Lebanese Taverna Completely Gutted in Woodley Park – Check Out a Rendering of the New Space

2641 Connecticut Ave, NW

Holy cow this renovation is no joke. The Lebanese Taverna in Woodley Park is completely gutted:

I’m looking forward to seeing how it turns out when the reopen in the early Fall.  You can see their menu here. Here’s a rendering of the new space:

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  • they appear to be covering up all the interesting architectural elements…with a drop ceiling? wtf!

  • Fools for changing that ceiling.

  • I must agree that rendering looks horrible.

  • Hope they “renovate” their staff too. Service was utterly horrific last time we were there.

  • Hi All,

    Grace here from Lebanese Taverna. Thanks for the feedback. We are actually keeping the ceiling-it’s one of our favorite parts of the restaurant! That was an early rendering and we’ve made many changes since we started this process years ago. Also, no fireplace. It will be a complete renovation other than the ceiling with some exciting elements like a communal table in a larger lounge. We are considering it like a “new” restaurant with full training and a mostly new staff except for a few who have been there since the beginning! Hope you’ll check us out in mid-October.


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