Lime Fresh Gets New Signage and Looks Close to Opening in Columbia Heights

14th St, NW west side between the Payless and Radio Shack

Back in Feb. we we first learned where they’d be located. Thanks to a reader for sending the photo above of the new signage for Lime Fresh coming to DC USA in Columbia Heights.

You can see their menu here.

I took peek inside on Sunday and it looks like they’re getting pretty close:

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  • They just opened on Pentagon Row, and it sucks.

    • burritosinstereo

      I agree. I work in Pentagon City and I went here thinking it was still Baja Fresh, got a burrito anyway because I really wanted one, and was majorly disappointed. A bad burrito is a true tragedy.

  • I hope they actually have limes there, unlike Chipotle, which for many years didn’t have any chipotle. Now, they have chipotle-flavored Tabasco, but still, I never understood how they could name their restaurant after a product they didn’t serve. It’s like calling yourself Hamburger Dan’s and you serve pasta.

  • Hm, is this a chain? Someone mentioned another location in NoVa? I have to admit, I took a quick scan of the menu and mis-read “Dang Quesadillas” as *Dating Quesadillas* Strange mix-up, I know.

    PoP, location is 14th street nw between payless and radio shack? Where exactly? Intersects at where? From that description, I would have pictured Columbia Rd, NW.

  • Owned by Ruby Tuesday’s inc

  • They’re building one in College Park too.

  • Place looks nasty. Chipotle has great meats. Many local, natural, free range. This place drops the “organic” buzzword in only one place on their menu and it’s the refried beans. Ill pay a dollar more for my free-range organic pork burrito from Chipotle.

  • Yeah I recently ate at the Lime in Clarendon and was very disappointed. I think the menu looks great but their food is really mediocre.

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