PoP Preview – Izakaya Seki Coming to 1117 V Street, NW

1117 V St, NW

We’re getting very close to Izakaya Seki opening at 1117 V St, NW. Check out the note posted on the door:

Tons of good info on their website. Check out their menu here and drinks menu here. See why I’m so psyched for this place? This is the real deal.

So keep your eyes peeled for the red lantern in a couple of weeks – which will signal they are open:

And here’s a quick preview. The first floor:

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Stairs to 2nd floor

2nd floor

2nd floor

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  • They’ve really done a nice job; I’m sure there will have to be minor modifications going forward as they sort things out, but a lot of hard work and effort has paid off in a great-looking, unique (for DC) place. I’m sure they’ll do great there. Website and menu also look really nice.

    • I guess it’s safe to say the Japanese cuisine invasion is finally coming to DC. It’s great to see places with communal seating moving in (The Sushi Bar). Saku Ramen (In Adam’s Morgan) was amazing to me because most of the seating is social yet comfy, not just bound to separated tables where people bring their friends and sit using their cell phones…

      I like the idea of communal seating because it encourages strangers to meet each other and talk about the food and the community. Great chance to meet people who are into the same things that you are. This will be a big trend in restaurants by next year! Looking forward to trying Seki out!

      • I prefer antisocial seating. Give me a nice shoji screen enclosure to dampen an annoying patron’s shrill voice.

  • That menu looks amazing. PoP: please post when you have an actual opening date!

  • No wonder Sotomayor chose to live in this neighborhood. Another awesome score for U Street. I hope cool stuff like this keeps making inroads further East.

  • i was looking at the street view, whats up the house a couple of doors down, its been blurred out by google. http://goo.gl/maps/p16c

    • I think people can request that Google Maps blur out their properties; maybe that was what happened here.

      That house was in the market circa fall 2010; I looked at it, but had reservations about a number of things, one of which was that the house next door (in red in the Street View photo) was really dilapidated.

      I don’t think the for-sale house ended up selling until the house next door was repainted (and maybe had some additional exterior fixes made). I assumed that the seller had probably paid for it to be done, because the property had been on the market for a few months with a few levels of price decreases and it still hadn’t sold.

    • You can request further blurring of a specific image
      We provide easily accessible tools allowing users to request further blurring of any image that features the user, their family, their car or their home. In addition to the automatic blurring of faces and license plates, we will blur the entire car, house, or person when a user makes this request for additional blurring. Users can also request the removal of images that feature inappropriate content (for example: nudity or violence).

  • OMG the menu and place look amazing. Since it will likely get very crowded very fast, I plan to show up at 5pm on the dot. Good thing I live nearby and work from home.

  • claire

    Wow, looks really good – hope the prices are reasonable!

  • Looks fantastic! Can’t wait. Like the wheat IDed on the menu and the vegan possibilities!

  • This does indeed look great – the aesthetic is awesome. Alas, I suspect it will be overrun by the cackling groups that frequent most the nearby restaurants.

  • I was a weekly patron of Seki’s on The Loop. When he sold, my heart-broke. I can’t believe he’s here and back at it. DC is soon to be blessed with many a Leckerbissen. You have no idea how lucky we all are. Enjoy.

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