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  • Awesome project, and it’s a great place. Though, I don’t buy the “food desert” argument in this case. It’s most commonly used as an excuse for people’s poor food diet choices. If people truly wanted healthy food, it’s certainly possible to grow some plants in the backyard, or take the bus or bike to the store. Even most corner stores have a produce rack, albeit a small one.

  • Wow was that a moving film! We’ll done. I’ve been part of a community garden near the Cathedral for 6+ years. Great to see another has been created and is flourishing. Way to take an underused piece of land and build something for the people of the area.

  • I little too dramatic for my taste

    • Agreed. A bit dramatic.

      There’s a community garden two blocks away at Georgia and Irving. I’m not sure this garden was all that necessary.

  • I love this garden. Josh is a great guy.

  • It’s nice what they are trying to do but honestly… it sucks for those of us who are dog owners in the area. That triangle was a place where a lot of people brought their dogs and let them off-leash. I understand that it wasn’t technically “legal” but it was kind of one of those unspoken agreements. Now they have this garden up and it honestly just looks kind of trashy… spare wood sitting everywhere … dirt piles, rock piles… unkempt basically. When they first started this they had a lot of promises for people with dogs but now it seems those plans/ideas have been thrown out. Disappointing.

  • It’s really disturbing that this garden siphons water from the public fire hydrant. I’ve seen this on numerous evenings, including tonight at 6:45 pm. I’ve often seen a long hose strung up between the garden and the fire hydrant on the NW corner of Kenyon and Park Streets. Since we had a torrential rain storm last night and another planned for tonight, I think it’s a waste of water. I also don’t agree that this group of young adults should take gallons and gallons of water without paying.

    The space looks very messy. I agree with Anonymous that the whole nasty collection of plastic containers and dirty pallets makes the area look worse than the green space it once was. I know several people who grew up playing tag and football in those fields back in the 1950’s and 60’s. I would implore the-called green thumbs to stop driving their minivans onto the field.

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