La Madeleine Temporarily Closes in Georgetown for 5-6 Months

Photo by PoPville flickr user Néstor Sánchez Cordero

PoPville commenter o2bncdg posts in the rant/revel this morning:

RANT: after years and years of joining 10-25 friends (depending on who’s in town or didn’t party too hard the night before)for breakfast at La Madeleine in Georgetown every Saturday morning, we showed up this past weekend at 0800 and it was CLOSED. Just some signs saying that they’re closed until further notice.

Apparently there is structural damage under the restaurant, in the hotel underground parking facility. The hotel has known about it for a while, but the city just recently forced them to close on Thursday to make structural corrections, thus forcing la Madeleine to close. Time frame for closure – 5-6 months. The Latham Hotel is also closed for that time frame.

RAVE: I sent a notice on La Madeleine’s web site to their corporate office in Dallas and lo and behold, I got a call from a District Manager who was most gracious in telling me what was going on. He is working feverishly to relocate their Georgetown staff to other La Madeleine locations. After all these years we have made friends with and feel close to quite a few of them.

La Madeleine is located at 3000 M Street, NW.

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  • Sacre’ Bleu! No Frog’s Legs!!?! Mon Dieu!

  • Wow, I had no idea they were such a humongous chain!

  • Sorry you have to break with tradition, but there are lots of other places in the vicinity that serve breakfast. Your old haunt will be open before you know it.

    And, on a side rant, La Madeleine is about as authentically French as Olive Garden is Italian.

    • Did anyone say anything about authenticity, or was this just your chance at being a snob on the internet?

    • We aren’t at all concerned about authenticity actually. What we like about the place is (1) they put tables together for us every week so we have a leg up on the tourists, (2) we can get up to get coffee refills ourself and don’t have to flag down a wait person, (3) they never rush us out, and (4) they know us there. We’re reliable, and they’re reliable. For a self-serve restaurant, I think we’re the only ones who collect $1 from each of us and give it to our favorite employee (as opposed to just leaving it on the table).

      • Yeah, from my experience with knitting groups it seems the big chains are generally better at accomodating large group coffee get-togethers.

  • quel dommage…I liked this place. I hope they can accomodate the staff elsewhere…that really sucks for them.

  • anonymouse_dianne

    I always thought their Onion soup with all the gryere cheese and croutons was delish. And yes, their open seating plan is easy for a big group and the cafeteria style ordering makes it easy for a big group to get served quickly.

  • Overpriced for what it is. the one near me is full if little old ladies who always order the same thing after dithering about they want.

  • I loved eating there every time I came to town every couple of months and liked all the regular employees. Just recently, the nicest employee that is always there gave me his umbrella because I forgot to bring one with me. I didnt end up taking it but where else would that have ever happened? I hope to eat there again soon.

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