Petworth’s Safeway Likely Closing in Sept. for Huge Renovation, Temporary Safeway Pharmacy Coming to Georgia and Taylor St, NW

3830 Georgia Ave, NW

It’s been a long time coming but it looks like the huge renovation coming to Petworth’s Safeway is about to kick off. I hear that the Safeway will close in September for demolition and a temporary pharmacy will open up at 4034 Georgia Ave, NW:

You can see a look at the rendering and the plans for the project, here.


4034 Georgia Ave, NW

Petworth Safeway from Interface Multimedia on Vimeo.

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  • PoP,

    Correction: the pharmacy will be at Taylor and Georgia, not Taylor and 14th.

  • Take it from someone who lived through the demolition and rebuilding of the Georgetown Safeway: It’s totally worth the wait.

    One caveat, though: You’re gonna get the same employees when it reopens, so if they’re friendly and helpful, or surly and lazy now, that’s not about to change just because the store is new. The Georgetown Safeway is a mix of some wonderful people and some real a-holes.

    • Excellent news! The employees at this safeway are fantastic! Friendliest in the city.

      • +1 Indeed, what great smiles!

      • binpetworth

        Agreed. Always have a positive experience with the employees here, just hope they open more checkout lines when it expands.

      • Folks at this Safeway definitely lean towards the nicer side of that mix. Twice I’ve seen a cashier reach into his/her pocket for a few cents when someone didn’t have the money to cover a bag. Always professional, always greet me politely. Luckily the company will transfer them to nearby Safeways during the construction so they won’t be out of a job. I hope they come back when it reopens.

      • Couldn’t agree more! The only thing (truly) that I was lamenting about the closing of this Safeway was the possible loss of these employees. Thanks, Petworth Safeway Team!

    • “a mix of some wonderful people and some real a-holes.”

      Sounds like life.

  • orderedchaos

    Finallly!! I’m excited for a Safeway that does *not* smell like pee. And one that has non-rotting food. Huzzah.

  • T

    Can’t wait!! Is there a new ETA on completion?

    • If all the permitting and notifications occur as hoped, there should be groundbreaking in September. I believe the project is still anticipated to take 1.5 years.

  • Please God! Make this happen. I don’t even mind staring at a gaping hole in the ground, just remove that unsightly store from the corner forever!! Actually, can we go there with hammers now? Let it die! LOL.

  • Is there a link to a larger picture of the rendering of the new store bldg?

  • You know what’s funny, there’s no reason why an old ugly falling apart structure should necessarily get rotting produce, whilst a shiny new building will get fresh, delicious produce. Like why couldn’t Safeway be bothered to stock the current store with decent human-grade food before they shut it down?

    • PDleftMtP

      You don’t shop on Columbia Road, do you?

      • PDleftMtP

        That principle has long been established. Sort of why like Bestway has to smell like rotting fish.

        • Next up, Georgia Avenue Murrays!!! Even worse than this Safeway, but preserved for its reminiscent extreme ghettoness…

          • Good news, the GA Murray’s lease is up at the end of the year and their new business model calls for more scale so they are moving from the location.

            Owner of the lot has some great plans for the new space (should I start the rumor of TJ’s? :)…Thank God, talk about pee smell!

          • Good news indeed! In all my years in Petworth, I’ve never shopped there. Hopefully a good restaurant moves in after the building is knocked down forever! LOL.

    • The selection is limited, but I’ve seen worse in terms of quality. The produce in the Safeway on the corner of 15th/H/Bladensburg in NE used to actively molding, even after their renovation. It’s been years since I shopped there so I like to think it’s improved, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

  • Design is rather boring. But still excited to have something new!

    • Boring? Compared to what? That hideous monstrosity that is the Yes market? Or do you like that dumb thing that got built next to Wendy’s? Maybe you prefer the Wendy’s itself? No, this is beautiful, best thing since the building on top of the metro.

      • Girl… I said I was excited but it is still a boring design. I mean if you want to compare it to a Wendy’s then maybe not… haha.

  • I was thinking maybe this could be the “Sassy Safeway” until I read that the new Petworth Safeway will be like the Sexy Safeway in Mt. Vernon. OH NO. That place has a terrible produce section. They might start off on a Tuesday morning at 8 am with a good selection, but every time I swing by there at grocery store rush hour, they are wiped clean of a lot of basic items in the produce department. So I hope this Safeway pays more attention to restocking in anticipation of the pick-up-dinner-after-work crowd. If we’re lucky we can call this one “Super-Stocked Safeway”…..

  • Is Super Safeway taken?

  • Glad it is finally happening. At the 4C meetings this winter, we were told demo would start in May.

  • saf

    Wonder when they are going to notify the adjacent property owners.

    • T

      Unless they’re seeking zoning variances or some other exception, they have no obligation to notify adjacent property owners.

    • All,

      There is an order to giving notice, and working with nieghbors to document existing conditions to ensure there is no damage during construction. They gave notice to the nearby commercially owned buildings. As I understand it, next comes the Safeway union notification, then the houses. I will follow up.

  • Sweet Safeway!

  • Not particularly a fan of Safeway in general but this is great. Cant wait.

  • This is so exciting!!

    The only slight inconvenience I see is, at summer 2013’s roommates turnaround, I”m going to have to tell all the Craigslist potential new roommates that the closest supermarket to Park View, for the first 6 months of their lease will be the Col Heights Giant. That’s a bit far for car-free kids. And to the roommates who moved into the house the past couple of weeks, um, sorry!!

    • There’s Yes right up the street. It’s overpriced but it’s still a grocery store.

      • Yes, I go to Yes! often, and hardly ever to the currently nasty Safeway, and I tell the prospective roommies about it, but I think overpriced usually matters a lot to them, and they’re more likely to walk twenty minutes to a store they can afford, or find a room closer to an affordable grocery store. Or get a bike.

  • Does anyone know how long this might take?

    So excited!!

  • oooOOOooo! Looky what I found:
    (ps Thomas is my favorite cashier. I hope he returns to the store when it reopens…)

    • Uh oh, the video shows a Starbucks. Ouchie Qualia!
      That’s going to be silly. Two coffee shops across the street from each other there, and then none all the way down until Howard University on Georgia.

    • T

      Wow, I haven’t seen that video before — looks fantastic! Can’t wait!

  • I’m sure folks in that neighborhood will be happy to get a new, modernized, and bigger grocery store. But I’ll miss this vintage building—it’s one of the last of the classic old-school mid-century Safeways, with the glass front and sweeping arched roof design. There used to be a ton of these in the metro area but they are rapidly disappearing via demolition or massive renovation. (Granted, I never once set foot in this store. But I admired it’s retro fabulousness when I drove by on Georgia.)

    • I think the fact they are all disappearing tells you something 🙂

      I am happy to see a new building going in, with a much nicer safeway, and a lot more residents within a few blocks of metro. This is very smart growth, and I am happy to see it!

  • Maybe the Starbucks was just filler…?

    • Probably not. Those new fancy Safeways usually have a Starbucks near the cash registers.
      As for the competition: Qualia will need to work harder (and perhaps lower prices?) to maintain its casual business, but the established fans will support Qualia. Also, Starbucks’s Achilles Heel is the quality and taste of the coffee. I don’t drink coffee, but according to my husband, Qualia’s wins against anyone, especially Starbucks.

  • So excited!! Loved the drama of the video. Be sure to watch with sound!

  • I loved the Georgetown Safeway but this design is lacking…

  • I think it has already been named Salvation Safeway, no?

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