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Photo tweeted by @jvoss0712

Congrats to SM with:

“I don’t see elephant plaza but I found the metro center”

Runner up to la mome with:

“non, rien de rien
non je ne regrette rien!”

Honorable mention to MSF with:

“The entrance to the American Hogwort’s requires a higher level of trust then it’s British counterpart.”

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  • I don’t get any of these. Explain please.

    • 1) Tourists misunderstanding Metro station names

      2) Don’t know because I don’t speak French

      3) Something to do with Harry Potter, but I’ve never read the books or seen the movies

      • “Non, je ne regrette rien” is a famous french song. It means something like “I don’t regret a thing.” If you listen to the song you’ll get it.

        In Harry Potter, to Board the train to Hogwarts (wizard school) you have to run full-speed at a pillar in a train station in London to go through a portal (or something like that). Having to go to the center of the tracks at Metro Center to get to “American Hogwarts” requires more trust than running at a pillar for “British Hogwarts”

    • I think when this pic was posted originally, PP explained that this was actually a French tourist who was trying to get to the other side.

  • I like #1 and #2. Strongly disagree with giving an honorable mention to a caption containing two incorrect apostrophes and an incorrect word.

  • pretty much ONLY french people would refer to L’Enfant plaza as maybe “Children’s Plaza” rather than “Elephant Plaza” … the confused woman was French, not from Texas.

    FAIL PoP, major FAIL.

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