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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or rejoice about daily life in DC.

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  • That’s a lot of water.


    • I stopped and got a sugar free strawberry banana slurpee! Sure wish they still had the Crystal Light slurpees

  • Revel: Rainier cherries
    Rant: There’s no sun. Welll, there’s a sun but … you now what I mean

  • alxindc

    Rave: My Kyoto Drip will be ready in a couple of hours, just in time for afternoon coffee break!

    Rave: Friday the 13th is coming!

    • Do those things make better coffee than how I cold brew? I just put grounds in a french press, fill it up with water and leave it overnight. Then press down and strain it… seems like the same process.

    • Allison

      Related coffee question: To make iced coffee well, you make it double strength, ya? Well, I’ve read lots of places that if all you have is a percolator-maker (like I do) you just pour an already brewed pot of coffee back in the machine and brew it again. Does anyone know if this would screw up my coffee maker over time, though? I clean it with a vinegar cycle every once in a while, but I don’t want running pre-brewed coffee through it to mess it up.

      • By “percolator-maker” do you mean a standard drip coffee machine where you put in a paper filter and add ground coffee? If so, don’t add anything but filtered water to the chamber. Solids from the coffee will build up over time and ruin the heating element or clog the tube. It will also result in off-tasting coffee.

        To make stronger coffee, just increase the ratio of grounds to water. Experiment with it – start with double the grounds and see if that tastes good and go from there.

        • Allison

          Okay, that’s what I thought. I’ll try increasing the grounds.

          I once emptied a peppermint teabag into my coffee grounds to try and make peppermit flavored coffee. It ended up tasting like a potted plant.

  • Rant: Job search is draaaaaagging on. I think I got spoiled with my current job, where the application through offer took less than 3 weeks. Things are moving sooooo slooooooowwwww……

  • rant re: flooding streets and losing power

    if only there was a way we could improve our infrastructure and create jobs at the same time…

    • Those jobs contracts would more than likely go to businesses based in Maryland. That’s the way DC government works. 🙁

  • Rant: Flip flops and rain and a bit of a buzz don’t mix when walking up slippery wet broken metro escalators.

  • bfinpetworth

    Rave: wifi on a flight to Dallas

    Rant: Getting emails from my boss on a flight to Dallas

  • austindc

    Rant: Another power outage?!
    Rave: Wife made amazing tacos for dinner!
    Rave: Took Car 2 Go for the first time. Friggin amazing.
    Rave: New suit (a rare occurrence for me). Lookin’ snazzy.

    • I assume from your name you’re a Texan? I make some mean tacos too. Taco night rocks.

      • austindc

        I wish I was a Texan! Then I could wear those cool hats. Alas, I am from northern climes. Doesn’t mean I can’t destroy a plate of tacos though!

  • Rant: Uber. Last night after the downpour, but while it was still raining, I decided to try out Uber for a ride home from work. Cabs can be hard to get when it rains, and a nice, clean car waiting for me downstairs sounded nice, even if it was significantly more expensive. Downloaded the app, requested a car several time, and was told repeatedly that none were available. Went downstairs and hailed a cab instantly. Sure, it rattled and smelled vaguely of cigarettes, but it was there when I needed it, and it got me home for $8.60 instead of $15.

    • Rant: Been wanting to try Uber, but I’ve been burned so badly by DC cab drivers (sexual assault and other terrible things) that I’m afraid to get in a cab now and have gotten used to not taking them. I guess that’s sort of a rave though…

    • Uber tracks this information. In the past when I tried requesting a car and none are available, I would get an email a few days later from the GM giving me a $10 credit. I’m sure there were A LOT of folks trying to Uber after the rain last night.

      • Same. I once tried to get a car and couldn’t. A couple days later they gave me a credit on my account.

    • Join car2go!

    • I guarantee you the your experience with Uber is a rarity. You have to realize that everyone else that needed a cab in the downpour had your idea as well. And there are far less sedans and SUVs than taxis. It’s not a perfect system, but I think you should try it under less harrowing circumstances. I have never had any issues with their service.

  • Rave: I will be 14 weeks pregnant tomorrow. Already showing which surprised me. Im sure my coworkers just think I am fat.
    Rant: My uncle died unexpectedly last night after a somewhat routine surgery.

    • MsNesbitt

      I’m so sorry to hear about your uncle 🙁

    • I’m sorry about your uncle. Thoughts to your family.

      When I told my company that I was pregnant, I had to start with “so you probably think I’ve been getting fat.” Don’t worry, your tummy will pop out all of the sudden and then there will be no question that you’re pregnant.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Crap morning where nothing went the way it was supposed to, in fact it went very wrong.

    Rave: Supper tonight with 1 of my favorite cousins and her family, as well as Quotia Zelda and her family.

  • Crazy flooding!
    Rave: Dinner of corn on the cob, peaches, and watermelon last night. Lunch of spinach salad, corn, watermelon, and peaches. I LOVE summer produce :-D.
    Rave: Heading out to the barn for a ride tonight and I get to come home to my husband (he’s been away in NYC)

  • Rant: A basement apartment that floods whenever it rains and that the plumber can’t seem to fix.

    Rave: A basement apartment near Logan Circle, 14th St and U St.

    I can deal with occasional flooding. Noah did.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I had a basement apartment (in another town) that pretty much always had a small puddle in the living room. I called it my water feature.

    • They are expensive, but consider a French drainage system. Fixed my friend’s flooding basement in Georgetown. I want to say it cost him $5-7K but it stopped the issues. DC has a very high water table under the ground which is why you see so much basement flooding.

      • Why would a renter spend $5-7k on something like that?

        • Thanks for the snarky comment to someone who was just trying to be helpful. Jeesh.

          • I don’t think the reply was meant to be snarky — it just sounded like the person suggesting French drains had either overlooked the “apartment” mention or had assumed that the apartment was a condo rather than a rental.

            Same deal here as with the noise/windows-related post yesterday… it would be a worthwhile investment for someone who owns the place, but a renter would be better off just moving (unless the landlord is an agreeable type and would pay for French drains ASAP).

        • Perhaps the landlord/owner would invest in the system? It’s worth suggesting.

  • Rant: I’m still no good at taking criticism.

    Rant: Not looking forward to next week.

    Rave: Hump day.

    Question: Does anyone have experience/thoughts on car2go? I use zipcar primarily, but wondering about how different car2go is. I like the fact that you don’t have to return it to where you picked it up, and you can also charge by the minute… hmmm

    • I really like Car2go for smaller trips. We use both Zipcar and Car2go… So far, we haven’t really had much trouble finding a car when we need it. I think both services compliment each other… if you need a car for less than an hour… Car2go all they way. If you are planning a longer trip – say to IKEA- then definitely Zip Car is the way to go.

    • I like car2go as well, charge 34 cents per minute! Can park nearly anywhere in DC for free. Biggest issue is sometimes the cars aren’t available. They need to do what bike share does and allow users to pinpoint locations where they really want cars to be, and then have someone out there moving the cars to desired spots.

    • Love car2go. I was ready to renouce the no-car thing as zipcar just does not work for me. Zipcars are booked solid on weekends and there’s not enough in my not quite so hot neighborhood. Regularly I looked for an available car on Sat/Sun to find nearest car 3 miles away. I rarely want to travel more than 3 miles, so useless.

      On the other hand, car2go can be found all over the city, no anxiety when you are at the grocery store and the clerk is taking forever cking out groceries requiring you to add on more time to your car which may/may not be approved, and, of course you can use it one-way. I went out after work last night, found a zipcar two blocks from restaurant and drove it home.

      Best new travel thing in DC since capital bikeshare! Next up, trolley!

    • austindc

      I just used car 2 go for the first time today. I normally walk or use Zipcar. But I was on my way to work with a heavy suitcase, and it was right there–I couldn’t pass it up. It was great, and really easy to use! The one-way trip and the charge by the minute thing makes it golden. I got to work in no time flat and just ditched the car at a meter.

    • I live in a neighborhood with some winding, little-traveled streets, and I’ve noticed that somebody has been stashing a Car2Go in one particular area with regularity.

    • I’ve had a zipcar membership for years that I use maybe once or twice per year – always found an excuse to just use metro. But I’ve found I use car2go much more frequently on a whim because you can pick up/drop off anywhere, and it’s by the minute. Faced with a 20 min weekend bus delay to get across town? Oh, car2go’s right around the block instead. Bought more groceries than I expected and will have a hard time carrying in 90+ heat? There’s a car right here. Those are trips I used to just wait out (or maybe cab – it’s cut my cab trips more than anything else)

    • can somebody explain to me how parking works? I think car2go would be a great alternative to taxis, but if I want to drive from tenleytown to dupont some night, I’d never find a place to park the thing. how does it work? also, how does it work if you park in a zone that is safe 90% of the time, but in 6 days has street cleaning? if it’s still there will you get fined if it gets towed?

      • They have a list of where and where not to park on the website you can read through. The nice thing about them being Smart Cars is that you can really squeeze into some tiny spaces. We haven’t had any trouble finding parking mainly because you can squeeze in really tiny spots.

        • Are there a lot of rules about where you can/can’t park? I can’t imagine just wanting to pick up a car to go from one side of the city to the other and then having to temporarily park somewhere while I look up that info and then driving around for parking. Sounds like too much of a hassle to me.

          • You need to abide by the typical rules in terms of, street cleaning, commercial parking… etc… Otherwise, you can park in metered spots (without putting money in the meter), any residential zone (doesn’t matter what type of permit the car has)… They have to be legal, public parking spots. It isn’t really that hard.

  • Rant: The continuing revelations of shenanigans in DC government. Tick tock, Vincent Gray.

    Rave: Rumors of the return of Tony Williams

  • Allison

    Rave: first good hair day in a while. I know I liked this haircut at first, but it entered super-awkward-grow-out-mode VERY FAST. Now most days it just sits weird on my head and I look like I allowed a five year old to cut my hair. This could probably be fixed if I was willing to do anything but wash-n-wear; my pillow is my favorite stylist.

  • Had my first anti-gay, anti-gentrification run-in with a pack of kids yesterday in Shaw. “Faggots”, “Someone’s sucking dick tonight” and a thrown rock. Wanted to break all of their necks, but they ran. Won’t be the last time, I guess.

  • claire

    Rave: Two year anniversary with my amazing boyfriend!
    Rant: He’s away on a business trip.
    Rave: Planning dinner at Thai X-ing to celebrate.
    Rant: Trying to make reservations at Thai X-ing. I’ve called three times already – called on Thursday, got a call back Friday that I missed (with no answer when I called back immediately after) so I left another message, and called a third time this morning. So frustrating! Wish they could just use Open Table or something…

  • RAVE: Chick-fil-a food truck is near my office today.
    RANT: I brought my lunch today.

  • Rave: We found a 1ish year old black and brown rottie/pitbull mix today at the intersection of Farragut and 7th st NW. No tags or anything, we took him to the New York Avenue Humane Society. If you know of anyone missing their dog, please pass this information along!

  • Rant: Last night’s downpour turned a lets-relax-and-have-a-glass-of-wine night into an evening of literally bailing out our house, complete with thigh-high water in our basement stairwell and a leaky roof (that was supposedly fixed months ago).

    Extra rant: Rather than wake up with the alarm clock, I woke up to a freaked out cat, a shaking house, and the lovely din of jackhammers. I love that the streetscaping project is happening, but I’m very ready for it to wrap up already!

  • Whoa, I didn’t realize it rained so hard last night. Just seemed like a normal summer thunderstorm to me.

  • Rave: Randomly ran 4 miles last night before the crazy rain. I usually run around 2-3 miles, but I was feeling really good so I just kept going. Have NEVER been a runner but I started running regularly this spring. It’s fun to keep improving.

    • Uh oh, now you’re really hooked 🙂

    • Awesome- congrats! I was regularly running 4 miles until a bike accident sidelined me for 3 weeks. Just got back up to a comfortable (read: not dying halfway through) 3 miles at speed (which is embarrassingly slow comparatively, but good for me) yesterday afternoon.

    • Getting into running is great…

      Rant: I ran 4 minutes last night after the crazy rain started

      Rave: Unlike in the June 29th storm (also caught outside), I was able to open my eyes while running since the wind was not as bad and the leaves were not blowing everywhere.

  • My car was totalled when that happened in the summer of 2004. Condolences to the car owner.

    • Between the flooding and all the cars that have been smashed by falling trees I’m feeling nervous that I don’t have comprehensive coverage. But my car’s not worth much, and I don’t need it for work or any other vital purpose, so it wouldn’t make sense to have that coverage.

  • I had a job interview a few weeks ago and was asked back for a second interview. The second one was over a week ago…should I email them?

    • When did they say they would get back to you? If they’re still in their stated time frame, don’t email. I’m a job seeker right now and I’ve come to realize that employer time and job seeker time are very different. I’d wait another week before emailing.

  • novadancer

    Rave: finally hired someone to clean our house, looked spectacular when I got home
    Rant: Heard rushing water in basement due to rain/drains not working. Now house is a disaster. Carpets now being cut out.
    Rant 2: husband is in Boston living it up while I deal with this!

  • Rant: Summer colds. Ugh.
    Rave: New owners for DC United. Possible Stadium in the future!

    (Before you all freak out, the plan is to pay for it with private dollars)

  • Rave: All of the execs are out of the office this whole week- reading time for me!

    Rave: Immediate future plans are starting to shape up. I think/hope I have identified my weaknesses in the job market and that clarity, and knowing how to address them is relieving.

    Rant: I wish I had enough money to quit my job and travel for 3 months before presumably starting grad school.

  • rant: people who open my office door without knocking. really?

    • em

      Perhaps they are passive-aggressively venting frustration that you have an office and they are in a cube? Politics around who has a cube vs. office at my workplace are heated, and those who think they are entitled to an office but are in a cube might do this…

      • actually, it’s the people who have offices that do this! it’s nuts. people close their door for a reason – phone calls, want to concentrate, eat lunch, etc. – i would never just enter someone’s office without permission. they could be picking their nose or something equally gross.

        • Amen. I close my office door when I’m 1) changing into my work clothes (I walk pretty far to get to work so I wear workout clothes on my commute) in the morning and 2) changing back out of them in the evening. If someone walked in without knocking I’d likely be naked. Not exactly professional.

    • that sucks – I always knock before entering an office even if the door is open (the desks are positioned so that the person’s back is to you and I don’t want to startle them) — I do the same thing for cubicles too!

      • Allison

        I worked for an agency once where everyone kept a mirror on their desk. At first I wondered whether the employees were all superficial or narcissistic before I realized it was to watch who was coming in their office behind them. I didn’t know it was *that* bad of a problem, though. Kinda weird.

    • Yeah, that is annoying… but at least you’re able to close your door! I work in a small office (10) and used to have my own office (pre-intern season), but even then, I was told that closing the door (so I can focus on my work and be more efficient) was “rude”…. it was my executive director who told my supervisor who then mentioned it to me… uncool!

  • Rant; Some hipster took a dump on Irving St @ 9:30 pm.
    Rave?: He crapped in front of the group house that always has parties.

  • rant: the timing of course offerings (certain classes only being offered in the fall vs. spring) mean that it’s unlikely I can complete the MA program I’m starting this fall in the 2.5 years described in the program materials. I’d love to quit my job full time and do that program full time, but I have no way of paying for that option. grr…
    rave: I’m so thanksful that I don’t live in an area or building that ever floods – I did lose my electricity for a few hours both of the past two nights (does anyone know why the Palisades is still suffering outages?) but overall I’ve still had it better than alot of other people dealing with recent storms.

  • RANT: Bang Salon on U Street – AWFUL, RUDE SERVICE. They made me wait 30 minutes past my appointment time to acknowledge me and by that time I was too frustrated to stay so I left.
    RANT: Still need to get my hair done.

  • Rant: People who post CL ads in the “apt for rent” section, and then start off their ad, “I’m looking for a roommate for the other bedroom in my 2-br apartment…. ” THERE’S ANOTHER SECTION FOR THAT PEOPLE.
    Rave: I hate moving, but I’m looking forward to getting a new place.

  • Rave: Friend (LP) achieved a major life goal this week – really proud of her and she continues to inspire me!

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