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  • Damn, they already have a locations on 11th and H, NW and 15th and K, NW. Overload much?

  • Seriously. Not sure how that makes sense. Unless they’re following the Starbucks model.

    And could we get a GOOD lunch spot in this area for a change?

    • I have two words for you my friend – DISTRICT TACO! ; ) Go before 12 or after 1:30. Tuesday and Fridays are fish taco days. Yummm! I am headed there now for a breakfast taco.

  • PoP, I love you, but it’s = it is. Its = its.

  • Most of their stuff is “meh”… but gosh, their bacon and egg breakfast sandwich is FANTASTIC!!!!!

    sometimes I think about it at night… it haunts me in my dreams.

  • I really like Pret for a quick lunch. It’s certainly a big upgrade over the Quizno’s that used to be either in or near that spot. And given that it’s a block from my office, I’m not complaining about another one.

    Also, to Anon, ummm, good lunch spot? How about Cafe Phillips, which is about as good a sandwich place as you will find in the District.

    As for District Taco, I really don’t get the hype / insane lines. I waited in the ridiculously long line only for them to completely and totally screw up my order, and I then didn’t have time to go and have them re-do it. And it wasn’t like it was anything particularly special in all events, just fine.

    • Thanks for the suggestion, but I don’t particularly care for sandwiches, or Cafe Phillips. Not much on their menu I’d eat. And I probably wasn’t clear–I’m close to the 15th and Vermont Pret location, not this new one. Just think it’s silly that yet another mediocre spot is opening so close to its other locations. But I’m not in that business, so I may be completely off base.

  • I love that Pret has come to DC, but I agree that there really are enough of them downtown. It’d be great for them to add one at Pentagon City or in actual Dupont, where grab and go is helpful. How about 14th and P where that gross fish place is? Not enough cheap-er grab and go around there (other than Sweetgreen, which as much as I love, has been going downhill IMO [not as much attention to detail lately]).

  • Pret’s cheddar and tomato sandwiches are fantastic. I could eat those things all day, every day. The bagged popcorn is pretty delicious too…tastes like it’s made in one of those old fashioned poppers with a crank.

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