Protein Bar Opening in Penn Quarter this August

7th and D St, NW courtesy of Protein Bar

Back in March we first heard protein bar was coming to the corner of 7th and D St, NW. Here’s a bit more info from a press release:

Chicago-based PROTEIN BAR will open a Washington, DC restaurant in August at the corner of 7th and D Streets NW in Penn Quarter, the first of several planned location in the DC metropolitan area. With a high protein, nutrition-rich and healthy carb menu, Protein Bar is designed for professionals on the go.

PROTEIN BAR ‘s menu will include customizable high-protein blended drinks, bowls, fresh-made chili, soups, salads, and the signature PROTEIN BAR-RITOs. Mindful of freshness and quality, PROTEIN BAR sauces and dressings are made in-house daily. All menu items are high in protein and fiber and low in empty calories and refined sugar. PROTEIN BAR uses organic, all-natural, and locally-sourced ingredients and provides a complete list of all nutritional information and ingredients for their entire menu.

Matt Matros, founder of PROTEIN BAR, opened the first restaurant in Chicago in May 2009 after shedding 60 pounds by following a high-protein diet. He created the eatery as a place where healthy food that provides the right balance of protein, good fat and healthy carbs can be universally accessible and affordable.

PROTEIN BAR at 7th and D Streets NW will serve seven days a week from 7 a.m. until 9 p.m., Monday through Friday and 10 a.m. until 6 p.m., Saturday and Sunday.

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  • Walked pass one in Chicago when we were there and the line was out the door. However, the name of the place is unfortunate. Or I have a dirty mind. Or both!

  • Looks great! Love the vegan options and that they’re labeled. Will definitely be going out of my way for lunch here.

  • Is this even good? It sounds awful, by name only. I’m willing to give it a chance but I thought protein shakes were a fad diet that were long gone…apparently not!

  • isn’t this like 15 years too late to the party? the whole gimmick is a turnoff to me, just like people who instead of saying fish, chicken, or beef, say “protein”. do they understand that tons of foods have protein?

  • I’m actually really looking forward to this new option. Perfect for when you get tired of the sweetgreen/chopt/pret routine. There aren’t enough healthy options out there!

  • I’ve been to this place in Chicago and it was fantastic. Had a vegan quinoa and kale wrap and a fresh green juice. In my opinion, it’s great option for delicious and quick vegetarian/vegan food and a welcome addition to DC.

  • AWESOME. It’ll be nice to diversify if you want to be healthy and eat something other than salads every day. Hope they open strategic locations next to gyms.

  • mmmm.. just what I’m thinking when I starving for sumthing good “protein”!

  • Crew Club changed it’s name?

  • This is great. I have vegan co-workers who would love something like this.

  • I am skeptical of the organic claim. Many places say “uses organic ingredients” because many people are willing to pay more but in reality it is just a marketing plot. Both Pret and Sweetgreen make the “organic” claim and use about 5% or less certified organic ingredients on average.

    Having said that, I will try it out since I can’t get organic ingredients readily at food places in DC. I can count them on one hand!

  • LOVE the idea of this place! It takes me an hour to get to DC but I will definitely be coming to check this restaurant out. I hope they expand to MD and open up some new locations soon.

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