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  • Have to wonder if they have a billboard permit for this.

  • Um, thanks PoP… Whether its painted on a wall or put up as a traditional billboard, its still an ad. Keep us updated when they change the billboards on New York Ave…

    • I lot of people saw this going up over a couple days and wondered what it was, so I think the posting is perfectly justified. They didn’t ad the Adult Swim info until the very end.

      It was hand painted, not just thrown up by somebody with a squeegee.

  • I don’t really care that it’s an ad. It’s pretty sweet!
    Is this actually painted, or is it on a sheet of some sort attached to the brick wall?

  • Is it a mural or advertisement? I thought murals were art. This is an ad.

    • You really don’t think an ad can contain art?

      • That’s not his point. You do realize that most people view art and advertisements as different things right? The laws treat them differently too.

        And no, this is not art. The “art” is the animated series itself, not a still used as an ad.

  • Dang – the PoP Poster PMS prevails – ease up! Where are all the happy DC ppl these days?!?!?

  • Looks ugly to me, but what is this thing called adult swim?

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