Mayor Gray Announces One City Action Plan

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From a press release:

Mayor Vincent C. Gray today unveiled the One City Action Plan, a comprehensive strategy that describes in specific steps how the Mayor’s One City vision will be achieved. Organized by goals, strategies and actions, the plan provides District residents and business leaders alike with a concrete roadmap to understand and measure progress and hold city officials accountable in the areas that matter most to stakeholders. Picking up on the theme of the mayor’s 2012 State of the District Address – “Seizing Our Future” – the plan emphasizes the need to harness the tremendous change the District is experiencing to remake and reinvent our city for the next generation.

The One City Action Plan is organized into three overarching goals:

Grow and Diversify the District’s Economy,
Educate and Prepare the Workforce for the New Economy, and
Improve the Quality of Life for All.

Within each goal are strategies and specific actions District officials are taking, as well as measurable key indicators for each goal. Each section allows District residents to easily identify actions being pursued by the administration and how they link to the Mayor’s One City vision and goals. Additionally, the plan provides an action checklist so that residents can track progress and hold city officials accountable.

The One City Action Plan was built using the Mayor’s priorities, day-to-day feedback from community members and data from the nearly 2,000 residents who participated in the One City Summit in February 2012.

Full plan in PDF below:


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  • Allison

    lol to the name of the mayor’s 2012 State of the District Address – “Seizing Our Future”. Funny how seizing also means “to have moving parts bind and stop moving.” Someone in the speech writing department has a sense of humor!

    • Brilliant! Nothing “seizes” the future of a city like city council members going to jail and revelations that friends of the Mayor conducted a shadow operation to finance his campaign.

  • Too bad the Mayor did not have a One Campaign Action Plan in place that was on the up and up.

  • “Buzzword buzzword buzzword”. I dont think this press release actually said one thing of consequence. Next time, more ‘synergy’ ‘paradigm’ and ‘leveraging resources.’

  • I didn’t read it. The plan is to resign, right?

  • T

    I see nothing “concrete” in this plan. It looks like it was recycled from last year.

  • I’ve seen internal documents that refer to this as “One City Diversion Plan.”

    • You mean, as in divert the public from campaign scandals toward ways to grow DC’s economy, educate the workforce and bring about more liveable communities? God forbid!
      It’s too bad the mayor doesn’t spend more of his time talking about what happened in the last campaign and less time dealing with the issues we have now. LOL

      • Of course if he just resigned instead of trying to save his failed mayorship that was based obtained through a criminal conspiracy I would be ok with that too.

  • now those are some vague phrases I can get behind! Gray 2014!

  • I voted for Mayor Gray and I made a big mistake. It seems, Mayor Gray has very few supports at present. Take a clip at this NBC4 news piece.!/news/local/Mayor-Gray-s-Press-Secretary-Clashes-With-Reporters/163781236

  • The description sounds like a campaign document that a Mayor would implement once elected. Hasn’t Gray been office for over a year?

  • “This is not the corrupt, patronage-fueled local government you are looking for” *waves hand*

  • springroadintoaction

    One City Action Plan:

    1. Run a corrupt campaign and administration to unify the city into hating you.
    2. One City(tm)!

  • Seems like a lot of blah blah blah to me.

    No specifics about new hiring for MPD, just that they will hire as many police officers as they are funded for.

    No specifics about decreasing cell phone theft except that they are working with a technology company to make them useless when stolen.

    Nothing about juvenile justice reform, nothing addressing the reasons why people arrested for violent felonies are released and so often pled down to a lesser offense.

    No REAL plan for addressing crime in this city.

    It’s a lot of pages but not a lot of information.

    • The answer may not be to hire more officers, but to motivate and better manage what we do have. Because trust me, along with the many brave, hard-working officers that we have, there are plenty of lazy, useless, mismanaged ones.

  • If it is what I think it is, I would love to see point 1.2.3 come about (expanding the city-wide high-speed network) – basically city-WiFi, right? Not sure how it could be paid for though. The point 2.2.7 (expand DCPS school enrollment over 5 years) is good and should be achievable. This plan looks increadibly detailed and not vague at all, and is directly tied to what was covered at the One City summit in February. Not sure where those comments about it being vague is coming from.

  • Is this a joke?

  • Good article in the City Paper on Gray

    My favorite part is:
    “There are some who say, ‘Who cares if the mayor ruffles some feathers? He’s getting results.’ To them, I have a simple message: That ain’t good enough,” Gray told supporters at the beginning of his campaign.

    Of course, now he is all about focusing on results and not on the confirmed and alleged corruption swirling all around him.

  • I think we need more gun shops, a shooting range, and more boxing and fencing clubs.

  • The Mayor is a crook profiting from an illegal campaign …. when does he either go to jail or resign?

  • Step 4: eliminate crime
    Step 5: make schools at least average

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