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  • saw this on Saturday, can’t quite figure out why a restaurant has to close when the owner breaks his foot… think they are pulling a “Radius?”

    • Allison

      Sometimes restaraunt owners are very involved in the daily management of the business. He may not feel comfortable delegating to his current staff, and it’s impossible to properly run a restaurant without running on your feet all day.

  • has anyone ever eaten here? I live a few blocks away and every time I walk by the place is empty. Plus, the reviews (from what I’ve read) are always fair to poor. Is it worth giving this place a try?

    I can’t imagine its a smart move to close for 3 weeks losing all revenue and throwing away basically all the food in your refrigerator to heal from a broken foot, I think there’s something fishy goin’ on…

    • The restaurant has a very small staff and the owner could not leave the operation of the restaurant to the remaining staff. There was really no choice since there was no else to run the restaurant.

  • I’ve eaten there and it really is a great place. Yes the service is slow but it’s worth it, just be patient. And of all the places I’ve eaten in DC the owner is by far the nicest I’ve ever encountered.

    I’m wishing him luck on his speedy recovery!

  • The owner is indeed very involved in the restaurant. He’s warm and fun and committed to ensuring the customer has a good experience all around. Bummer that he’s hurt. The sushi’s good and I’m a huge fan of their tuna tartare dish.

  • This is my favorite sushi place in the city. I have been there numerous times and gotten sushi for carry-out. I highly recommend the spicy kitty roll. I am bummed out it is closed as I am moving in. Two weeks and will probably not get to eat there again.

  • Just wanted to further explain what happened. My father is the owner of the restaurant. He was injured at work when he fell from a ladder while changing a lightbulb. Both feet were broken and as a result, he is confined to a wheelchair and is unable to run the restaurant. As others have stated, my father is extremely involved in the day to day operations and felt that it would be best to close the restaurant until he can get back on his feet.

  • Get well soon Mr. Ha! Plum Blossom is my favorite Restaurant of all time!

  • Anxiously awaiting the re-opening… any word on when that will take place? Hope Mr. Ha’s doing well!

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