New Gym, ‘Work It’, Coming Soon to U Street

Work It! a Fitness Dance & Wellness Studio featuring zumba, aerobics, dance, tai chi, and pilates is coming to the space behind Lee’s Flower Shop at 11th and U Street, NW. Their website is still not live yet and construction is still going on in the space so stay tuned for more details as they get closer to opening.

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  • Thanks for including us in your top stories, once we are open please stop by for a free class. Work It! Studio has been created with a focus on the entire family. Our goal is to create an open inviting space where everyone is encouraged to get fit. Our client base is diverse and inclusive. Our oldest client to date is 69 years old, while our youngest is 3 months.

    At Work It! Studio, members will participate in WandaWoman Dance Aerobics, Zumba Fitness, SocaCize , Pilates, Tai Chi, Wellness Sessions, Massage Therapy, Meditation, Strength Training, Book Signings, Ballet Barre and Personal Training. In addition, Work It! Studio will be hosting many events highlighting local artists in music, art and theatre productions. Our space is available for your special occasion.

    Work It! Studio is not your average fitness studio. We’re a community that embraces wellness over one’s life span for the entire family.

    We look forward to seeing you at Work It! Studio.

  • I have been working out with Wanda’s fitness program for over 15 years. She gives you an awesome workout and I gurantee you, you will not be disappointed.Come on out if you would like to challenge yourself.

  • I’ve been working out with Wanda and the OVER 40/50 FITNESS DIVAS for over 15 years! It’s the best gathering of women (and a few good men) for fitness and fellowship. The dancing is fun and funky – you don’t even know you’re getting in shape. Come out, not only to get/stay in shape, but to meet new people and make lifelong friends. YOU GO WANDA – FABU!!!!

  • Welcome to the neighborhood!!! This is awesome!

  • This sound fantastic. I’m so excited you’re coming to the U street area!!! Please open quickly 🙂

  • I have seen these women. They amazingly fit and in good shape for their age. Great initiative.

    Will certainly pay a visit.


  • OMG between this news and the new on the Seki place, I think my day is made.

  • Wanda,
    Congratulations on your new studio-can’t wait when it opens. I truly enjoy your classes which are full of energy and gives you a complete workout. You are a devoted true veteran for health and fitness and I applaud you for that. Again, congratulations and I wish you all the best.

  • This is the greatest work out i have ever tried, keeps you fit, gives you energy, and uplifts your spirit.
    I have been working out with wanda for almost 3years, and i must say once you meet her on the dance floor you will never leave… she is a blessed, skilled, talented and caring being/instructor

    Let’s Work iiiiiiiiittt!!!!!!

  • Congratulations Wanda on the new studio/gym!!

    This is a wonderful addition to the U Street neighborhood. I have apart of WandaWoman for over 7 years and have had the pleasure to meet some amazing women and men. WandaWoman does not only work your body but your mind and soul.

    My message to all the newbies: once the studio is open, come out and take a class. You will enjoy the experience and will definitely return for more!

  • I’m truly excited about Work It! Studio on U Street. I am one of the instructor and will be using my creativity and love for dance to give everyone a experience they won’t forget. Looking forward to teaching dance and Zumba Fitness. I’m ready to Work It!

  • Work It!!!! I am sooo excited. A studio for everyone!!! One block for U street metro. I can’t wait to get started. Congratulations Wanda Woman !!!

  • I’ve known and danced with Wanda and the WandaWoman Divas since 1984 – starting during the Spa Lady days. It’s so awesome to hear about Work It! Studio. Congratulations, Wanda. I couldn’t be happier for you. I’m definitely going to fit it in, somehow. Can’t wait for you to open. Miss you guys, a lot! Keep me posted!

  • Hi, I am the 69 year old person and I have been working out with Wanda for over 25 yrs. My life has been changed since I started working out with Wanda and my eating habit has changed for the rest of my life. I have made life long friends that love to dance and I feel as though they they could be my daughters and sons. When I dance with Wanda I feel like I’m in another world. I sing, I scream while I am dancing. WOW!!!! What a wonderful feeling. By the way, When someone has a problem, we pray and meditate to transfer our love, hope and strength to that person. What a blessing.

    Thank YOU,

  • i have to say, i was really excited about this place until i started to read the reviews. they seem like they were written by the same person. i have been reading this blog long enough to know that these are not the usual people or typical comments. your business should speak for itself, not you speaking on your business’s behalf. you, as an owner, have already demonstrated that you’re not trustworthy. bad move.

    • plus, they way the comments are written (poorly), i feel like a nigerian prince is behind all of this…

    • Either that or Wanda gave a bunch of existing clients the URL and asked them to post on this page.

      Either way, it does seem like “stocking the pond.”

      • either way, i’m definitely turned off.
        i’m 31 and a marathon runner. i don’t think my fitness needs are the same as a 69 year old. plus, if the demographic they’re aiming for are geriatrics, this is the wrong neighborhood. finally, “When someone has a problem, we pray and meditate to transfer our love, hope and strength to that person. What a blessing…” I’m DEFINITELY not interested. sounds like a cult.

        • Check yourself before you wreck yourself. you would have a great time and maybe learn a dance move or two. Then again, you are probably stiff as a board.

  • I’ve worked out with Wanda as one of the original “Diva’s of Funk” aerobics and you have not had fun until you have done the WandaWomanWorkout. High energy,low impact, funky,hip and fun. Can’t wait much longer for the big day. This workout will melt the day away and ready you for a wonderfully relaxed evening.
    You gotta try it! One time and your hooked,I guarantee.

  • Could life beyond a post grad age set be trending, in DC? Start spreading the news! The Opening alone will be worth a Bolt return… Work It U Street!

  • OMG, that is so awesome!!! I can’t wait to check out the new studio and get down to business!!! This is a blessing long over due and I’m sure it will thrive!! Can’t wait!!

  • Hi, Wanda, congratulations! You are a true Wonder Woman! I’ve known you and began taking classes with you since before my last child was born – over 20 years! You are a genius fitness guru and a brilliant, steadfast entrepreneur. Will see you soon!

  • Hi Sis, So proud of you! I am excited and so happy!!! Keep working it,I am with you 100%!!!!!!! Love,Harriett

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