Major Progress at Building Coming to 9th and P St, NW – Will Be Home to Mandalay Restaurant

9th and P St, NW

Mandalay currently has a location in Silver Spring. Their Website says:

Mandalay Restaurant and Café brings dishes from all over Burma to the DC area. Our chef (and our mom) is formerly the head chef of the Burma restaurant in Washington, DC.

We do not specialize in the cuisine of any particular area of Burma (Myanmar), instead we bring a mix of dishes from the seasides to the mountains, using fresh ingredients and time tested recipes. Any dish can be made as spicy as you like, but even without the “hot” every dish is full of flavor. It doesn’t have to be hot to be good, but if you like it that way just let us know and we’ll “light it up” for you.

We also offer a range of drinks and desserts to round out your meal. Our full service bar can serve up just about any cocktail and a wide range of beer and wine. Our vegan coconut “ice cream” served in the shell is very popular as is our traditional semolina cake or sticky rice cake.

You can see their menu here.

And here’s a rendering of the building:

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  • Is this the same management/ownership as the Mandalay location in Silver Spring (which used to be in College Park)?

    If so, is the Silver Spring location relocating to 9th and P, or is the restaurant expanding from one branch to two?

    • If memory serves, they’re expanding. Very much doubt they’d give up their Silver Spring location as they always seem to be doing good business when I stop in.

    • They’re definitely keeping the Silver Spring location. Just expanding to DC! Yes!

  • tonyr

    The space next to Seasonal Pantry (a block or so south on 9th) now has a alcohol application posted. Bar with cold food 11 a.m. to 2/3 a.m.. Kinda surprised that they’re playing down the food part.

  • Does anyone know what are the upper floors going to be used for?

    I’m looking forward to the restaurant. The construction here has started and stopped a number of times. I hope they have the path forward all squared away.

  • First Czech and Slovak food and now Burmese. How fabulous is Shaw?

  • Yes! I love this place and am often too lazy to go all the way to silver spring!

  • Why must every new building around here look exactly the same? Just watch, in 30 years from now none of these places will have aged all that well, and people will be clamoring to tear them down and build something new. It’s the modern-day equivalent of all those mid-century modern buildings that sprouted up in the 50s and 60s. Most of them are gone.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more about new construction in DC of today and the past 10-15 years; here’s an example of another boring, generic new building in dc – it could be a style called ‘DC Generic’ – so many missed opportunities and a shame for our urban environment

      • I’ve wondered about this too. Are there only 3 architects in DC, none of whom have ever actually seen the city and thus don’t know of any of its interesting historical architecture to try to echo?

        • Totally agree. And this is a main reason why I am against raising the height limits of buildings in DC. I do not trust our builders/architects to develop anything of visual interest and then our whole city could be taken over by tall, boring, generic buildings like these.

    • thebear

      Ya know what else sucks about modern buildings? No usable balconies. My 1975 building has 12×5 balconies on most of the units. That’s big enough for a nice bistro table and chairs, and growing flowers and herbs. Having a little piece of “outdoors” that’s all yours to sit, enjoy coffee, drinks or meals, even work if it’s nice out, makes up for the smallish, boxy, otherwise nondescript “hi-rise” apartments in this city. I can’t believe what some of these outrageously priced new buildings are calling “balconies:” Some are barely big enough to even open the door all the way and step out onto it, much less put even a single folding chair there.

      • Agreed. More balconies!

      • I lived in Crystal City briefly in the 1990s. The balcony was the one redeeming feature of the otherwise depressing apartment–could’ve played basketball on that thing.

        • thebear

          I just don’t get the aversion to having usable, personal, outside space. It’s not like it would add significant, if any, construction cost. If anything, it would be a huge selling point. Not everyone who wants outdoor space wants to live in an English Basement or row house.

          • I heard that the top floors were residences for the owners. The top floor has a balcony in the rear (you can’t see it from the rendering). Also, pretty sure they are building a roof deck. Stuff tends to be nicer when the builder intends to live there.

  • Wonder if this location will be as cheap as the one in Silver Spring? My husband and I had dinner there a few months ago and the bill for our fabulous meal was only $23.

    • I bet you $10,000 it won’t be

    • Mandalay is wonderful! Delicious food and good service. I hope the new location continues the tradition. It is not cheap though, for ethnic food. Entrees are $10 to $14, but portions are quite small. I’ve found the bill usually comes to about $20/person.

  • Oh hells yeah. I love this place and now I won’t have to go all the way to Silver Spring….

  • I love the Silver Spring location! Can’t wait!

  • You can watch this building go up in the background of the City Market construction cam:

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