Peanut Butter Jelly Time Food Truck Closes

Back in April we learned Peanut Butter Jelly Time food truck was coming to DC. As many predicted they are no longer in operation. Foodtruckfiesta shares the word via PBJ Truck’s facebook page:

As some of you have suspected, we have closed the door on Peanut Butter Jelly Time. We appreciate all of the high-fives & pictures of your notes from Mom, the rest of the city wasn’t ready for us.

“There’s nothing like unrequited love to drain all the flavor out of a peanut butter sandwich”

See you soon..

Here’s what the menu looked like.

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  • “There’s nothing like unrequited love to drain all the flavor out of a peanut butter sandwich”

    What does this even mean??

    • It’s a Charlie Brown quote from the comic strip, Peanuts.

    • It’s a thinly veiled Socialist allegory: the peanut butter is Labor, the bread is the petit bourgeoisie, the unrequited love is the proletariat.

      • Those club-weilding peanut butter and jelly jars remind me of the hammers from Pink Floyd The Wall.

      • This picture is an ANSWER to Communists. It shows we’re awake and not dunking our heads in the sand like a bunch of ostriches. I want this picture to be a commentary on modern conditions, stark realism, the problems that confront the average man…But with a little sex.

        I want this picture to be a document. I want to hold a mirror up to life. I want this to be a picture of dignity – a true canvas of the suffering of humanity…But with a little sex.

      • Sounds like you hit the nail on the head..

  • What a shocker!

  • “…the rest of the city wasn’t ready for us.”

    Yes, DC was simply not ready to deal with this game changing entry into the mobile food service foray. Just as nobody dared to wrap their mind around the implications of Cereal Bowl in Cleveland Park.

  • No wonder! $3 for a pb&j on wonder bread??? WTF

  • If only they’d listened to us!

  • Good riddance. Next time come back with a better idea!

    • Maybe this was a little to sophisticated. How about a truck selling jars of Gerber?

      • Or one that sells apple cores, dead rats and “nothing”, like the vendors in Mel Brooks’ History of the World.

  • How is their sister truck “Cheese and Crackers” doing?

    Although I joke, I do think it takes guts to open you own business, maybe quit a stable job, put your life savings into it etc. For that, I applaud the effort.

  • jim_ed

    “the rest of the city wasn’t ready for us.”

    Between this and the waffle guy, I’m awfully tired of people blaming their lousy business ventures on anything and everything but their own failures.

    Better yet, I think I’ll open up a cart selling foie gras and turd favored sno-cones in McPherson Square, and then say everyone in DC has no palate for the complex flavors of haute cuisine when I don’t sell anything and have to close up shop.

    • Unlike the waffle guy I don’t really think they’re placing blame. “The rest of the city wasn’t ready for us,” is just generic PR-speak for “It was a dumb idea.”

  • Ha! So much hate for this truck. How dare you give me the option to eat PB&J!!!!!!!

  • This truck can now join the cereal restaurant in the half-baked afterlife.

  • But what will become of the dancing bananas on the truck?

  • I believe the owner of this truck has another more successful truck and also a restaurant on H street. So he probably just swung and missed on this one. I doubt they sunk much money into PB & J

    • ah

      How much money could you sink into PB&J? Development costs are basically zero (no menu creativity). Food costs are day-to-day (maybe they tossed some jars of PB or J). Employees are basically that as well.

      So their costs are the truck, which they can resell or repurpose, and licensing fees, and some publicity/PR costs.

  • Their refusal to cut off the crusts is what led to their demise.

  • brookland_rez

    I’m sure no one is surprised.

  • Did Groupon put them into a Jam? Nuts!!

  • Faith in humanity: restored.

  • These food trucks were made for latchkey kids. I am waiting for the Wonderbread bread ball food truck any day now.

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