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  • My Goodness… I drive by the huge hole in the ground on my way to work and miss the old days of having to navigate panhandlers on my bike, and then making my way to the horrible Giant supermarket by O street… Now I’ll just have to stick to going to the smelly Safeway at Georgia and Randolph to remind me of the (horrible) way things were around here. *sob*

  • Does anyone know when this is set to deliver?

    Separately, I see that Mandalay at 9th and P just put up “coming soon” signs. Does anyone have any clue on a target date for completion? When construction began, it was slated for Dec 2010 delivery, if I recall correctly. Somehow, the developer missed that target.

  • You rang?

  • The rendering looks great. what a boon for the area! I am all for new developments and was pleased to read (in the previous post on this subject) that the current residents were given relocation assistance and have the option of moving back in when the new building is completed. Balanced/thoughtful gentrification is a great thing for the city!

    • As someone who worked on behalf of the residents of Kelsey Gardens, trust me when I say that nothing the developers did was balanced or thoughtful and it was only after several years of litigation that a result benefiting the residents was reached.

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