Madam’s Organ Applies for Sidewalk Cafe

The 18th Street streetscape improvement brought wider sidewalks to Adams Morgan. Keep your eyes peeled for more sidewalk cafes. First up – Madam’s Organ has applied for one at 2461 18th Street, NW.

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  • Oh, what a relief. I was getting worried that the project had made the sidewalks wide enough so as to make them useful for pedestrians walking in both directions! We should probably cede that property to businesses.

    • Exactly. Hopefully that’s the zoning board’s thought process, too. Besides, Madam’s Organ and a lot of places on 18th: You already have the roof! Just chill out and let us finally walk!

    • Sarcastic Tom wins.

      No, Madams Organ should not get a sidewalk patio.

  • It would have to be a very small patio, even with the newly expanded sidewalks. I’m trying to envision this proposed patio working with the all the throngs of inebriated people roaming up the sidewalk on Friday/Saturday nights.

  • Awful idea. Just awful.

  • Where’s the “Group of 5” when we need them??

  • Terrible idea. I can’t imagine it’s physically feasible.

  • I’ll agree with Sarcastic Tom here — wasn’t the point of the sidewalks to make it useful for people who use it to…oh I don’t know..walk?

  • I never understood why they didn’t make the sidewalks even much wider. The parking spots you would lose are a small offer to pay for a kind of boulevard style walking strip with nice patio’s all over. I guess to DC standards this is already big…

    • DC’s sidewalks are enormous compared to most cities (excluding Gtown’s which are tiny). Walk around Chicago and NY and they can’t really have sidewalk cafes at all. We have an almost European amount of cafe seating for a reason.

      • Enormous? really? So I guess I was right when I said this is already big for DC. Just imagine the sidewalks even twice as big as they are now. Two way traffic with here and there parking spots for taxis and delivery vehicles… Less cars, more walking space. That would have been a real blessing for that strip.

  • Horrible idea. With all the foot traffic around there due to The Diner and Tryst, and the hordes that flock in on weekends, I don’t see how this will succeed. Even if I was a patron dining outside at Madam’s Organ, I’m sure someone would knock into my red beans and rice. Fail.

  • NO NO NO. And I want a free BBQ platter for everytime I had to step on barf or in a pile of gutter pizza to get around the crowd at the entrance.
    I will cede one platter for each time I lingered outside enjoying the live music with no intention of going inside.
    I love Madams Organ but thumbs down on more crowding out front.

  • So….is there anyone who thinks this is a good idea? doesn’t look like it. IMO a big part of Madams Organ, which I love dearly, is the ambiance inside. Not being around the dark and rustic decor would really take away from the whole thing, IMO.

  • My initial reaction was the same as EVERYONE else. Only kind of compromise I see is if they limit the sidewalk cafe to certain hours, or just not on weekends after 8 or something like that. Just a terrible idea in general, though, I think.

  • Hopefully the Zoning Board will not approve this. If they want outdoor seating, tell them to build one on the roof of the building.

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