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  • Absolutely AWESOME Southern Gentleman and really great wait/bar staff, despite it being a Michigan bar 😛 Got there too late to try their food but I’ve heard rave reviews on that front.

  • thumbs up. since capital q shut down its nice to have a new BBQ joint that’s low key and 8 bucks for a sandwich

  • I love their PORC truck, and I’ve heard that KBC is basically an expanded brick-and-mortar version of that, so I can’t wait to try it out. Besides their pulled pork, I’ve heard the johnny cakes are perfect.

  • Love, love, love this place — especially because it’s a Michigan bar.

    It’s low on pretension, the prices are completely reasonable, and — above and beyond all else — has great food. The pulled pork is great, and I’ll echo the fact that the johnny cakes are superb.

    Moreover, for Ann Arbor acolytes, they carry Leopold’s liquors — a company that had relocated from A2 to Colorado, but makes a mean gin.

  • talula

    LOVE it! Really cozy restaurant and bar, great food and drinks. All the staff was really friendly and our waiter particularly funny. Don’t remember his name but we tipped him generously. I’m not a huge BBQ connoisseur, but my pulled pork and the sides were better than Smoke and Barrel’s. Those corn pancake things? To die for! My only very minor complaint is the place is sometimes too cozy, the bar is very small and it gets uncomfortably crowded very quickly.

    PS- Go blue!

  • Best collard greens i have ever had in my life.

  • Love the pulled pork.

  • Very nice waitstaff. We went there after the storms last month and there was 7 of us but they were quick to accomodate that size of a party (its really small for those who have not been). The pastrami was awesome and so were the collards. I would go back for sure.

  • I love it. It’s a Michigan bar without all the pretension of your average Michigan grad and/or football fan, if that makes sense. In other words, it’s Rich Rodriguez, not Bo Schembechler.

  • The johnny cakes are fantastic, but I wasn’t a huge fan of the chocolate bbq chicken-came out lukewarm and tasted underwhelming. Definitely willing to give the pulled pork a chance, though.

  • BIG thumbs up. The food is great, the drinks put us on our butts, and one of the two owners whom we met (can’t remember his name, sorry) was friendly, funny and excited to talk about the place. Loved it.

  • The pastrami is easily the best in DC. Other stuff is also good, but pastrami is the standout.

  • Delicious! Went last weekend and the food was great and the prices were very reasonable (especially compared to nearby Meridan Pint and Room 11). Will definitely be back, the mac and cheese is probably one of the most delicious things I’ve ever eaten!!

  • Love the PORC truck – only thing that would make those sandwiches better is an ice cold beer to go with it. Looks like a winning combo to me.

  • i believe tom sherwood’s son owns it.

  • $6 for a can of beer I can get at the Red Derby for $4…
    Kinda a rip… especially when it’s more of a dirty dive than the Derby…

  • Two thumbs up. Can’t say enough good things about it. Deeeelicious food and awesome waitstaff. Love the decor too!

  • I was shocked by how low the prices were compared to other newish places in the neighborhood. Pulled pork sandwich was easily the best i’ve had in dc. my girlfriend got the pulled chicken sandwich, which we weren’t quite as psyched about. One of my main complaints for the 5 years i’ve lived in DC has been the lack of good bbq, so I couldn’t be more thrilled by the arrival of KBC, especially right in my backyard. Highly recommended.

  • Thumbs WAY up! The owners are very friendly and they know how to cook some collards.

  • Great food, great drink and great staff – all a round great place

  • I missed a neighborhood happy hour here the other week — sounds like I need to get over to this place and check it out!

    I am especially curious about the johnny cakes.

  • Just waiting for someone other than me to notice that the sign is hung crooked and fix it!

  • went the weekend after it opened and had a decent experience. food was good, service was bad, bill was wrong. hopefully some of those things have/will be ironed out.

    cocktail of the day was good and reasonably priced for a specialty cocktail. got pork and chicken platters mixed up because whoever delivered our food just put them down on the corner of the table and said he’d let us figure it out. we didn’t notice we were eating each other’s food until our waitress reappeared a half hr after the food came. lots of empty drinks (both beer and water); busboy had to pick up our waiter’s slack on that. collards were great but lukewarm-to-cold; mac & cheese was also great and lukewarm. layer of oil was separating out in the ramekin by time I got to the bottom.

    mac is $1 extra on the meat platters even though it doesn’t specify on the menu. I guess we were supposed to extrapolate this from the fact that mac is $4 instead of $3 when you order it as a side, but the menu just says platters come with two sides. i don’t personally care about the $1, but I do get annoyed whenever restaurants fail to indicate extra charges on the menu. some of the beers we ordered came up at double the chalkboard price; server discounted the difference off the after-tax total, but no one really felt like quibbling at that point. bottom line – double-check your bill.

    i’ll go back because the food was plenty good and i live really close, but it’s not like i’ll be rushing to round up a ground of friends for visit no. 2 or anything.

    • Edit – per their website, they have updated platter prices. mac and johnny cakes are lisetd as $1 extra now.

      • Sorry to hear your experience was sub-par. Working hard to iron out the kinks and serve you better in the future.

      • Wow!! I’m so sorry to hear about your experiance! When we first opened we were having some difficulty with a few of the problems you pointed out, but we’ve been at it a month now and though we still make some mistakes we have figured out a lot of the kinks. I’ve already started redesigning the menu and all of the pricing will be very understandable. The kitchen is getting the timing down on oven temps (we don’t use a microwave, don’t even have one) so sides are’t too cold or too hot. Pre-bussing (empty glassess, finished plates) is much better and we have worked out the pricing kinks in our POS.
        Next time you’re in I’m sure you’ll have a much better experiance and if anything goes wrong please fine either me behind the bar, chris or josh on the floor and we’ll make it right. Hope to see you again soon!!


  • Soooo delicious! For $11 (trucker tuesday deal), you can get a brisket or chicken sandwich, coleslaw, side of your choice (all of them are amazing!), and a peanut butter/chocolate fudge thing for dessert. PLUS, $1 off your beer?! Amazing. Food is fantastic is atmosphere is perfect.

  • Wait a second, I’m supposed to believe that a Michigan bar without an open pit has good barbecue?

    I lived in Ann Arbor for two years and find this claim highly suspect.

  • Excellent service and food. You can’t go wrong.

  • Have been twice and been blow away by how good everything was – and inexpensive. The pastrami, greens, and mac and cheese all melt in your mouth. Had the good fortune of sitting at the bar next to the owner’s parents last visit. So glad they are in the nabe.

  • great food but WAY TOO LOUD!!!! the wait staff could not hear us ordering Try putting some foam under the tables

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