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  • great staff, lovely wines and a nice calm feel. Perfect for a glass after work. I’ll look forward to going back.

  • awesome absinthe cocktails!!!

  • Great looking waitstaff. Overpriced, but what isn’t in DC these days. Love the homemade pate, potato pancake and chicken schnitzel. I’ve been worried the food is too heavy for summer, but everytime I go there, i enjoy a lovely meal.

    • yeah, that tall blonde dude? hot HOT

    • Seriously, who cares what the wait staff looks like? Are we that shallow? They could be homely as hell, and as long as the food/service/prices are good, I’ll keep going back. Lots of unusual dishes on the menu that you won’t find in DC outside some embassy kitchens.

      • Loosen up. You may not care what the waitstaff look like, but some do. A little eye candy over a meal sometimes provides a good laugh with friends. And yes, the tall blonde guy is hot.

  • Love love love. This was so needed in DC — quality central European cuisine with no pretense, just friendly service and an awesome menu! Have been there twice and plan to become a regular. Dekuji / hvala / djakuju / dziekuje, Jarek & Co.!

  • Two great drinks: Becherovka Old Fashioned and a great Slovak pilsner, Zlaty Bazant (Golden Pheasant).

    Cool space, nice staff. Menu looks good and the finger foods at the soft open were tasty, though I haven’t ordered food but I plan to do so soon.

  • Thoroughly agree. I went shortly after it opened and they were great- awesome service, we got free food and drink to taste, and the customers sharing the standing table with us shared some of the food they ordered with commentary on authenticity with us. I’ve been dying to go out, but it’s a bit pricey for my wallet. I can’t wait to try it again though!

  • Loved their house made pierogis and their bohemian margaritas, which are made with gin. They’re super friendly and an awesome addition to the neighborhood–glad to see restaurants moving east on the Florida Ave corridor.

  • Love this place. The food is good, drinks are great, and the staff is awesome. Can’t wait for the coffee shop to open.

  • Mushroom risotto is amazing!

  • Maybe I caught them on a bad day, or ordered the wrong thing, but I found my gnocchi to be like lead, and pretty flavorless. I’ll give them another shot though.

  • ooh I can’t wait to try this! I’m not too familiar with eastern European food. What dishes would you recommend?

  • The food, atmosphere and staff are all wonderful. Great addition to the neighborhood and looking forward to the opening of the coffee shop next door.

  • Great food…..Can’t wait to go back

  • I went there for brunch recently and they didn’t have half of the menu items (no crepes!). They had a few specials but nothing too special (eggs & bacon as special?!). The food we ordered was great though… the pate rocks. I liked it but I hope they stock better next time!

  • My food was horrible …

  • I’ll admit that I haven’t been yet, but I live just down the street from there. Several of my condo neighbors all described bad experiences, mainly that the kitchen was incredibly slow with dinner coming out incredibly staggered. I still want to try it, and seems that people love it, but it does have some alleged drawbacks.

    • The kitchen is tiny so they do have trouble with meal coursing and probably with large groups. They mention this right on their menu. I think they are still working through the kinks. I suggest you try them at an off-peak time when the kitchen isn’t slammed.

  • I love it, one of my new favorite places. The food is good and the blond waiter is smokin hot. And yeah, we’re that shallow 🙂

  • The staff is very friendly. The seating outside is a bit uncomfortable, but the option to sit outside is appealing. We had ordered the cauliflower with fennel, bean salad, goulash and the chicken dish with noodles. The cauliflower was delicious…the bean salad was good for those that like mayo/sour cream still dressings. The goulash was god awful. Hot and cold pockets. I feel like it was in a tuperware dish, frozen…and then reheated in a microwave. I should have sent it back. Bread accompanying dishes was very good. The chicken dish was a bit boring. Not a lot of flavor and chicken was tough. Probably another example of frozen chicken that wasn’t thawed out and just cooked directly. I didn’t try any cocktails, but they have a pretty impressive list. The portions are very very very large. I will go back eventually I am sure…but I am not in a rush. Nothing worse than hot/cold pockets in your food. Totally ruins the experience.

  • This place is amazing. I agree with all the positive comments about the food, staff, service and space. It is top notch everything. The schnitzel is better than most stuff you can get in Germany or Prague. The pierogies are excellent. The absinthe cocktail is out of this world. The beers, esp. that Slovak one, are really good. Anybody that complains about prices should move to North Dakota. This food is no more expensive than anywhere else in the 14th/U Street area. Dakujem Jarek a Team Bohem!

  • Crisp clean pilsner and excellent staff. Went the week it opened and the schnitzel and potato salad was a bit bland but I am sure they have worked out the kinks. Going there for brunch next week since I have eaten eveything on the menu at Shaw Tavern.

  • claire

    Very tasty but not at the top of my list. I definitely appreciate more places opening up in this area, but after going once (and enjoying it), I haven’t found myself eager to return – probably because it’s a bit pricey. I will say that we liked everything we ordered, and I really liked the pierogies – they’re served with a milky sauce that’s similar to how my (Polish) mom fixes them and that I haven’t found anywhere else.

    • We had a similar experience: the wait staff was very nice, the drinks were good, and the food was tasty, but we haven’t been eager to return. The biggest issue was spending a good amount for a simple Tuesday night dinner ($50+ with only 1 of 2 people drinking) and still walking out hungry. We tried the recommended number of small plates, including the excellent schnitzel, and really enjoyed the food we had, but didn’t feel like it was enough.

  • I loved this place – – great food, good drinks, excellent service. The waitstaff was happy to make recommendations on what to order (and how many plates we should order, since the food is shared.) I went with my family (we’re Slovak Americans) and it definitely lived up to our expectations! I’d definitely recommend the halusky and goulash, as well as the Bohemian Margarita – yum!

  • Unlike many others who have commented here I had a rather poor experience with their wait staff shortly after they opened, so much so that I have yet to go back. I went there with my wife looking to have some drinks and small plates. We went in, asked one of the wait staff where we should sit for drinks and small plates and he directed us to the bar which had two open seats. After indicating we should sit there he notices that the woman, without a drink, sitting near these two seats is apparently someone he knew. He also, apparently, knew she was saving those seats, so he told us “oh sorry those are taken.” Then didn’t provide us with another solution.

    My problems with this are as follows:
    1) One doesn’t get to save 3 (I count hers) seats at the bar. You can save one seat more than yours if you are having a drink.
    2) The wait staff could have offered to seat us at one of the other open tables. As it was they looked at us funny to we walked out.

  • I love this place and consider it one of the gems of the city, because it’s interesting and really good. The staff is very friendly and eager to be helpful, and the food tastes great. I wasn’t wild about the chicken schnitzel, which seemed bland, but most everything else was very flavorful, particularly the pierogis, beef shank and duck. The drinks are really good, too. I’m thrilled that they’re expanding into the place next door. Bohem is several leagues ahead of Shaw’s Tavern, which is totally hit or miss and ho hum, despite Shaw’s very nice decor. And, yea, the blond waiter is hot.

  • I had great service, and a great time here during the Shaw/Bloomingdale power outage that happened pre-derecho. Despite no power they kept the ovens on, the drinks flowing, and offered out menus to use as fans as the restaurant heated up without A/C. It was a night to remember needless to say and the staff kept their cool.

  • Only been once but loved it and can’t wait to go back. Some great unusual beers, great service, unique cozy atmosphere, and two awesome dishes — pierogis and in particular chicken with paprika sauce which is insane — earn two enthusiastic thumbs up. This is the type of place that was missing from DC for so many years, but finally we are getting small bistros like here and Maple worth patronizing repeatedly.

  • We Live around the corner and really wanted to like this place. We’ve been there twice, and both times we had food that was overpriced and not particularly tasty. $8 for a 1/4 cup of lentil salad? Some dishes were over- or under-seasoned to the degree that we didn’t want to finish them. The staff at Bohem are perfectly nice, and I wish them all the best, but we don’t plan to return until they have a new kitchen staff and menu. Perhaps a good place for a drink, but I’d skip the food. Shaw’s across the street is a much better food bet for flavor and for value.

    • Are you kidding?
      I live down the street from both Bistro Bohem and Shaw’s Tavern and ultimately, can not disagree with you more. The average dinner special at Bistro Bohem costs $9-12 for a full size dinner plate and Shaw’s Tavern charges twice as much. Anytime, I go to Bistro Bohem, I have plenty of great food (all fresh, housemade), amazing drinks and do not spend more than $40 for a dinner for two. Try doing that at Shaw’s. The bill will be twice as much , the food will be rather poor and did I mentioned that Bistro Bohem has much nicer atmosphere, staff, amazing drinks (just check out their yelp reviews )? Maybe, they are not your kind of place but are you really complaining about a dinner salad costing $8 ? What do you think it should cost ?

      Anyway, love Bistro Bohem, the food, atmosphere and staff. They have an amazing neighborhood support and are the neighborhood bar of choice by most in the area (I know, because all my neighbors love this place and just about all go there regularly).

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