Man Shot Mon. Night on the 1800 Block of 8th St, NW

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From MPD:

“The Third District is investigating a shooting which occurred in the 1800 block of 8th St NW at approximately 11:30 PM.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Metropolitan Police Department at 202-727-9099 or text at 50411.”

And @DCPoliceDept tweeted:

“3D Shooting/ 1800 blk 8th St NW/ Adult male shot in side, conscious & breathing/LOF: gray dodge charger tinted windows, lights out// 2495”

On July 7th 2 were shot and arrested on the 1700 block of 7th St, NW.

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  • there were helicopters flying around bloomingdale/LDP last night… thought they were Howard hospital related… but maybe they were searching for someone that was on the run…

  • sheesh, what’s going on, Shaw?

  • Shaw might be too broad…seems to be the 1700 and 1800 block of 7th and 8th Street…

  • That’s exactly where many people didn’t want All Souls Bar to turn around a derelict building. They probably are more entertained by the shootings.

    • Certainly knew something was up when i got back home late last night and the helicopter searchlight was pointed outside my house.

      Where is Cleveland Elementary and their outrage now? What does New Bethel think of this?

      Good luck to MPD, they can help this neighborhood with the assistance of its inhabitants.

  • I live on this block a few doors down from the site of the incident. We heard 2 shots around 11:15 and, to their credit, police were on the scene within 5-8 minutes. A bike cope rode by and then several police cars showed up. Any participants in the indicent had fled by that point, but police searched the grassy area around the parking lot on the corner of 8th and T and were also very interested in a gray SUV with Maryland plates parked on 8th St. The helicopter was being used to illuminate the ground around 8 and T to aid their search. Around 11:45-12 they started knocking on doors on the block asking for info from neighbors about what they may have seen/heard.

  • Oh hey, I’ve got a great idea; lets expand Lincoln Westmoreland! And then lets build a sixth low income project on that block at parcel 42! Things are looking up for that area…

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