Metro and DDOT Travel Advisories for Monday Morning

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Metro is advising customers to allow additional travel time on Monday morning due to the ongoing effects of damage caused by Friday’s extreme weather.

Metrobus: As of Sunday evening, approximately two dozen Metrobus routes are operating on detour routes due to downed power lines, downed trees or other storm damage. Delays could be widespread during the Monday morning commute, as a result of congestion from dark traffic signals and additional vehicles on the road. Metrobus customers can receive email and text message alerts for delays and detours by signing up for MetroAlerts.

Metrorail: Metro currently has sufficient third-rail power to support train operations on all Metrorail lines. However, there are some locations where, due to commercial power outages, Metro is “backfeeding” (moving) power to other parts of the system via the third rail. In the event of a further loss of commercial power, it may be necessary for Metro to impose train speed restrictions in order to maintain adequate power. For this reason, customers are encouraged to allow additional travel time Monday morning, and to sign up for MetroAlerts to receive email or text message notification of delays.

From DDOT:

The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) is urging motorists to please use caution while traveling throughout the District. As of this evening, various roads remain closed due to downed trees on power lines and various traffic signals are still dark.

DDOT is continuing to work with PEPCO to ensure major roads are open by tomorrow morning’s rush-hour period.

Traffic-control personnel and stop signs have been deployed to intersections where signals are out and will remain onsite until full power is restored.


· Treat dark intersections as four-way stops.
· Stay away from downed wires. They could be energized and electrical contact could be fatal.
· Stay clear of broken and hanging tree branches, as they can fall at any time.
· If possible avoid driving and take public transit. Visit for more information on transportation options.

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  • Honestly, this morning’s commute is the furthest thing from my mind right now. I’m solidly into day 3 with no electricity. Pepco has robo-called me twice letting me know that crews are in my neighborhood and that I should have power yet here I am still in the dark. To add insult to injury, after each call they’ve canceled the repair ticket so when I go to their website to get an update, it tells me that my neighborhood is not currently effected by the outages. I’ve been forced to report the outage all over again going on three times now.

    I don’t care if it take me over two hours to make it to the office today, I’m going; at least they have A/C, Internet, and a working refrigerator.

    • Have you called Pepco to tell them your power is off?

      • Yes, I’ve called them on numerous occasions and all they say they can do is resubmit the order and that power should be restored by Friday at 11 PM.

  • Do we still have a Mayor and is Mayor Gray still in China? I’ve seen both the Governors of Maryland and Virginia on the news during this crisis, however, D.C.’s Mayor Vincent Gray has been missing in action.

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