Logan Circle Getting Another Retail Beer and Wine Option Soon

Logan Circle will soon get another beer/wine buying option. A few weeks ago the extensively renovated Batch 13 opened up at 1724 14th St, NW. Looks like Logan Circle is gonna get one more option – Kazanchis Deli, located a block away at 1616 14th Street, NW (corner of 14th and Corcoran St, NW) has applied for a liquor license to sell beer and wine.

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  • Why can’t this place just shut down. They are very rude and a lot of their food products are expired.

  • there goes the neighborhood.

  • It’s time to start promoting the Logan Circle neighborhood for what it really is: the city’s beer and wine package store district!

    • Makes a lot more sense than 14th street arts district. What a waste of marketing funds that ill considered title was. Looking forward to when the banners are taken down. I think the area was already appropriately named with “14th street”

  • Great news. Will be nice to pick up beer / wine on Sunday without enduring Whole Foods.

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