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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or rejoice about daily life in DC.

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  • RANT: Really wanna lose my beer gut without giving up beer. Any suggestions?

    • I don’t think it’s possible. You might be able to reduce the size of your beer gut by drinking less beer.

    • I hear ya. The basic recipe for all weight loss programs is to burn more calories than you take in. So, exercise combined with reducing calories elsewhere will let you keep your beer and lose your gut. Worked for me.

      • Only to a certain extent. I did the calories in<calories out thing for a while (the myfitnesspal app is great for tracking calories) but it didn't help with my belly. I recently learned that this is where toxins accumulate (also on the thighs, butt, and upper arms for some people) and a good detox program is required to get rid of the belly bulk. My partner's doing a 36-day ionithermie treatment right now– it's expensive but I'm definitely seeing results.

        • I don’t have a belly. I drink lots of beer. I am quite fond of my toxins, thank you very much.

        • My ex- girlfriend did one of those detox programs last year. It made her grumpy to the point of being insufferable. I was happier than she was when it was over.

        • Say what? A build up of toxins makes you have a gut?

        • There isn’t really any science behind the whole “detox” business:


          I suspect the reason “detoxes” are so popular is that people like to think there’s a quick fix, especially if they can “detox” for a month (or whatever) and drink heavily, eat stuff that’s bad for them, etc. the rest of the time.

          • That article seems to only be focusing on juice-type detoxes, which I have always been skeptical of. But the thing my girlfriend’s doing (which I was also skeptical of at first) actually has had visible results.

          • …”actually has had visible results.”

            I’m pretty sure the results were a result of her losing water weight or taking in way less calories.

            People, you were born with a digestive system, a built-in detox system if you will. Why do you think that putting certain things or not into your body will work better than just eating healthy and letting your blood, liver, and kidneys do their job? These detox diets are crazy.

          • austindc

            Where can we get these placebos?! Maybe there’s some in this truck!

          • “These detox diets are crazy.”

            Again– you’re only talking about the diet-type detoxes. What she’s doing is different.

      • I stopped drinking for other reasons, but I now eat more than ever (yet healthier, real food) and am much leaner.

        “The basic recipe for all weight loss programs is to burn more calories than you take in. ”

        As for the above quote, there’s been a ton of research lately that disputes this point. You have to eat real food, not processed starches, to lose more weight.

        • What studies would those be? Basic physics is that food=energy, and if you don’t use that energy, it converts to fat. Now, don’t get me wrong. Certainly, different foods will metabolize differently, making it harder or easier to lose weight depending on what you eat. But I challenge you to name a diet that allows you lose weight without burning more calories than you take in.

          • basic physics also rules the human body, which does not work in a vacuum. here’s the latest: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/07/01/opinion/sunday/what-really-makes-us-fat.html

          • of course you have to burn more calories than you take in, but if your diet consists of alcohol and white bread, you’ll have to exercise those calories off in a big way. if your diet consists of leafy greens and eggs, your body will naturally burn many more calories itself and you won’t have to spend 3 hours working out every day.

          • Nowhere in the above NY Times article does it say that you can lose weight by taking in more calories than you burn. And, the end contains the predictable disclaimers. I am just very skeptical of following the latest nutritional fad, which is now low carb, high protein. I have seen too many come and go. Yesterday’s gospel (low fat, high carb) is now today’s heresy, and I will not be at all surprised in ten years if the Adkins formula is similarly disparaged. Julia Child had the best dieting advice that I have ever heard: eat a variety of foods in moderation. That is what I follow, and I’m 49 years old, 5’11”, and 160 pounds. And yes, I have struggled with weight in the past.

          • I like Michael Pollan’s recommendation: “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”

          • I wish that worked for me. I think “don’t have a desk job” needs to be part of that mentra.

          • “Nowhere in the above NY Times article does it say that you can lose weight by taking in more calories than you burn. ”

            this is a weird argument you’re having with nobody. nobody said that. what I thought we were debating is that “a calorie is a calorie”, no?

        • Oh, and I should mention that I eat quite well. Very few, if any processed starches, so we probably don’t really disagree about anything of substance. But I stand by my point about the “basic recipe” for losing weight.

          • I sorta do variations on the above themes, but a critical element for me is to eliminate processed foods and focus on whole foods. I’m really struggling, though, to get this last 10 pounds off. I’m 50 and walk a mile to the metro and back every day, so I’m working at it (even in this godawful heat).

        • Anonymous 1:31, if you look at the beginning of this thread, you will see that the “argument” started when Anonymous 10:38 disputed my point that weight loss involves burning more calories than one takes in. Don’t know if you’re the same anonymous, but you’re wrong that I’m arguing with no one. But, you’re right that it’s an odd tangent.

          My only point is that to lose weight, you have to burn more than you take in. How you get there is another matter. Diets like Atkins work great for some people, but this thread started with a specific question about losing weight without giving up beer (which contains carbs). The high protein/low carb model is just not sustainable for some people. Losing weight is great, but you have to think about how you are going to keep the weight off once you get there. In general, I think that weight loss, to be sustainable, needs to be part of an ongoing lifestyle change, not something that you power through for six months. For some, drinking beer or eating bread has to be part of the equation. Each person needs to find his or her own balance of diet and exercise.

      • Agree with Kenyon Dweller. Obviously don’t be drinking four microbrews a day if you want to lose, but cut back on food and watch what you eat (e.g. stick strictly to lean protein and veggies, especially greens and cruciferous), and do some intense exercise 5 days a week, and you should drop it.

    • I am celebrating losing a total of 11.2 pounds through Weight Watchers today — been at it since mid-April. It is about the balance of things your consuming. I also found that after two drinks/beers, my ability to resist an entire plate of nachos followed by an order of mozzarella sticks was slim to none, so for me it was cutting back on the booze so I didn’t make poor food choices.

  • anon. gardener

    RAVE: Rescue Remedy. Our dog is usually a shivering, drooling mess on the 4th of July, but thanks to Rescue Remedy he was almost normal last night. I am always amazed at how well that stuff works.

    Rant: humidity. taking 5 showers a day is getting really boring.

    • tell me more about rescue remedy…i googled and i found a tiny vial on amazon. how do you treat your dog with it? last night was our pup’s first fourth of july and he hid under the bed in terror.

      • anon. gardener

        You can buy it at Whole Foods and some drug stores. I get it in the little spray bottle. Starting Tuesday night, I gave the dog a spray in the mouth every 2 or 3 hours – basically whenever i remembered – and continued through the next day. So maybe twice tuesday night and 3 or 4 times Wednesday. it is also brilliant for car travel, for both cats and dogs. if you don’t find the spray bottle, you can just put a dropper-full on your fingers and rub the dog’s gums with it. If you read about how it’s made, you’ll think This is total BS, but it really does work.

        • Allison

          The reason it makes dogs feel better is because the stuff is practically pure alcohol. I’m all for attempting natural remedies, but let’s not fool ourselves– it’s not the magical flower extract that is making the dog calmer.

          • anon. gardener

            Eh, there’s an alcohol free version if anyone is concerned. I doubt the miniscule amount of alcohol contained in one spray is having much effect, especially since the dog doesn’t drink it, it gets absorbed by his tongue and gums. maybe next year i’ll use the alcohol free version and see what happens.

  • binpetworth

    Rave: I was pleasantly surprised this morning to find that many of my neighbors cleaned up the debris after their personal fireworks displays last night.

    Rant: The Chinese carryout strewn across the sidewalk indicates that the cleanliness only extends so far.

  • Rant: Illegal fireworks in Eckington last night. Pretty sure the initial invasion of Iraq was quieter.

  • Rant: I am tired of seeing instagram photos. There I said it. And no I am not referring to the one on this post, which I actually like. But, seriously, it’s getting to be a bit overdone IMO.

    Rannnnnnt: I need to figure out why I seem to attract inappropriate and uncomfortable behavior from men. Why am I a target? I try to let my guard down, and be more “friendly” to people, and this is what happens. Meanwhile I can’t seem to make friends with other females to save my life.

    Rave: Thursday.

    Rave: Seeing parents this weekend.

    Rant: Can’t take this heat anymore!!

    • Emmaleigh504

      I”m over instagram too. Way over done.

    • Yeah, the Instagram thing is really, really getting overdone. Come on, people.

    • I think it’s fine if it enhances the picture (e.g. sharpens the image, brings out the colors) in a way that would be hard to do manually, but I am tired of all the “vintagey” looking pictures.

      • I’m in the “just because you took a picture with your phone doesn’t mean you to post it on Facebook” person. I get it, you have kids/a view of your toes in the beach/a delicious meal. You don’t need to share it all.

        • and why do the people who CONTINUOUSLY post to facebook (and I mean three – four times a DAY) think we care…?

        • I’m over the “look, I’m pregnant, and I want you to see the size of my belly!” photos. New photos every few days.. ENOUGH.

        • I like seeing other people’s delicious meals, and toes on a beach (even if it makes me mad that I’m not at the beach). I even share some of those photos myself. I could do without the kid pictures, but they’re easy enough to scroll on by. I guess I’m an anomoly, but I’ve always been interested in the mundane details of other people’s lives. They tell a more accurate story of who we are and what we like to do that the major “once in a lifetime” events.

        • I am not sure what exactly your rant is because nobody is forcing you to be “friends” with that person. It is an opt in system. Opt out if you don’t like the pics. I block people whose posts annoy me. Easy fix. As for me. I post pictures of my kids (couple times a month probably) because they are the greatest joy in my life. Sorry if that is offensive.

    • It’s a trend, people will tire of it, the next great thing will roll into town, and we’ll eventually move on/move away from Instagram.

    • I have always found instagram cheesy. Oooh, let’s take a mediocre photo and jazz it up with some effects to make it “arty.”

    • I’m ok with Instragram in some instances. It’s a good way for someone who takes mediocre pictures to make them more visually powerful. To that extent it’s a useful tool for someone who takes snapshots with their iPhone and shares them on facebook. I personally would rather see Instagrammed photos than washed out dull ones.

      On the other hand, anyone who’s even remotely interested in photography can spend 1-2 minutes making a few adjustments in Picasa that will greatly improve their pictures without making them so gimmicky. I do get annoyed when people who use Instragram act like they’re creating art.

    • Oh, and I can share in this rant too:

      “I need to figure out why I seem to attract inappropriate and uncomfortable behavior from men. Why am I a target? I try to let my guard down, and be more “friendly” to people, and this is what happens. Meanwhile I can’t seem to make friends with other females to save my life.”

      That’s me, exactly. It’s like it’s not possible to find someone who wants to have a conversation with me that’s not interested in my body.

      • Ha! Reminds me of a guy at the bus stop who once said “I want to take you out to the club,” but added “…don’t worry, it’s not sexual.” Riiight, because we’ve become SUCH GOOD, PLATONIC FRIENDS while waiting for the bus these last 3 minutes!

      • I had very few female friends in college, and I know how you feel. Having moved up here, I actually have more girl friends than guys. My two best friends not in DC are guys, but I have definitely been frustrated by my lack of ability to make good girl friends. Sorry that this was a completely useless post advice-wise, but I can commiserate…and tell you that inexplicably things can change before you know it.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Looked at the weather report for Naples FL instead of DC and got all excited because the highs were in the low 90s. Then the radio clued me into my mistake. High 90s for DC.

    Rave: The heat wave is supposed to break on Sunday.

    Rave: I thought my ac was making death noises last night, but it was just people setting off fireworks on the roof next door.

  • Rave: Awesome time at the Airmen’s grounds last night!

    Rave: Petworth’s local fireworks were incredible and way better than the Mall.

    Rant: Couldn’t hear the gunshots because of all the fireworks!

  • Rant: fireworks until 2 am.
    Rave: earplugs.

    Rant: having buyers remorse over a couch and loveseat we purchased yesterday.
    Rave: being able to call and cancel the order without any penalties.

    Rant: looming fight over paint colors. Why do all the men I’ve paint-shopped with always think darker, brighter, louder is better? It is going to dry a darker shade than the color swatch damnit!!!! Worried that our “compromise” is going to leave us with a house that resembles a pre-school play room.

    • I always get the testers and put big squares on the wall to see how it looks. A rule of thumb that works for me is that if I like a color on a swatch at the paint store, the right choice will be two shades lighter.

      • I wish you could call my guy up and tell him this!! He just won’t believe me about the shades of paint.

        • This is why they big test squares are important. That way, you can prove it to him. BTW, I’m a man, and this is how I learned that lighter is better.

      • Also helps to go greyer than original color, like if you like light blue, go for a dusty blue.

    • Congratulations Squish! Did you guys buy/get that house together? I think I recall that you wanted to but haven’t been around for a while to know if you actually did.

      • Thanks! Yes, we put an offer in on an enormous condo in Takoma Park–we close at the end of the month!

        • Great to hear. Could you give your SO 1 room to decorate (paint any color) and then compromise in your areas or shared areas. That way if he decides to paint the room velvet rope red or midnight blue, it would be your SO’s space. Not sure if that would be a possible option.

          • Yes, I’ve suggested that, and he still isn’t sold on my shade theory. I love bright colors, but not eye-sore colors. A “nice bright” green color without it being “GREEN, I LOVE GREEN, GREEN WAS ONE OF MY SCHOOL COLORS GROWING UP, DO YOU LOVE GREEN AS MUCH AS I DO?” green.

            Ya know?

          • Men tend to have a hard time with subtlety.

    • I have paint buyer remorse, should have gone for darker grey, looks like dirty white instead. And i’m a fan of doing one wall a dark color, and the other ones one or two notches lighter on the color stick thingy that you get at paint stores.

    • I’m female and I agree with all the men you’ve painted with. What’s the point of painting if you don’t make an actual change? There’s nothing worse than a wall that clearly looks like somebody couldn’t commit to a color. My parents’ house is painting in varying shades of beige and grey and it makes me crazy. I’d much rather have an all white house than that.

    • greenroofgoddess

      Three suggestions:
      1) Pick up a color deck from Duron or Ben Moore. Go to a few open houses in high end neighborhoods where people have good decorators(or your friends’ homes) and see what colors you like on the walls. Compare the wall to the colors in the color deck, and mark the ones that most closely match–that will give you the best idea of what a color will look like in a room and you’ll both be on the same page re the difference between the room and the chip.

      2) Put all your paint chips together (including rooms that are staying the same) and make sure the entire color scheme looks good. Individual colors may look nice alone, but look hideous when near each other–or be really jolting when you walk (or view) from one room to the next.

      3) If you have crown molding, consider painting your ceiling 2 shades lighter than your walls–it will make the crown pop instead of blend into the white ceiling.

  • My wife and I are considering moving into a (rental) home right near Sherman Circle NW. One acquaintance of my mine has said that the Sherman Circle area is dangerous and that we should not move there. Some other people I know think it would be OK (especially if we were not walking around late at night). I would greatly appreciate feedback and insights from others who know the area before making this decision.

    • Put the address of the rental home in here and take a look – http://crimemap.dc.gov/CrimeMapSearch.aspx.

      • Thanks – I had checked the crime maps and noticed a few shootings nearby; google search shows articles about a Catholic U student was shot while biking through there at 12:30 a.m. two years back, but I wanted to try to get a more personalized understanding, perhaps from folks who lived in the area . . .

    • anon. gardener

      i live right near Sherman Circle, and I love my neighborhood. It doesn’t seem to be any crime-ier than other areas.

      • Anongardner – my wife and I liked the neighborhood when we walked around it during the day and early evening. We thought it looked nice. We just know people who live closer to the Georgia Ave/Petworth metro who expressed reservations when they heard about our possible plans to move there, which made us think a bit . . .

      • (Anongardener — thanks for the reply. We were hoping to hear from people who lived nearby.)

    • I live right near Sherman Circle and I don’t feel any less safe there than I do down by the Petworth Metro; or any less safe than I do walking around Columbia Heights, Adams Morgan, Parkview, and so on. It is more residential than those other areas though, so you don’t get the same amount of foot traffic (which may make it feel more or less safe, depending on your point of view.)

      Also, if I’m being honest, I get the impression that there are particular blocks that are “problem areas” so your experience might vary depending on where near Sherman Circle you’re talking about.

      But do check the crime stats and crime maps, and compare the numbers to other areas.

  • Rant: I have no idea what day it is.

  • Rant: Woke up late and hungover today. My bike had a flat tire, so I had to drive to Metro. Got to Metro and realized I forgot my work badge. I wonder what else can go wrong today?

    Rave: Power came back Sunday night. It’s nice to AC, electricity and running water.

  • Seriously, what was up with all the garbarge on the streets last night? More than I usually see. Did I miss the ode to patriotism somehow? How Americana. Heh. Maybe everyone was too busy reveling and mesmerized by the fireworks to clean up after themselves.

  • Rave: I am 13 weeks pregnant today! After IVF, never thought I would even get this far.
    RANT: my dr “lost” the blood work for some critical prenatal testing. Apparently its been lost for two weeks and they failed to tell me this until last tuesday. The window of opportunity for non-invasive/safe testing is now closed. This is gross negligence to put it mildly. Hoping that the statistical odds of a good outcome are still in my favor.
    Rant 2: christ this heat is making me sweat like a stuck pig.

    • Yikes, I’m so sorry your doctor’s office sucks. I’m sure I’d be really upset, but odds are surely high that everything is fine. I hope they get it together and pull through for you.

      And congrats on getting to 13 weeks! I’m 8 weeks today and in the anxiety-inducing 4 weeks of no-man’s-land between a good sonogram at 7 weeks and another visit at 11 weeks.

      The up side for both of us is that we won’t be suffering through a DC summer in the third trimester!

    • We missed that window of opportunity too (got the ultrasound too late), although we got a less assuring, “I don’t think I saw anything on your last ultrasound.” But, if you think about it, billions of children were born perfectly healthy without this kind of testing. And you’ll get to the point later in your pregnancy where you’ll be worrying why he/she isn’t kicking at their appointed hour that they usually do, or what that pain is, or if the baby is going to turn around that you’ll probably forget about not getting this testing. There’s tons and tons to worry about with kids, and it never stops; if it’s not one thing, it’s something new. People kept telling me to “let go and let god” (or whatever similar phrase you’d like to use), and that was maddeningly impossible. Baby is going to be fine! Good luck, mama!

  • rave: love my job
    rant: after reading through last friday’s post about salaries, i feel a bit down. i’m finding it harder and harder to accept the fact that my job (in a fellowship at an art museum) just doesn’t pay enough to even be comfortable in this city and the career itself is so unstable. it was ok in my 20s to live like this, but in my 30s its so much harder.

    • A fellowship at an art museum is a pretty cool job and you said that you love your job. Hope that counts for something. Most people are stuck in jobs, even if they pay a lot more, that they hate. I don’t know if it’s enough to pay the bills but hopefully it is so you can have your cake and eat it too.

    • Any chance you can marry rich?

  • greenroofgoddess

    Rave: All our neighbors on the Holmead/13th alley! 3rd year for our annual alley/balcony water balloon fight. A great way to meet new neighbors and it was a blast as usual. And awesome local fireworks display by our neighbor across the alley–so much better than going to the Mall.

    Rave: Roof garden on the 4th! No better place for a panoramic view of all the fireworks from MD to VA!

  • Rave: Fourth of July on a kayak on the Potomac. This is one of the best times to be had in DC. We took our 5-year-old for the first time yesterday. It was a huge hit.

    • Do you have your own kayak or can you rent them at night on the 4th? We were wondering last night… looks really fun!

    • We bought one last year and love it. We were renting from Jack’s, but they have become so expensive with all sorts of crazy rules, and we became fed up. An issue for us was storage space and a car rack, so we got an inflatable from Sea Eagle. This is no air mattress, it’s a substantial boat that we feel comfortable putting our young son in. We go out several times each summer, and it’s always a great time.

      • Thanks for the info! We rent out kayaks a lot in the summer and have considered buying, but as you mentioned storing it is an issue. Glad to hear the inflatables are a good option.

    • I’ve thought about taking my kayak out on the 4th, but have worried about being run over by drunk boaters and not being seen by other boaters. Obviously, you felt safe or you wouldn’t have done it, but what about those issues?

      I went kayaking at Jug Bay yesterday, but no fireworks.

      • We’ve been kayaking on the Fourth for 10 years now with no issues. Yes, there are drunk boaters out there, but their boats are anchored during the fireworks. Also, there are a whole lot of kayakers and canoers on the river, so there are strength in numbers. We also take basic safety precautions like life vests and a bright flashlight attached to the front of the boat.

  • Rant: My girlfriend went to get her driver’s license today but failed the vision test. There were supposed to be 12 letters in a row but she could only see 8 of them as being there. Understandably she’s really worried about her eyes now. Has this happened to anyone else? I have a lazy eye, and when I take these tests I need to close the non-lazy eye to make half the letters appear, so I’m hoping it’s something minor like that.

    • I have 20/20 vision (thanks to Lasik in 1999) but I had a hard time reading the letters last time I took the driver’s test. I didn’t fail, but I sure didnt get them all righ either.

      • It’s not that she couldn’t make out the letters, but that she couldn’t see that four of them were there at all.

    • Yes, I have a lazy eye as well, my left eye is terrible. I failed the driver’s test too. I had to get a letter from my eye doc that I have in fact had an exam within the last year and that I can drive with corrective lenses.

    • Yes. I suffered a retinal detachment in my right eye that left me with very little vision. As a result, I can only see 8 of the 12 characters. As in, I can’t see them at all. This is how it usually goes at the DMV.

      Me: “F, R, C, S, 4, 5, A, B”.
      Employee: Keep going.
      Me: There aren’t any more.
      Employee: *puzzled*

      I live in MD and they gave me a special form that my eye doctor had to fill out. The whole process (mostly the DMV part of it) can be humiliating if you end up dealing with an employee who is a jerk. One guy told me that “I should get my eyes checked out” because I “have a problem”. Um…yeah. Thanks for the newsflash.

      • Oh, and I got the Corrective Lenses restriction on my license in addition to “Outside Mirrors Each Side”.

      • I just spoke with her again– fortunately we have a wonderful eye doctor nearby who was able to see her right away. She’s had a detached retina as well and it sounds like her problem was the same as yours. The doctor said her eyes are perfectly fine for driving, and that a lot of people have this problem with the DMV’s machines, and he filled out the form for her to take back to the DMV. The incident made her panicky because she’s had a lot of eye issues and was worried that a new problem had cropped up (and the DMV employee’s attitude didn’t exactly help) so I’m relieved to hear it’s nothing.

    • I failed the eye test years ago, and that was how I found out I needed glasses. It was sorta embarrassing because I otherwise would have had no idea.

      • Yeah, that’s one thing, but not being able to see something that’s right in front of your face, that someone is insisting is there, is kinda scary.

  • Fireworks at the Old Soldier’s Home! An absolutely perfect evening with my family and friends on their beautiful grounds. A HUGE thank-you to the Armed Forces Retirement Home for opening the grounds and the Friends of the Old Soldier’s Home for organizing. If anyone has the contact info to join the Friends of the Old Soldier’s Home, please post the link, I would like to join.

  • Rave: really awesome and a little scary fireworks on Kalorama/Champlain last night!

    Rant: i keep thinking it’s monday.

  • Rant: Co-worker complaining that someone took the last paper cup but didn’t replace with new cups. Said co-worker then went to get new cups but didn’t tell me she took the last cups from the box so I need to order more. ::smacks forehead:: Same co-workere complains about *everything* to the point that people roll their eyes when she starts to speak.

    Rave: Great July 4th! Had a great view of the fireworks from the Washington Monument and, thanks to the heat, it wasn’t as crowded as usual.


    Rant: Tired and grumpy, and really confused as to which day it is.

    • I live really close and ended up seeing both the real thing and the rehearsal (well, until we had to evacuate). I loved the camera footage of John Williams conducting with the Capitol behind him– there was something really surreal about it.

      Also, I think your co-worker should invest in a ceramic mug. It drives me crazy when people who work in the building everyday are still using paper cups– it’s such a wasteful practice! They should be for visitors only.

  • MsNesbitt

    RAVE: My dream job just opened up and I submitted an application this morning!

    RANT: I’m sure 100s of other qualified people will also be submitting an application, and I have no internal referral to get me through to the first round of interviews. I hate that internal referrals are so crucial to the process.

  • Rant: My “love life” – it just keeps getting worse and worse!
    Rave: Good friends who happen to be in the same boat

  • em

    Revel: Wii…I’ve always had fun playing at other people’s houses, and now we have one of our own, thanks to some nice folks who got us one as a wedding present

    Rant: All the heat and humidity is making my asthma really act up

    Revel: Delicious breeze while watching the fireworks last night

  • Revel: I had no idea but I had panoramic views of all the fireworks display from my rooftop – ooops!

  • Rant-ish: PoP isn’t updating in my GoogleReader anymore. Anyone know how to fix this?

  • Rant: CAN’T FOCUS at work today at all.

  • Rant: Getting really frustrated and sad with relationship troubles. My dude is a wonderful person, and we have such a good time together, but we seem to end up in arguments more and more. We each have mental/emotional issues (some similar, some different) that make navigating the whole thing that much harder, but I don’t think these are insurmountable problems. I am starting to think, though, that he’d be happier alone than with me. 🙁

    • claire

      Are the two of you seeking help independently? I’m a big proponent of therapy – it’s helped me a lot in the past (anxiety issues). I think one of the key things that therapy helped me learn is how to take a step back when I feel myself taking out my issues on other people. It’s still pretty difficult when I’m under a lot of stress, but it’s made my relationships a whole lot easier, and I’ve also been able to let significant others know what they can say/do to help me calm down when needed.

  • Rave: I just got back from an amazing vacation in Cancun with my even more amazing boyfriend!

    Rant: It was so much cooler and breezier in Mexico, this DC weather is really the worst. AND going back to work SUCKS!

  • Rave: Awesome view of the fireworks from Glover Park last night. Fireworks as far as the eye can see in all directions!

  • Rave: Fireworks last night all over the city, view from roof in Logan’s Circle was BEAUTIFUL! Not as beautiful– kids shooting fireworks at.. each other down 14th.

    Rant: So fed up with skeezy guys making weird/vulgar comments in broad friggin daylight. I’m considering wearing garbage bags/clown makeup on my walk to and from work to avoid this. Any other suggestions?

    • Can you just try ignoring the comments? I know easier said than done. But that way you can keep being beautiful without having to resort to wearing garbage bags!

    • I don’t think it matters. I seem to get more vulgar comments in the winter, when I’m bundled up in a bulky coat and my skin is pale and blotchy. It’s worse to know that someone’s thinking of me in that way on days that I don’t even look good. I think that stuff is pretty easy to ignore though. It’s just background noise.

  • Temp predictions keep going up…Saturday predictions are now 105 instead of 102. I suppose at those numbers, does it really make a difference? Sigh.

  • Ewwww! The creepy old 72 year old muscle-guy advert got bigger! I was just clicking over looking for a little diversion from work and now I may vomit.

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