tonight.

    Rave: The story about the Reef jumper. Made me laugh and made me feel better about some of the scences I’ve caused while drunk.

  • Need a recommendation for Amtrak reading tonight. Any suggestions?

    • The Passage!

      Or, if you’ve already read that, The Tiger’s Wife.

    • I just finished Then We Came To The End by Joshua Ferris, which I thought was fantastic. It’s about the personalities of office culture, and is often hilarious and heartbreaking in a Vonnegut-esque tone. Reading The Magus by John Fowles right now, which is toothsome but really gripping.

      My friends and I used to joke that women love to read books about two overarching themes: “Love Torn Asunder In a Time of War,” and “Woman Struggles Against Choosing the Competing Advances of Nice Guy and Bad Boy” (i.e. Twilight, True Blood, Hunger Games). I am not implying that books in these categories are not worthy of reading, but they are literary kryptonite to dudes.

    • Gone Girl. It’s addictive.

      • I immediately put that one on my wishlist after reading an excerpt on the NPR website. Cannot wait until my library hold comes through!!

    • State of Wonder by Ann Patchett.

      • I wasn’t that into State of Wonder. It’s an interesting story, but the characters were all so unlikeable.

        • The story kept me interested, and I think she writes beautifully, but I agree with you about the likeability of the characters. There were some secondary characters I really cared about, though.

          RAVE: Book recommendations from PoPville.

  • Rant: Saw an injured squirrel on C Street behind the House buildings this morning. I know squirrels are a dime a dozen around here and can be pests, but the little critter looked so hurt and scared. I told one of the nearby cops, but he probably didn’t/couldn’t do anything about it. Bad things happening to animals always makes me really sad. Getting weepy at work 🙁

    Rave: Going out with the dude tonight. He’s a swell guy, and we’re doing really well together. Even with the rough patches, we seem to come out of them stronger.

    • Aww. If you call 311 and report the squirrel to animal control they’ll send someone (as available of course–only a handful of officers) to help him/her.

  • rant: Driving commute from dc to tysons this morning took an hour longer than normal because two people had a pretty minor fender bender on 66 and decided to stay in the lane rather than pulling off of the road (both cars still obviously driveable), backing up tens of thousands of cars for atleast an hour.

    Yeah, thats nice…two people get to collectively waste ~15 thousand man hours (2 man years) because of their obliviosness.

  • Rant (I guess?): I was waiting to cross the street while walking my dog yesterday and woman who walked by stopped and said, “Excuse me, are you a member of the KKK?” I was so caught off guard by the question all I could say was “uhhh what?” and then eventually “um no, I am absolutely not a part of the KKK” she replied with “hmm well I hear they have been moving into the neighborhood” as though she didn’t believe me and walked away. I am just so confused by the encounter…

    Rave: No one is in the office and it’s Friday!

    • Every single day of my life I have a “People are completely batshit insane” moment. This is it today, although it is totally possible this will be usurped…it’s Friday the 13th after all.

    • Wow, what neighborhood?

      • Parkview. I was on the corner of Georgia and Irving

        • I am a parkview resident (white female) and this doesn’t entirely surprise me. lets just say the neighborhood is going through some growing pains to put it mildly. Most of it stems from conflicts about the 8 week long basketball tournament (noise, trash, loitering, illegally parked cars from MD all over the place) and the “europeans” who have moved into the area. There was a bobo public meeting last week with lots of yelling, cursing and yes, black folks bitching about the Europeans moving in and trying to cancel their city wide tournamant at this tiny rec center (which is totally false). So all kinds of weird conspiracy rumors are swirling in the ‘hood, some of due to DPR’s inability to communicate anything accurately. I suspect things will get worse before they level off and then everyone feels OK and that we all belong. Otherwise, parkview is awesome!! (and I noticed that the metro paper today featured it as an undiscovered little gem of neighborhood.

          • When/where was this meeting? Was it announced in the Park View News?

            (I don’t think I read the latest copy as thoroughly as I usually do; maybe I missed the announcement.)

          • I don’t benefit by saying this but I am curious and wondering if it is being handled well, especially if it results in cursing and yelling. If this is a tourney that has been going on for years (long before the “Europeans” (referencing your term, not mine) started moving into ParkView, can’t there be a way to let this tourney continue. Why take it away from people, especially when the dissenting voice is coming from a newcomer. There has to be a middle ground that can be reached where they can have their 2 month tourney and neighborhood residents can give a little but not compromise on everything. There was a comment in a Random Rant or Revel section a few days back where someone wrote in about the newer residents in Petworth. I’m going to look it up to find the exact date because I thought it was a terrific post that talked about the challenges between residents in a neighborhood who have been there for a long time and some of the newer residents. It rings true here and I think it’s really worth reading and thinking about.

          • The Random Reader Rant and/or Revel page I was looking for is the one for July 6, 2012 and the comment was posted by “njdcnative” at 4:41 pm, I think is the time stamp, and it near to the bottom of the page. I hope njdcnative doesn’t mind my calling out the comment but I thought it was an excellent one and one worth reading.

          • It was not in the Parkview News. I think it was very last minute. DPR falsely told some of the tournament folks that it was canceled and this naturally got everyone in an uproar. The notice was on the Parkview Blog and the meeting was July 3rd. It was about 40 black folks and 3 white folks and was so racially charged it was out of control. It was furstrating because I know a LOT of people have concerns about how poorly this event is managed but I guess either they didn’t get the notice or were too scared to show up and say that shit in person to black people. But yeah, at some point I felt like 8 or 9 guys were yelling at my euopean ass. It seems like DPR wants to grow the tournament as well but has no idea how to manage that. that park is too small and is not intended for events of several hundred people three times a week for 8 weeks. I go to a lot of meetings have never seen any meeting so poorly moderated, organized or controlled in my life in DC. And Im sure DPR is patting themselves on the back for their “outreach”..this is gonna get worse as more new people move in to those blocks around the park and realize “WTF, why are there 50 illegally parked cars from MD on the street?”–again, growing pains.

          • Were the Black residents calling the White residents “Europeans” or are you using that term to avoid saying “white” for some reason?

        • Yeah it’s very weird lately in the neighborhood…. even in just the year I’ve lived there it’s gotten to feel more…edgy than before. As a single white female I’ve felt more hostility recently (maybe not quite “hostility” but something else)…. I think I’m categorized by my looks even though my housemates and I are in a volunteer program working at nonprofits in the city for social justice. It’s a very interesting neighborhood definitely dealing with growing pains…

    • Maybe you look like the late senator Robert Byrd?

      • as a young female, I sure hope not!

      • The black folks were using that term, both generally and when speaking to me directly. as in ” the problem is that YOU europeans move here and want to change everything and have no idea what a city is like”–and on and on. I have lived in all manner of transitioning neigborhoods in DC since the 90’s, its not like I just rolled in from McClean. And the European comment was amusing too me. Most of my fam is four generations back to the hollers of West Virginia…we are hardly desended from British royalty or anything!

        • Well, here’s a question. If the overwhelming majority of the participants in this tournament are from Maryland, why is DC sponsoring it? I would probably be a little upset if my neighborhood was taken over for eight long weeks with tons of cars and (apparently) other issues. Why are DC taxpayers footing the bill for Maryland residents’ activities?

          • Tournament has been going on for years. Both DC residents and some Maryland Residents. The reason she sees so many Maryland plates is because for obvious reasons the Maryland folks drive to either participate in or spectate the tournament. DC residents from the neighborhood simply walk. Its similar to the Goodman Tournament in Barry Farms, lots of Maryland plates however predominately DC residents. Alot of Marylanders still have ties to their former communities.

    • what a weird thing to say. maybe it’s “the code” word for gentrifiers? maybe you have blonde hair, blue eyes and look particularly aryan. maybe she was hitting on you. regardless, totally weird.

  • Rant: Today means I have exactly 3 months until I hit 25. That seems really old, considering I’ve got no idea what to do with my life. Things should be somewhat straightened out by then though…

    Rave: My boyfriend comes home from Europe today

    • Eh, I have 3 months and 13 days until I hit 30. I’m really starting to feel old. And my partner will be overseas and I don’t really have friends to celebrate with.

    • Life gets better as you grow older. My teens SUCKED. My 20s were better, but not great. I’m now in my late 30s and can honestly say that post-30, life has been fantastic. Though that doesn’t mean I’m not scared to turn 40 in a few years. 🙂

      25 was a daunting age for me at the time. I totally get it, but you’ll be fine, I promise. 🙂

      • Look on the bright side…now you don’t have to pay extra for rental car insurance!

      • At 36, I totally agree with anon. You’ll be fine. The 20s are the “oh crap what am I doing with my life, i’m getting older, almost 30! Aah, must apply to grad school or travel the world or find my passion!” time of life. Everyone’s freaking out. Once you hit 30, it’s smooth sailing because you figured out everything in your 20s and now you’re just reaping the benefits.

        • Wha-?! Crap! I’m two weeks from being 31 and I wasn’t freaking out until you said that the 30s will be “smooth-sailing” since apparently I was supposed to have figured everything out in my 20s. Huh. That did not happen. The only thing I have going for me is people routinely think I look quite a bit younger than I really am, so maybe I can get away with this “good-god-what-am-I-doing-and-what-am-I-going-to-do” thing for a little longer without engendering too much pity. (31 is the new 24?) Yes. I’m going to go with that.

          • Honey, don’t listen to that. I wish people wouldn’t say things like that. You never “figure everything out”, in your 20s, 30s, 40s, ever really. There is a LOT to learn, and the people who think they have it “all figured out” by 30 I think are missing something bigger here. You are right where you are supposed to be. 🙂

      • Thanks everyone 😀 I’ll take it from those with experience being and turning 25!

  • GiantSquid

    Rant: Second week of unemployment

    Rave: Some freelance work keeping me busy and more trickling in

    Rant: PMS making me feel down and worthless

    Rave: Supportive husband, family, & friends

  • Blithe

    Rant: My Mom is in the hospital for the second time this week, and was sent from Sibley to WHC for assessment of her condition. Given her health, additional surgery is not recommended — and not what she would want. It’s hard. I really admire my Mom’s courage in the face of major adversity.
    Rave: Reminding myself that there’s no fiixed limit to the number of miracles that each of us can experience! And that there’s every chance to believe that my Mom could get a few more.

  • Rave: playing the Carter Barron tonight with two of the three acts, on what I think (trying to be objective, of course) is a really great lineup of DC soul artists. It’s free, so POPville should come out! If you’ve never been to Carter Barron, it’s a sweet place to see live music in a really cool outdoor setting.

    Rave: Looking forward to a bangin’ Old Fashioned at the bar at Chez Billy for the afterparty….always a treat to hang up there with some good bourbon. Last week I tried the Angel’s Envy and really dug it, although Black Maple Hill is still my current favorite…

    • Good luck tonight. and I hope that anyone who has never been to Carter Barron tonight will check it out. that place is phenomenal and it pains me how few people have been there. Yeah its a pain to get there sometimes but its so damn lovely back in the woods (and always feels a few degrees cooler surrounded by trees). LOVE this hidden gem in DC.

      • Thanks! Yeah, I am as terrible as the next DC resident about taking advantage of the awesome free events the city has to offer, but Carter Barron is super cool.

      • Oh wow, I just looked up Carter Barron (had heard of it but never considered going) and it looks like a great venue. And they have some interesting performances lined up for this summer!

    • I love Carter Barron. I’ve been there at least once every summer since the early 90s for the DC Blues Fesitval (Labor Day weekend.) I’ve been a spectator, volunteer and performer there.

    • Oh cool! Walking distance from my house but rarely go over there. Might head over tonight.

      • Cool! Come say hi….I’m the guitar player for the first two acts.

        Here’s a video of me playing a cover of Little Red Corvette with the headliner for tonight, Yahzarah (who was Erykah Badu’s background singer for a long time). In this video she is extremely pregnant, and we did a stripped down set. Tonight she will be no longer pregnant and will have a full band, so she will be much rowdier 😉


  • Rave: After a 2 week delay my closing is in place. I’m happy to have a good contractor and architect in place!

    Rant: Waiting on offers to come through, need a new gig because the rent in DC is too damn high. Not sure how my current gig will take it.

    Rave: Thankful I can still compete while DC population is soaring. Thank goodness for IT work, and for the fact I can stay on top of it.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Making pesto this weekend. Going to try to recreate Semolina’s pesto.

    Rave: No rants thus far!

  • rant: 5 calls to transfer one prescription to my new health insurance company…still not successful and time is running out to refill time… ergh Aetna you’re killing me here!

    rave: friday! free lunch!

  • Rave: Finished my application for grad school last night! Hoping to start school online next month.

  • Rave: Leaving for a cruise with my sweet boyfriend and his family in the morning.
    Rant: Already checked out of work but I still have 5.5 hours to go…..

    • I don’t know if you are already engaged but be careful of putting anything on your boyfriend during this trip! Something about romantic vacations and having his family there makes some girls think that they need to clarify what direction the relationship is headed i.e. where is my ring? Can totally f- up a perfectly fun vacation.
      A friend of mine was in St. Martin with her boyfriend and his family and had a total ultimatum meltdown, and ruined the rest of a two week trip. Didn’t help that her boyfriend told her something to the equilavent of “you’re the next-to-last-girlfriend I will ever have.”

      • Funny you post this. All of my friends and coworkers keep saying “Oh! Is he going to propose?” The answer to that question is a firm “no.” We have been together for 1 year and allowed all of our milestones to happen naturally (wellll, I might have sent him a PowerPoint presentation asking if I was his girlfriend the day after he introduced me to someone as his girlfriend prior to a DTR talk. I’m a nerd.). I have not mentioned anything about engagement to him in reference to the cruise. I just want to have fun! Although, if he wanted to propose it would be cheap! I want my great grandmother’s platinum 1.5 c. engagement ring from the 20s! It’s just sitting pretty in a bank box for now.

      • I’ve been on plenty of trips with my girlfriend and her family and that hasn’t been my experience at all. I actually just got back from a cruise with them and it was a lot of fun. The nice thing about crusing is that everyone can more or less go off and do their own thing, so you’ll have plenty of moments alone. That said, I’m worried that every trip from now on will end up being with her family, so I’m going to insist that we take our next trip alone.

  • Rave: Planning Mexico trip for December! We never go anywhere and I am beyond excited.

    Rant: Fat.

    Rave: Motivation to go to the gym!

  • Rave!: Just got a call from OB and my my prental testing all came back good! Was waiting for almost 4 weeks, since those dumb asses “lost” the previous blood work thus defeating the purpose of early testing. But alls well that ends well.
    rave: IVF is a bitch but I am happily and healthily 14 weeks pregnant now!

  • Rave: I just got offered a job, y’all! Unsure of the title and title yet but I know what the job entails and everything. Hopefully there is room to negotiate there.

    • Congrats ew! At an international development firm?

      • No, but at a government agency (contractor, not federal) doing international financial transactions and regulations to a foreign country. It was my “plan B” so to speak, but I think it will give me lots of experience to put on my resume for a future in international development. I think the experience is going to be vital for that, and will give me opportunity to travel to a very developing country!

  • Rave: Today we were discussing a group gift for a coworker’s baby shower. We’re all going to contribute some cash towards something she’s registering for. I (somewhat) jokingly suggested also getting her a copy of the book “Go The F**k To Sleep!” and they all liked the idea! My coworkers appreciate my sense of humor.

  • rant: the homeless man who hit a lady as she walked by on K street earlier

    rave: the men who defended her and took action to make sure he didn’t hit anyone else

    rant: sad that he is probably on a substance or mentally ill; either way, not getting the care he probably needs

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