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  • It’s OK, but I preferred the original architecture on the site. Why couldn’t they keep the facade of that, at least, and build it up a story if necessary?

  • Why do half of the new buildings seem to use those same bricks? It was fine for awhile, but now it’s getting tired. I definitely preferred the old architecture.

    • They tore down and rebuilt half of the building, the other half they kept and just painted. I’m glad they finally are doing something with this after it’s been sitting empty for years. Hopefully someone will do something with the empty building next door too.

  • Yeah, Sonya’s has really upped its game too.

  • It’s unfortunate that they killed the trees. The building’s electric bills are going to be dramatically higher as a result.

  • Hope this will stay Senior affordable housing and not housing for a bunch of young poor people that will be involved in crime and gangs! Yeah, we all know the vast majority of Section 8 people are not criminals, but I’m talking about the 1-3% that are and terrorize neighborhoods until they go to jail or are killed by their associates. Councilmember Graham – how about it?

    • That’s all it takes, one bad apple to spoil the bunch.

      I heard that this will actually be higher-class Section 8 housing, which if successful, will not attract that element.

      • The building will be Senior Housing, the issue is that there is no enforcement of that rule. What happens is that grandkids and their “associates” come to visit grandma and end up living there essentially. this is fairly common in all low income housing. Over crowding or unauthorized people living there. No idea what “higher class” section 8 means, the income test is the same for any building.

  • austindc

    I think the new building is lovely. I miss the old building, but it definitely had to be torn down. I am glad they retained what they could. In any case, it’s going to be nice to have those big windows looking out on the street here–it will definitely make the corner feel safer.

  • I like that at least some of the building is located at the back of the sidewalk with large windows. This should provide a nicer experience than the former blank brick wall. I’m guessing this provides better accessibility for those with limited mobility, so that’s a plus, too.

    Not loving the large amount of stucco / EIFS. The projecting bay at the 2nd and 3rd floor seems way too wide and lacking in detail. Two narrower bays in keeping with the typical rhythm of the existing row houses might have been nicer or at least another window or two.

  • I hope they don’t expect those trees to survive :p.

  • i’m surprised so many people like the original building, which is decidely “project grey”

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