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  • Last seen “next to Whole Foods”? Please don’t tell me this is yet another case of someone thinking it’s OK to tie up his/her dog up in front of a store while he/she goes shopping, and then the dog was stolen.

    • Glad you said it first.

      It’s illegal and irresponsible to do that.

      Though my over-arching feeling is one of hope that Snoopy will find his way home safely. I’m sure the owner is kicking him or herself enough without our help.

  • Please for the love of god don’t let this be “Molly Part II”.

  • Just a friendly reminder, folks, if you love your dog, don’t leave them tied up outside of your view for any length of time ever. No exceptions!

  • I saw a bum looking lady with a dog like this yesterday around the U Street/14th area I think?

  • I believe I saw this dog yesterday outside WF around 6:45pm. He wasn’t ties up, just sitting there by the entrance near the table….looking like he was waiting for the owner to come back. I sure hope you find your dog! I’ll take note if I see again.

    • Did it occur to you, upon seeing a loose dog sitting alone on a busy public sidewalk that it might in fact be a lost pet? Yeah, we’re all busy etc. and it wasn’t your job to save anyone’s dog, but would it have been so hard to at least go inside and tell someone at the customer service desk? Maybe even get a bit of string and tie it up and call Animal services? Or even if you were afraid of getting bit, just simply call Animal services?

      • I was this close to calling Animal Control about a guy who was running with two small dogs last week. I think that’s really dangerous for them in this heat, and he ran by so quickly I couldn’t flag him down to say something. I debated about it a little too long, at which point I figured the guy was probably done his run and they’d never find him. Next time I will be more responsive.

      • Not at all. There are many well trained pets that are stationed there…some tied some not.

      • You’re ridiculous.

  • It’s encouraging to see that some of you might have leads. I think you should contact the number on the flier in case the owner doesn’t read this.

    • +1,000,000.

      This blog is great and it’s widely read, but e-mailing PoP about something is not the equivalent of telling the whole wide world.

  • zers

    People really need to stop doing this. I’ve heard dogs frantically barking from two blocks away from WF, only to find them tied up outside of that store. Why people think this okay is beyond me. It’s clearly stressful for the dogs, dangerous for other people walking their dogs past there, and yes, of course someone might take them. It’s especially heinous in this heat.

  • this dog is 17 years old with health issues and needs medication. i think he is tired of either receiving shots or being fed pills then having the owner clamp his mouth shut until he swallows. he probably just wanted to let go

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