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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or rejoice about daily life in DC.

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  • RANT: I almost hit someone on a bicycle this morning as I was pulling out of my parking space. The bicyclist was going the wrong way on a one-way street. He proceeded to yell and scream profanities at me. These morons petition for more bike lanes in the city and then when they get them they do not know how to use them. MPD needs to start writing tickets to these idiots!!

    • “They.” Because your idiot cyclist is among those who petition for more lanes who are also the same people who do not know how to use lanes. Right. Great logic there.

    • I totally agree with you. Some cyclists totally ignore the face that a one-way street means just that….ONE WAY! I have also had a few close calls with bikes…..especially when they do not stop at a STOP sign.

      • +2 on this one. I see cyclists going the wrong way down Kalorama Rd towards 16th street all the time. Just because you’re cycling your groceries home doens’t mean you get to go the wrong way down a one-way street. I swear someone is going to cycle into my car (not me hitting them) because they were breaking the law and will try to blame me for it. Nuh-uh, idiots, no way.

      • After watching countless cars completely blow through intersections where the traffic lights lost power this weekend, maybe we can just acknowledge that idiots use all forms of transportation?

        • Exactly, Slim! I basically put my life into jeopardy crossing Grant Circle every day. Yesterday, as I was crossing some jack ass couldn’t even be bothered to slow down at all (and he had more than enough time to see me and slow down)… so he straddles the lane to barely avoid missing me and then proceeds to screech his tires as loud as possible trying to make the turn onto New Hampshire.

    • Rant: People who see one person doing one activity recklessly and lump all other people who do that activity in with them.

      Rant: I once saw a car do something they are not allowed to do. These morons petition for less funding for bikes and pedestrians making the street more congested and less safe for everyone.

      • This is why as a full-time pedestrian, I am superior to all of you drivers and cyclists.

      • “One” person. I drive to work down 14th street every morning and between Irving and the circle, I haven’t enough fingers and toes to tally the number of cyclists I see blowing through every redlight, jumping from sidewalk to street back to sidewalk to avoid stopping at stop signs (nearly wiping out pedestrians) and crossing 3 lanes of traffic with nary a look or signal.

        I much preferred when the only cyclists on DC streets were the messengers. They were definitely a-holes but atleast they occasionally followed the rules of the road.

        • I presume you have enough fingers and toes to count the cars you have seen engaging in reckless behavior on the road.

          Look, I am a biker and I don’t approve of biking the wrong way down one-ways, blowing through red lights & stop signs (though I think it is okay to treat those on a non-busy/wide street as a stop sign), and hoping on and off sidewalks, etc… But plenty drivers in this city and elsewhere have a horrible attitude towards bikers because some people don’t follow the rules of the road and bike dangerously, but plenty of cars do the same.

          • Given the number of cyclists who claim to be upset with these scofflaws, I never see that many cyclists actually following the law. I understand jumping the red when there is no cross traffic present is not dangerous, but breaking the law safely is still breaking the law.

          • Okay, so every car that goes 5mph, actually make that 1mph over the speed limit is breaking the law safely. Every car that doesn’t come to a complete stop at a stop sign is breaking the law safely.

      • If you think that a higher percentage of drivers are recklessly disobeying the law (you dont get to count going 60mph in a 55mph zone) than bikers are, you live in a dream world.

        Drivers are capable of doing some really stupid and dangerous things, but it happens rarely, especially considering how many cars are on the road. Odds are, I’ll see a handful of bikes whenever I’m out walking or driving, and at least one, if not a majority, do something extremely dangerous just in the few seconds I can see them. That said, there are many bikers who are very responsible, careful, and respectful… just not nearly as many as there are bikers who are not.

        • last I checked there were not very many 55mph zones in DC. Most streets are 25-35mph and going 35 in a 25 is much different than going 60 in a 55.

          I see plenty of reckless behavior from bikers, drivers and pedestrians.

          • OH! You got me! However, you’ve traveled outside of the city once or twice, and you’ve actually seen that these mythical speed limits do exist, so you understand the example, right?

            Damn, I can see how using an example that is uncommon in this exact jurisdiction completely invalidated what I was saying.

          • you completely failed to understand the point I was making.

        • I would like to add: Using a cell phone while driving.

    • As a biker, these people are one of my pet peeves. They put themselves and other bikers at risk. I hope DC police will start enforcing. People need to drive and bike in a way that is predictable. I’m so frustrated with being a biker in this city of shitty bikers.

  • Rave: I have power (and never lost power over the weekend).

    Rant: A lot of other people don’t have power.

  • Rant: No power in my apartment. Units, hallways, and parking garage are totally dark.

    Rant: I’m waiting on a phone interviewer that was supposed to call at 10. As a very punctual person, this irritates the crap out of me.

    • Maybe the person that was going to interview you lost power and cant retrieve your contact information.

    • Are people helpless in this city. I understand not going near downed wires but it seems there are so many trees blocking the roads near where I am that just sit there. Come on citizens, clear your streets.

      • If they are near where you are, why are the limbs still in the road? YOU can get out and move them.

  • anonymouse_dianne

    RANT: Trees down on New Hampshire Ave between Oglethorpe and Peabody has resulted in the Washington Animal Rescue League http://warl.org losing power. Donations of gasoline for the generators and ice for the doggies and kitties are appreciated.

  • anonymouse_dianne

    Power is out at the Washington Animal Rescue League. They could use ice and gas for the generators.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Didn’t lose power at my apartment.

    Rant: Ran into my favorite apartment manager who has been promoted to a different building. He’s moving there as well. Boooo.

    Rant: Work has power, so no day off for me.

  • alxindc

    Revel: The storm over the weekend, reminded me how what we call civilization, hangs on a thin red line, and that I should be even more appreciative of what I have.

  • Power stayed on through the storm, only to fail at 10PM last night (transformer blow-out?). Probably last in line for service behind all the storm damange. Ugh.

  • Did anyone in Tenleytown/Van Ness area hear those weird loud noises from midnight on last night? It sounded like bursts of radio scramble sounds. I could hear it through the sliding doors of my apartment!

  • Revel: I didn’t lose power!

    Rant: My allergist’s office is inexplicably closed, despite being downtown and not losing power. I’m pretty sure my sinuses are going to explode.

  • talula

    Rave: Had a relaxing time at the Eastern shore this weekend. Left DC early on Friday and avoided the traffic and storms. Came home to discover our apartment building never lost power during the storm. Very thankful to have A/C.

    Rave: The Capital Weather Gang twitter feed

    Rant: So many people still without power

    Rant: Someone was mugged right outside my building yesterday late afternoon. I had just come back from a walk alone when I found out 🙁 I always felt really safe around my neighborhood and it sucks when this happens, especially during the day.

  • Rant: Why is D.C.’s Mayor Vincent Gray? Is he still in China during this crisis? I’ve seen both Governors from Maryland and Virginia on NBC4 News.

    Rave: I didn’t loose power.

  • RAVE – To Sam the bike clinic guy at the Mt. Pleasant farmers market. My bike is back to good as new.

    RANT – City Bikes wanted $150 to do the work and was so backed up they wouldn’t have even started on it until July 5th. Those guys clearly don’t need my business.

  • Rave: So thankful for electricity, air conditioning, clean water, and public transit.

    Rant: Since I had power, Starbucks in Adams Morgan had power, and DCA had power, I thoughtlessly assumed that the rest of the area would be relatively ok… So, my boyfriend and I continued on with our errands and plans to go furniture shopping. Boy was I not thinking clearly. We drove up to Rockville where 90% of stores had lost power or credit card machine access, and the lights were 95% out, trees were down everywhere, and traffic was unbearable. Really made me think about how reliant we are on failing infrastructure systems and how screwed we’d actually be in a terrorist attack/emergency.

    Rave: For the first time ever. Ever. I was impressed with Maryland drivers’ ability to correctly use the busted lights as 4-way stops fairly smoothly. Yes, Maryland drivers. Wow.

    • Yeah, I assumed the power outages weren’t as bad as they are, since everything in the city seemed to be fine. When I got to work this morning I found out that nearly everyone in the suburbs had lost power, and the majority of them still don’t have it back.

  • Pepco is asking for a rate increase from D.C. and Montgomery County residents.

    Pepco is requesting a $42 million rate increase in D.C.

    Over my dead body! Faints at computer!

  • Rant: No power. My poor kitty slept on top of the ice pack I had on my forehead last night.

    Rave: Capitol Cat Clinic took her in as a refugee so she didn’t have to boil in my apartment today.

    Rave: Just got an email from my apartment complex that the power should be restored by 9 PM tonight. I really hope this is a true story!

  • Can someone explain the logic behind DPR’s extended hours logic? They extended the opening hours of pools (and spray parks?) a couple weeks ago, but this weekend’s similar heat had no such response. Especially given how many folks were without power, it would have made more sense this weekend, no?

    Also, why do the spray parks have such limited hours? They mostly turn on the water at 11 or noon– exactly the hour when we should be taking our kids in out of the sun. Does it really cost so much in terms of electricity to run the pumps? I don’t understand DPR’s thinking at all.

  • Rave: Didn’t lose power.
    Rant: Lost internet for almost 24 hours, which is life threatening.
    Rave: baked a killer rhubarb pie on Sunday.

  • While I hope that people didn’t suffer damage from the storms from Friday, I know that many did in numerous ways (from power outages, to fallen trees, sustaining damage to homes, cars, and even loved ones). Godspeed to those who are dealing with the mess and I wish for a quick recovery for you. These events are terrible and especially so given that we are in a week of staggering heat and humidity.

  • Which pool? Banneker or Upshur? Looking for a pool where my little kids can practice swimming with a minimum of interference by rowdy big kids.

    • Francis pool in Foggy Bottom is the best for little kids. They have a walk in children’s pool, and in general, it almost never gets rowdy.

      • Where do you park when you go over to that neighborhood?

        • We just park on the street, which is pretty available on weekends. I agree that Francis is much more sedate. We usually end up going to Upshur because it’s closer, but it’s total mayhem at that pool. They do have a kiddy pool, which we haven’t used. They don’t seem to enforce many of the rules at Upshur, whereas Francis can be overly uptight.

          • DPR needs to permanently open the pools EARLIER. noon on a weekend is about three hours too late. and 7am during the week would at least make them available for lap swimming. The population is growing in DC (17k in two years in HUGE) and DC needs a plan to acocmodate all the recreation needs.

          • +1 on that! i don’t want to bake in the high sun, i would totally go from 10 to 12 if they were open. For now I go after 4 pm.

        • it’s a 15 min walk from Dupont Metro, if that’s an option for you.

    • Volta Park pool in Georgetown is also good for little kids and parking isn’t usually difficult.

  • rave: never lost power over the weekend

    rant: I did lose internet…. going on day 3 without internet at home. currently evading work to get my internet fix.

  • Rant: seeing so many young kids applying to graphic design jobs at my company with master degrees, which are absolutely unnecessary, i promise you! go to a good state school that has good reputation, and you are golden.

    rave: i’m glad i didn’t waste any money.

  • Rant: Super anxious today for some reason.

    Rave: So thankful I didn’t lose power this weekend. I lost AC last year around this time when it was super hot, and was unbearable for me and my dog. I couldn’t imagine that for days on end.

    Rant: Tired of seeing pictures icy cold alcoholic beverages posted on FB.

    Rant: A friend who has become distant lately.

    Rave: Networking. Putting myself out there. Even though it makes me a nervous wreck.

  • Rave: We maintainted power the entire weekend while the apartment right next door and street behind were without. I wish I knew my neighbors so we could invite them over for some nice AC.

    Rant: Having a day off in the middle of the week is killer. I wish it was a Monday or Friday!

    Rave: Vacation in 10 days!

    Rave: Magic Mike from the third row and Memphis from the first row of Tier 2 at the Kennedy Center. Not that I should really compare the two…

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