Mon. Afternoon Rental Option – H Street/Trinidad

This rental is located at 1600 Maryland Avenue, NE:

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The listing says:

“Dedicated to smart ultra modern & high end design, the Flats at Atlas offers a variety of floor plans with over 25 unique layouts* Dynamic & eclectic H st neighborhood is a mecca for urban nite life* Pets welcome $400 fee + $50/mo* GARAGE* Sec8 welcome* Rents start at $1599-1794/mo and Availability SUBJECT TO CHANGE w/out notice*”

This studio is going for $1,599/Mo.

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  • This ought to be fun…

  • Almost $1,600 for a STUDIO?? And in a still-“transitional” area of town?

    I know the building is brand new and everything, but still!

    • Agreed! $1599 for a studio in this area is RIDICULOUS.

    • Count me in the “this is ridiculous” camp. But someone will pay it, sadly.

      • Yeah, the management of a big building like this must know what they can expect to get for these apartments and have priced it accordingly. That price is insane though.

        Also, the disclaimer “Rents start at $1599-1794/mo and Availability SUBJECT TO CHANGE w/out notice” tells me that the rent is actually going to be higher than $1599.

    • The pet fees make me angry. It’s discrimination. You’re already paying a security deposit, usually 1 month’s rent. Charging someone who has a house trained pet that much is unfair, especially when they don’t have the option of giving up the pet to someone. Highway robbery. I suggest pet owners boycott places with ridiculous pet fees.

      • One man’s beloved pet is another man’s property devaluing stink-factory.

        • Showing you’ve obviously never known how to love anyone other than yourself. I adopted my dog from the Humane Society, saved his life. Probably have rats in your apartment instead.

          • I love my pets quite a bit. But I don’t see how asking people to pay for the costs they create (and pets, on average, create costs) is unreasonable.

          • Q-Street’s just telling it like it is.

          • Pets are like children. Just because you think yours is a super awesome non-annoying non-messy terrific allstar doesn’t mean that is the case. They chew stuff up. They shed. They go to the bathroom/get sick where they shouldn’t. You should be taxed accordingly for the burden that presents the property owner/future occupants.

          • I believe the “uber-douchy” reply referred to is this one, where you say that someone who recognizes that animals produce stinky stuff has “obviously never known how to love anyone other than yourself.” UBER-douchy, man. Extend some of that love of your rescue dog to your fellow human beings.

      • Hold up. Not exactly fair, and not (by definition) discrimination. I’m vegan for ethical reasons, have two rescue dogs, and am a landlord–and you’re darn tootin we require an additional pet rent and limit the type and number of animals. That’s not discriminatory, it’s good business and investment-protection practice.

        • +1.

          And Jack5, your reply to Q Street is unnecessarily harsh. Who knows if Q Street even holds those views him/herself, or is just articulating the way a landlord might look at it?

          I have a pet, but am planning to have a no-pets policy for an apartment and basement I’m planning to rent out. From my point of view, it’s just not worth the additional hassle or risk of damage.

          When you decide to adopt a pet, you do so with the knowledge that (if you’re not a homeowner) it’s going to limit your housing options in the future. That’s a tradeoff that many people are willing to make.

          • The price you charge is directly related to the damage a pet can do. A tenant can take a poop on the floor also. They can clog toilets and cause a lot more expenses. If you’re charging a big up-front payment of 400$ on top of a full security deposit, and then a monthly fee of 50$ (as the rentor is doing in this post) for a 25lb dog, as opposed to a full size (100lb) mastiff, it’s unfair. You assume risk by renting as well. And you should be reasonable about assessing your tenants to begin with.

          • Jack 5,

            I might have had more sympathy for you before your uber-douchy reply above. If I were your landlord, I’d be more worried about damage to the carpet from the crap coming out of your mouth than what your dog might do.

          • LisaT

            If you think there are risks involved in renting, I’m gonna venture a guess you’re not a property owner and definitely not a landlord. In this city landlords assume all the risk and responsibilities–renters have all the rights, even more than owners. Whether landlords live up to their responsibilities is a different story, but your assertion that renters assume risk is patently untrue.

          • Incorrect. Uber douchey reply? 400$ up-front is 2x the the fee that most apartments charge in NW DC. I think you folks are feeling a bit high and mighty and not looking at the facts here, either that, or you work for building MGMT on this place. The fees are too high here. If you discriminate that much against pet owners it’s your loss because people with pets are less likely to move at then end of a lease than people without. I know this because I am a property owner/investor.

    • My first though as well. jebus.

      Can’t decide if this is for new to DC Hipsters still on mommy and daddy’s dime who think “H Street” but don’t know that this is still really transitional or is this is just for people who see that it is new, has the secured garage, and is close to H and who might also not know this neighborhood all that well.

  • Door number one: An English Basement in Logan/U Street/Dupont

    Door numbert two: This.

    Door number one wins. Hands down. Not even a contest.

    • Can you get an English basement in Dupont for $1600? I don’t think it’s 2005 anymore.

        • I remember looking at that very apartment about 4 years ago. It was listed for $900 then and I couldn’t believe someone would consent to live in such a small dungeon. IIRC, it has no fridge, and the closet was actually that rectangular wall cut out next to the door. So…I’d say these two apartments are not comparable.

      • there’s one on craigslist right now for $1450. a little dumpy, but still. and typically english basement rents include some or all utilities, including wifi, so the deals are better.

        • Yeah, but the chance of getting that dumpy apartment is probably 0.5% given the number of applicants it must be getting.

  • Not Trinidad. Google says that area is Carver Terrace.

  • section 8ers can afford $1600 studios?? exactly where in that 99% scale are they?

    • A 3-br home near me is rented by a woman on section 8 with two kids. She doesn’t work, told me she didn’t need to and that working would screw up eligibility for her $1800/mo section 8 housing voucher. Amazing.

      • Doubt this anecdote.

        • Oh I believe it. Totally.

        • This is 100% true. It’s amazing. Like Marion barry said a while back, the system is setup to encourage people to stay on the dole, and we need to make benefits temporary, not permanent.

          • Yes, just before I bought my house, I attempted to buy a different one that had a section 8 tenant. She also did not work, pretended she had a kid living with her to increase the size of her housing voucher, and demanded $16,000 in order to sign away her tenants’ rights to purchasing the building (which she could not have purchased anyway – but she could have interminably held up the process). This particular house had changed hands 4 times in the past ten years – and she’d gotten $16,000 each of the last 3 times.

          • thebear

            Anon 4:31: Actually, if this was a private home being rented and the tenant is on a month-to-month lease, the owner can get them out on 90 days notice by claiming they intend to stop renting and use it for their own residence. Some relo may be required (probably less than $5K total). Once tenant is out, do some cosmetic refreshing, move in some furniture, put the utilities back in the owner’s name, and wait a few months. Many condo rentals have 30 or 60-day “owner’s moving in” escape clauses. I don’t know how this works specifically in the case of a Section 8, but in general rental situations, the landlord files the paperwork and tenants have 15 days in which to exercise right of first refusal. If they don’t take it, the sale goes through. If it’s a home or single-unit rental and the new owner doesn’t want to continue renting then the tenants have to leave (per the above). Now, if it’s an actual apartment building, then it has to be idle for at least a full year…no one living in it or using the space for anything.

  • Maybe (and just maybe) would $1600 for a studio be remotely reasonably after the streetcar gets running and if the studio is super nice.

    Right now, that’s insane.

  • Perhaps with the addition of buildings like this at the far end of H street, the city will provide a Circulator Route . . . one can only hope.

    • Are you too good for the X2?

      • I love buses too, but that X2 runs so infrequently that it makes more sense to just walk.

        • jim_ed

          Infrequently? the X2 runs every 5-7 minutes during rush hour, and I don’t think I’ve ever waited longer than 20 minutes for one, even late night during the week. I would hazard to guess the X2 is one of the most frequently run buses in the city.

          • Actually – it is the most run bus in the District. It is also the primary training route – “traning-wheels” for Metro bus operators. Also you won’t the circulator if the trolley arrives!

          • Well, I’ll admit I’m spoiled living near the 90-series buses, but the handful of times I tried to take the X2 I had a 30-45 minute wait. They don’t seem to run as frequently as advertised, unless I’ve just been incredibly unlucky.

  • I just bought a house around there (closer to 12th and H, but still in the same general area) for $1600 a month. Two bedrooms, a backyard, and no neighbors above or below.

  • Ohhhhhh boyyyyy… let the festivities begin!

    To start, paying $1600 a month anywhere within a 1 mile radius of this building is ridiculous. I might expect to pay that in NoMa or somehwere south of H Street, but NOT off Bladensburg Road. There is NOTHING out there yet worth paying $1600 for a studio.

  • I’m laughing so hard I am tearing up. You think people are going to pay 1,600 a month, to live in a studio apt well inside the ghetto of eith carver or trinidad?

    Bwahahahahahahaha… Wait a couple months, you will see the same units for rent for significantly cheaper.

  • I know it doesn’t excuse the high price, but the apartment itself is actually pretty cute. I wonder if you have to pay to park in the garage.

  • Clearly everyone is forgetting that this is conveniently right next to the un-Safeway.

  • Be careful over there. Still plenty of small and not-so-small crime. Our tire got slashed in the mall parking lot – broad daylight, Sunday morning. Changed my opinion of H Street slightly for the worse.

  • You have to be freaking kidding me.

  • Question to those that are looking or have recently been looking for rentals: Is PoP deliberating picking the outrageously bad deals so we’ll have something to talk about, or is it really this bad out there? I feel like the afternoon rental options have been horrible lately.

  • On the bright side, if you’re spending that much at least you won’t have a lot of money on you when you get frequently mugged.

  • So…the 6th photo that makes the apartment look ginormous doesn’t match up with the other photos. I’m assuming that one isn’t of the actual apartment that’s up for rent? Also, having the bed right across from the kitchen weirds me out a little.

  • To all the people saying stuff like “this is outrageous for that marginal/transitional area…”, you should realize people said the same things about Dupont, Logan and U Street once upon a time. Gentrification exists! Just because it may not work for you doesn’t mean there aren’t others out there that can and will pay!

    • Dupont and Logan have gentrified, and the H Street NE area is in the process of gentrifying.

      However, the rent for this building is priced to reflect an area that’s already gentrified or is further along in the gentrification process than H Street NE is.

      In addition, this building isn’t even smack in the middle of the H Street area; it’s on the perimeter of that area, and the housing projects a block or two away aren’t going anywhere any time soon.

      H Street NE is definitely on the way up, but the pricing for these apartments isn’t in line with where the neighborhood is at the moment.

      • “However, the rent for this building is priced to reflect an area that’s already gentrified or is further along in the gentrification process than H Street NE is.”

        Are you some sort of housing price expert? I happen to think $1600 is fair for brand spanking new construction, new appliances, indoor basketball courts, roofdeck and parking. Do you have all these amenities? I pay $1600+ in rent and do not. The neighborhood has a way to go, but that will fall into place. And when it does this place will rent for twice as much as it is now.

        • $1600 for a one-bedroom in this building wouldn’t surprise me, but $1600 for a studio does.

          The listing doesn’t mention the indoor basketball courts, which surprises me. Usually ads will mention all applicable amenities.

          I also assumed that there was a charge for a parking space. If parking is in fact included in the price, the listing ought to highlight that.

        • Only twice as much? I expected an estimate of 3 or 4 times as much when the oft-hoped-for complete gentrification of the city occurs.

  • In trying to prove to Anonymous at 3:22 that there actually are decent english basements in dupont for under $2000 i came across saw this ad. and i have to ask: why do people have to be so cute in their descriptions? nothing personal, but would you rent this place?

    • Oh that ad is really obnoxious.

    • That alone would keep me from even contacting these people. Just state the facts–if your place is good and valued correctly you’ll get the response. This is just…douchey.

      • I agree. Somebody ought to do these people a favor and drop them a note. It is unusual for a place in this location to take long to rent. The ad is a real turn off.

      • The point is to screen based on traits prohibited by discrimination laws using code words*. All amateur landlords (especially of high-value properties) do it because of course they want to discriminate and they’re too in over their heads to see what’s wrong. I always flag these as prohibited but I don’t know if they really go through.

        *”Diplomat” and “Professional” are clear violations of “source of income” protection and “Young” violates age protection.

    • Even if the occupants ended up being tolerable, the red walls would drive me insane. No go.

    • Now English basements are great options on PoP? Usually they’re derided as, “ZOMG THERE’S NO LIGHT” “ONLY A HOBBIT COULD LIVE THERE!!!”

    • Swanky? Wanky. I’m sure UVA Law guy is full of charming stories of riveting property law precedent and misspent nights with the business end of a bottle of Bombay Sapphire. No thanks.

  • thebear

    $1600 for a *studio* in the middle of a still sketchy, f*ing no-f*ing-where neighborhood? Someone’s been hitting the wackypuffy pretty damn hard. For that location you shouldn’t be talking that much even for a 1BR.

  • This board really draws a lot of comments that ooze with racism. Stay classy DC.

  • Hate to break it to you, but I’m renting my 1br basement in Trinidad near Holbrook & Neal for $1100. Was online for a day before I found a renter. That was about 4 mos ago. So, $1600/mo w/ pool, new appliances, etc. isn’t too far off from what people are willing to pay to live here.

    • Bingo. Renting a bedroom in my house for $900. Nowhere near these amenities and it was gone in 3 days. Tons of demand out there to be within walking distance to H Street.

      Although I will say the house/roommate situation is a better deal than this, it’s not for everybody, and I do personally think $1600 for a studio is pretty insane.

  • Also, maybe people don’t mind paying this much if it means being away from short-sighted, closed-minded dbags.

    • you say that only because you can’t afford downtown. if you could get the same place in dupont or logan for what you’re paying in triniday you’d jump on it.

      • Affordability isn’t the only reason people move here. There are plenty of people in the neighborhood that can afford to live pretty much anywhere in DC but prefer this neighborhood. I lived in Glover Park for several years and could have bought there but would much rather live in Trinidad over GP, Logan, etc. for many reasons (friendlier neighbors, better restaurants/nightlife, proximity to downtown while still being quiet, among others). Also, houses just south of H are going for close to $700K and a few condos in Trinidad just sold for almost $500K so it’s not just people that have no other options moving here.

        • “better restaurants/nightlife.” sure. keep telling yourself that.

          • I do, every night when I’m at The Pug, Queen Vic, Toki, Ethiopic, Atlas Room, Biergarten, RnR Hotel, H&Pizza, Taylor, Little Miss Whiskey’s, Granville’s, Jimmy V’s, Sova, Shawafel, etc. etc. etc.

          • brookland_rez

            H St is one of the most happening spots in the city now. At least for young people that know what’s up. I never thought I would say this, because I remember when H St was a complete ghetto and it wasn’t that long ago. But it’s seriously blown up. Anyone that doesn’t know this needs to come east of the park.

            Seriously, what does Glover Park have? Kavanaugh’s Pizza? Rocklands BBQ? All the established parts of NW are so 20 years ago. Not remotely edgy or cool. They’re the neighborhoods your uppity, douchey, 40 and 50 something co-workers live in. No offense to anyone on here that lives in these areas and doesn’t consider themselves to be uppity or douchey.

          • According to the last City Paper poll, H Street was ranked #3 (behind U Street and Adams Morgan) for nightlife. For those of us that can’t stand the frat boy mob scene that is Adams Morgan and U Street it’s nice to have a lower-key alternative.

          • brookland rez,

            You’re assuming a lot in that post. Just because some people think H St. is cool doesn’t make it so. I’ve been over there to visit friends in the neighborhood and every time they build a place up as the “best” it consistently failed to come close to that kind of hype. I’m glad that younger transplants love H St., but I’ve still never been in a restaurant or bar over there that was good enough that I would relocate to a higher crime neighborhood to live near it. In fact, the assertion that anything that is not on U Street, H St., etc. is “so 20 years ago” is shockingly out of touch. Feel free to visit the rest of the city sometime.

          • “In fact, the assertion that anything that is not on U Street, H St., etc. is “so 20 years ago” is shockingly out of touch.”

            I don’t know, I feel like I know the city pretty well, and used to spend a lot of time in Dupont / Logan Circle / Georgetown, but I think there’s been a massive shift eastward. I see it especially within the gay community. It’s not that people don’t move to and spend time in the more established neighborhoods anymore– the constant flux of transplants take care of that– but the pull of those places has been diminishing.

          • I agree that there has been a lot of growth in the transitional neighborhoods (not all are in the eastern part of the city), but to say there’s been a “massive shift” is to overstate the reality. After all, it’s not like people are fleeing the more established neighborhoods – real estate prices alone prove that. I think sometimes quantity trumps quality in these discussions. It’s great that H St. has so many businesses again. And there’s room for a lot more growth considering the great number of still empty storefronts. But a neighborhood is much more than the raw number of new (which, contrary to PoPville orthodoxy, isn’t always better) bars and restaurants.

          • These neighborhoods are kind of like cupcakes: the demand is still high for things that have long passed their heyday, thanks to people that are out of touch, fear change, or like them on their own merits and don’t care if they’re no longer hip.

          • You really think Dupont has better options than H Street?

            This is what he/she means by choosing to live on H rather than someplace else in town. Have a great time with the GW students at the Mad Hatter. I’ll be with the other young families at the Argonaut.

          • People on H Street are obsessed with Dupont! It is interesting to try to keep score on how the different neighborhoods are perceived though. DuPont is attacked for being frat-boy central and simultaneously being full of “out of touch” old people. H St. is hip and edgy but actually full of young families. Contradiction apparently is meaningless when neighborhood cheerleading is in full swing. My point is that not all H St. bars and restaurants are as amazing as their fanboys swear (Argonaut is one – their beer menu leaves a lot to be desired and yes, there are bars & restaurants with much better ones in Dupont and in several other neighborhoods of NW as well). Like I said above, “to each his own.” But the attempt to flip the script and state that the more established neighborhoods are somehow less desirable than H St. because there’s no indoor mini-golf or “edgy” bars (and no bars on H Street are really “edgy” unless you’re rebelling against a previously very sheltered life) is a tired argument that facts (real estate prices, especially) simply don’t bear out.

        • I cool with “To each his own,” but to say that most people who couuld afford Glover Park, Cleveland Park, DuPont or even Logan Circle would choose Trinidad for it’s restaurants and nightlife (both of which generally fail to live up to the overwhelming hype) is just not a credible statement.

          • I completely agree. That’s where he lost me. I mean, let’s face it, he’s named practically every bar within a mile walk of Trinidad (assuming you survive walking that far in that neighborhood late at night). Anyone could come up with a list that’s three or five times as big within any one mile radius of any downtown neighborhood (U Street, Dupont, Logan).

          • “People on H Street are obsessed with Dupont!”

            Really? That seems like such an odd statement. I live about a mile south of H Street and hardly spend any time in Dupont. There just doesn’t seem to be much point anymore. Are people who live a bit further north that interested in Dupont? Seems unlikely.

        • Right on, Trinidader. Anon 4:51, you have no idea what you’re talking about. I have lived in Mt Vernon Square sharing a 2/2 with 2 garage spaces from 2006-2009 then moved to 425 Mass into a 1/den/2 bath place with an awesome pool and amenities with my (now) wife and we looked for 9 months all over the city, struck out a couple of times with competing offers, and finally got lucky on H St with an awesome townhouse with garage and I am paying much less in mortgage than I was at 425 Mass. I love this place and the neighborhood. I feel like I live in an actual neighborhood, something I never got living in apartments and condos, which is all you can get these days in most other parts of the city for a reasonable amount of money. I could have “afforded” downtown but I didn’t want a condo. That’s why the rental market is so ridiculous because the buyer’s market is twice as ridiculous.

      • dt

        Plenty of us in NE choose to live here over Dupont. For myself, I work outside of DC and moved from Dupont years ago to avoid the hassle of getting in & out of the city. At Union Station you have Metro, MARC, Amtrak, Greyhound, Bolt Bus, Megabus, etc, and with a car it’s remarkably easy to get in/out of the city on 50 or 395. Even though I could have easily afforded to stay in NW, it wasn’t worth it to deal with the extra 30 minutes each way in my commute.

        Once I moved to NE I found I really liked the area. So much so that I ended up buying a house (in scary scary Trinidad) with a garage and a large (for DC) backyard, with very friendly neighbors, and less than 3 blocks from many bars, restaurants, and shops. I’ve enjoyed living here more than I did in NW, and in 5 years when the neighborhood is really booming and becomes too expensive to buy in, I bet lots of people will wish they’d moved when they had the chance.

        • I’d have to agree with to each his own. I lived in SW, West End and Admo and eventually settled on H-street. I just prefer it. Mainly because I am much more comfortable over there than any of the others. SW was a dead zone; West End smelled like Drakkar Noir and Santorum; and Admo (like glover park) has no metro and crap bus service. H-st is my favorite despite its drawbacks. I like the neighborhood, the people, and its potential. Moreover the X2 is frequent and trolleys will eventually make their way over.

          I’m not arguing its a fair price for the apartment. But, everyones circumstance is different.

        • Agreed. I think Dupont is inconveniently located for those of us who don’t work in the immediate area or in Georgetown.

  • Glancing at their website with floorplans and pricing, I think their studios and 1 BRs are overpriced while their 2BRs are underpriced in comparison. Re: pet fee, the one they’re requiring is on the higher end of the ones that I’ve seen.

  • ahahahahahaha

  • Well- this is in Carver – which is behind Trinidad in terms of transition and popularity. I owned a house three blocks from there and my mortgage for a two unit two bed/bath was $1056 – a completely redone house – and you can still buy a house in Carver with a mortgage well under $1600 and probably sell for a profit in a couple of years. If you can afford to rent this – you can afford to buy here. Regardless of choice – this is still pretty fringe and although the building might be nice – your views are of CVS, Safeway, Aldi , Bladensburg Road- and the old folks home. Maybe the top of the Dome if you’re on a high enough floor. I think it’s overpriced by at least $500 for a studio

  • Looks pretty darn swank and I don’t no any place that has an indoor b-ball court. I’d take this over a rat-hole in DuPont.

  • brookland_rez

    My mortgage for an entire house is less than this. No, I don’t have indoor basketball courts or secure parking but I have a lot of other, better things- to name one, equity.

    Rhode Island Row, similar style apartments in a similarly sketchy area near housing projects, rent 1 bedrooms for $1900. They don’t have studios. Granted, Rhode Island Row has the metro, but not much else. This place has all the H St nightlife (good luck walking home at night though and not getting mugged). Anyways, I thought Rhode Island Row was expensive but despite the price I heard they’ve already rented out like half the units. So I think they will get these prices at Flats at Atlas.

    • ….and RIR apartments have a serious design flaw and leak excessively everytime it rains. The architect is trying to figure out how to fix it.

      • brookland_rez

        What’s the design flaw that causes leaks? Sounds to me like they need to fix the roof.

        I can’t say I’m surprised. The way they threw them up, all made out of particle board. I went to the open house and the units seemed nice though.

        • The gutters for the buildings literally stop at the second floor balconies causing a flood of water than can’t drain off the balcony and runs inside. Now they have to go through the process of a permanent design change (architect, permit, engineers, etc.) to run the gutters completely down the side of the building like they should have in the first place.

  • Too much. I actually like the building and the location, but the cost is far too high

  • This building is already occupied by a good number of folks and its not even finished. This time next year it will be fully occupied and the developers will be working on phase 2…bam!

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